The Edit | Summer Shoes

Confessions of a shoe hoarder, volume 100. I have a serious addiction to shoes (probably genetic, my Mom has the same problem). Currently my collection is filled with way too many black kicks & closed toes... so naturally, I need to prep my summer shoe wardrobe for some warmer days. Today…

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The Elusive Work/Life Balance (the struggle is real)

Balancing work and real life is hard, but now that my nephew is earth side & I just wanna soak up his goodness without any distractions. SO- I am making it my goal to start to perfect the magical art of balancing work & life. Being a blogger, I obviously work from home...…

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On The Top Shelf | Clean Beauty

The best purchase of 2017 thus far is EASILY my new medicine cabinet. I know, so random, but I love to organize & considering I have a problem buying any/all skincare products... I was in dire need of the extra space. Not only has it cleared up a whole bunch of under…

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6 Tips for Taking Better Outfit Photos

Hey hey hey guys. Everyone have a good Memorial Day weekend? Mine was the best ever, cause my new nephew came into the world which was just about the most amazing thing I have ever experienced!! It's a good thing this happened on a long weekend cause I needed that…

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