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Under Eye Fillers: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

I have mentioned in passing, somewhere on one of my channels, that I have had under eye fillers. To my surprise, the requests to do a post started rolling in. I think I was surprised because I really didn't realize so many people suffer from out of control under eye circles &…

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How to Online Shop for Denim + My Top 5 Denim Brands

Is it just me, or is shopping for denim kind of tough? It's really not something you can freely buy online without knowing anything about the brand, you actually have to trek to the mall & try on 500 pairs to possibly find one or two pairs you actually like.…

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Amazon Prime Day (aka the black friday sale of Summer!)

Prime Day is back!!! It's no secret... Amazon is my drug. The reviews, the endless items, the 2-day Prime shipping--- the whole experience is just addicting. If you are an avid Amazon shopper & don't have Prime, you gotta get on that like yesterday. Especially cause Prime Day is kind…

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