Huge Spring Beauty Giveaway

**GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED! THANK YOU FOR ENTERING & STAY TUNED FOR MANY MORE <3** It's a nice day for a giveaway- don't you think? I mean, this whole daylight savings time + Spring weather combo got me feeling generous! This Spring beauty giveaway is a super fun mix of some…

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Product Spotlight: The 24k Beauty Bar

OKAY- so I kinda have a problem when it comes to buying new beauty products on Amazon. I spend an embarrassing about of time getting lost in reviews & just filling up the cart with all of the odd/different/out of the box beauty products you can think of. I've tried snail infused…

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What’s Your Chronotype? (HINT: GAMECHANGER ALERT!)

OKAY- so a while back I interviewed holistic nutritionist Torie Borelli on the blog- remember her? She is a WEALTH of health knowledge & introduced me to so many great new things. Brain Octane oil, these bars that I am obsessed with, & also the life changing discovery of my chronotype....…

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Top 5 Favorite Photo Editing Apps

A while back I did a post on how I edit my Instagram photos, & while I still stand by all those tips I shared, things change... new apps are invented, & my editing ways have evolved. SO- today I am sharing with you guys a question I get asked…

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