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DIY Chain Gang Denim Jacket

WHEW- crisis averted. Just spent the last 12 hours without wi-fi & it was seriously a bleak time in my life. I know, drama drama, but for reals- I had an IT here at 7am trying to fix it & he ended up leaving me without internet. I stumped the IT…

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DIY Turmeric Face Mask for Stubborn Acne

I don't know what is going on right now, but over the past week I have been breaking out like a 13 year old teenage boy. It's not an easy kind of acne either that will go away with a good exfoliation, it's that painful hormonal acne that shows up…

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DIY Dupe | Faux Embroidered Vans

Anyone else super stoked about the old school sneaker revival trend? I love a good throwback moment, which you already know if you hear my choices of music on Insta-stories. I just can't stop w/ the 90's. If I had my wardrobe from back then still, in my adult size,…

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DIY Pallett couch + 5 Killer Home Decor Projects

hi hi guys! Happy Monday. I am heading to Vegas for the night for a fun little girls trip, so be sure to follow along on Instagram & Snapchat!! Should be exciting ;). As for today's post- I have been on a MASSIVE home decor kick. This happens a few…

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