Fashionlush Spotlight: Lisa Price Inc.

Lisa Price inc.

Blogging isn’t always understood by the masses. People really don’t get how much work goes into a quality blog, how many hours are spent in front of the computer, and how many friends you annoy from taking mass amounts of photos of random things. Which is precisely why I enjoy meeting and talking to other blog owners, it is nice to have someone to relate clearly gets it. Creative minds can do great things, and fashion blogger Lisa price is one great creative mind. I was lucky enough to get in her head for just a bit and ask her a few fashion related questions.

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lisa price inc.

( Fedora’s & Blazers, such a cute look )

FL: Describe to us your personal style? 

LP: My personal style is glitzy, bold, and to the point. I keep my base simple, and I pile on the chicness accordingly; think black Alexander McQueen riding britches, a simple tank, and then I add fur, redlips, and a big pair of Tom Ford sunglasses. I’m actually really bad at accessorizing though, I’m never wearing the right amount…one day I’ll consider the red soles to my Louboutins an accessory, and then the next I’m over the top in arm candy. I’m never balanced, but I really don’t care…

FL: What is your typical go to outfit:

LP: I only know how to dress to go out or for Pilates. So it’s either going to be an over the top mix of high fashion and basics or it’s going to be Lululemon. Once again, no balance.

FL: What are some trends you are currently loving?

LP: I’m absolutely obsessed with bold patterned shift dresses for Spring (Marni Spring 2012 collection has some super fabulous ones). On a total opposite side of the structure spectrum, I love a great crimped maxi – the crimping of the fabric adds a really fun pop of structure to the otherwise flowing skirt which I think is really, really fun. Oh and bold pastels too! Pastel coral and mint green are so fun because they’re not your typical “baby pink and blue” hues.

FL: Trends that you find to be cringe-worthy

LP: Grunge. All respect to my hipster fashionistas, but it’s really getting grungier and grungier out there. A lace maxi dress is gorgeous. I understand if you want to add in a pair of chunky lace up boots or top with a fun fedora, but the flannel and the gloves and the…need I say more? It’s gotten to be too much!

FL: What are your favorite places to shop?

LP: I’m a Neimans girl by genetics and Bergdorf Goodman is my temple. I love little boutiques though. There is something so gratifying about finding something original. Department stores just don’t carry that anymore, yes…even Neimans. I’m also a huge online shopper. It’s a little bit excessive.

FL: What are your favorite fashion designers, and why? 

LP: Karl Lagerfeld is brilliant. His work for Chanel is something that not many people can dare even compete with. He’s evolved Chanel, yet kept the essence there. That’s brilliance. Also, Marc Jacobs. I’m actually loving his collections for Louis Vuitton more than for his own line to be honest. He’s another brilliant designer.

FL: Whom are your favorite models or style icons, tell us why?

LP: Kate Moss I love, Victoria Beckham I love, Sienna Miller I adoreeeee. I love the chicness that Moss and Beckham have no matter what they are donning. Sienna Miller’s bohemian style though is to die. It really is.

FL: Tell us all your most sacred beauty secret. 

LP: I wish I could tell you it was sleep, because honestly that’s the best beauty not-so-secret it in the book, but it’s not. I don’t sleep. I do eat though, and nuts are what I can offer you (almonds, walnuts, and Brazil nuts). I’ve never had any skin problems and I base it completely off of the fact that I have a good handful of nuts every day. If you want a great complexion, it comes from within, not from product you put on it. Although La Mer creme is a pretty good second.

FL: What is your favorite item in your closet?

LP: My lace up, knee high, black suede and gold stud Christian Louboutin boots. They’re really hot and I can’t even take credit for them because my boyfriend was the one who picked them out and said I had to get them. I love them, I really do.

lisa price inc.
( assuming this is the boyfriend with great taste in shoes… score Lisa! )

– E

3 Comments on Fashionlush Spotlight: Lisa Price Inc.

  1. Lisa Price
    03.07.12 at 12:03 pm (2 years ago)

    Darling, I loveee this post! You are so fabulous.

    Readers, be sure to check out Fashionlushxx's Q&A; on – she's my favorite source for fashion and answered some awesome style questions! But obviously, you already know that ;)

  2. erica stolman
    03.07.12 at 1:39 pm (2 years ago)

    You are the best love! So great working with you :) Keep in touch.xx


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