Fashionlush Spotlight: Romans 12:2 by Kaitlyn Tru

Perusing the internet looking for inspiration in any and all forms is one of my personal favorite pastimes. I am often coming across new, atleast to me, fabulous bloggers that I immediately add to my "fashion blogs to follow" list... which has now become quite a long list. This daily ritual of…

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How To: Sock Bun

On most occasions getting up early enough before work to make sure my hair is perfect is a difficult task. I am one of those people who really loves her extra five minutes. That being said, when morning comes and my hair is a mess, I immediately opt for a high bun.…

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Fashionlush Spotlight: Miss Sideara St. Claire

So when I was around the age of 16/17 the idea of fashion/style was a concept I did not fully grasp. I opted for Abercrombie skirts with corresponding tanks and push up bras- not exactly tres chic, but I was totally into it. To the point, I was working the…

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