5 Things I’m Obsessed w/ RN

Ohhh hey ladies! Happy Monday ;). SO- did anyone here go to Coachella? If so- how was it? Personally, I've never been. It looks like so much fun, but for me, it seems like a panic attack waiting to happen. I am more of a go to Palm Springs &…

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The Edit | Confessions of a Band T-Shirt Hoarder

Well... not much of a confession, cause if you follow the blog even for 5 minutes, it's pretty apparent I've got a thing for band tees. Always have, always will. Everyone's got their go-to "I don't want to think about it, but still look cutes" outfit, & for me- that…

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Tips for Rocking White on White Like a Boss

Spring is in the air, & it's been pretty dreamy over here in sunny San Diego (where Spring basically means Summer!). The only problem, you guys know me, I keep my wardrobe pretty dark... & when the sun came shining, I felt like I needed to lighten things up a…

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#FLtravels: My Guide to Nashville

I think the most asked question I got from people about our trip to Nashville was, why Nashville? Well... why not Nashville? Haven't you heard, Nashville is the place to be RN (100 people moving to Nashville a day!). Plus, not sure if you guys know this, but I am…

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