The Edit | Summer Shades

Sunglasses are just kinda my thing, which you probably know by now since I am rarely seen without them. Honestly, I might as well be naked if I am not wearing sunglasses. Typically I am all about the oversized, always will be, but I can't say I am not loving…

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My Kinda Wedding Style

Rewind to about 2 months ago, my college roommate was getting married & we were taking a little road trip up to BEAUTIFUL Carmel (have you been? It's so cute!) to celebrate with the happy couple. When it comes to preparing for trips/events, I am typically on my A game…

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Adulting is Hard, Overalls Aren’t

Am I right, or am I right? Adulting is a real bitch... but when it comes to my clothing choice, I am basically the queen of keeping things easy. You won't often (cause there is always an exception) see me wearing bandage dresses (actually, no exception to that cause I…

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5 Tips for Dealing w/ Social Anxiety

I once told a therapist that I was "sick" because I suffered from anxiety. Her response was, "no... you're actually well, because you do the work to deal with the issue. Someone sick doesn't do as much as you do to take care of yourself mentally." That stuck with me. There is such…

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