Spring Sneakers

[ wearing Dirty Laundry fur pom pom high tops ] Never not down for a good sneaker, but especially lately. I typically opt for heels, but I've been working out a little more than usual, so my calves are sore... & sneakers are just easier. Also, good timing on this sneaker…

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Side Stripes (+ a Bad Case of Blogger’s Block)

TBH with you guys- I have had some massive blogger's block (is that even a thing? if not, it should be!). Basically, it's one part writer's blog & one part general creativity block. I have been sitting at this computer for... ehhh.... way too long, trying to come up with…

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Phobias, Anxiety, & the Business of Blogging

Yup yup yup, that's what's going down today on The Skinny Confidential 'Him & Her' podcast.... featuring yours truley. I honestly forgot all about it (oops), but just got a message from a reader that they are listening & loving it, so I literally just turned it on & I am…

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Top 5 Ways to Use Charcoal

I've talked about charcoal on the blog before, because frankly, I'm obsessed with the stuff. This past weekend I shared my new charcoal toothpaste on Snapchat & so many of you were inquiring about the stuff... I figured we need a little refresher on some of my go-to ways to…

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