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Cannabis is the new Black

Is it just me... or is Cannabis really turning into the new black? Stigma will always exist, but the whole idea of people who smoke being lazy stoners is a thing of the past as more & more influential people open up about there love for Mary Jane. I love seeing…

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Photoshop 101: How to Desaturate Backgrounds

Lots of Instagrammers/influencers out there guard their editing secrets like the royal jewels. I know this first hand- because I am def. not one to shy away from saying "love your photos- what filter do you use". *crickets* I get it, people master a style & they don't want to share, but hey...…

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Top 5 Nail Polish Colors for Summer 2017

The nail salon is my zen. It is my happy place. It is the one place where both hands are too busy to check emails & have one-two hours (depending on how much I wanna pamper myself) to just relax. My favorite part about getting my nails done though, is…

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Blogging 101 | Creating a Cohesive Brand

Oh heyyy guys-- happy Wednesday (we're half way there!!). Today I wanna talk blogging, cause I love talking shop, & also cause I have actually gotten a few requests to talk more about creating a brand & a pretty site (v. excited about this question & all of the blog…

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