5 Photography Tips for Killer Travel Snaps

OKAY- so I was finally recovering from Nashville... & then went straight into party planning mode. My sister's baby shower was yesterday & I swear, I have a new found respect for party planners. That sh*t is a whole other level of stress. ... but, I am back & ready…

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Festival Fashion (cause… tis’ the season)

Definitely wouldn't be doing my blogger due diligence without a festival fashion post- am I right? I may not be a desert dweller myself (crowds, dust storms, dirty feet... not my cup of tea), but a lot of you guys are (more power to ya) & I've gotten a handful…

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Tips for Bouncing Back after a Vacay… like a boss

I have shared with you guys before how to dodge getting the post-vacation blues... cause they are REAL & such a bummer (but also, avoidable), but today I wanna talk about just how to bounce back to normal life in general... or atleast how I do it. Every time, like…

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Mary Jane Diaries: Your Questions, Answered

& WE'RE BACK! Nashville was great & hope you were able to follow along that charming town on Instagram! I will do a full recap soon, but need a second to decompress after that trip (so many photos I have to sift through!). In the meantime, I am excited to…

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