K-Beauty Favorites, Part 2

Following up on Wednesday's bougie aye eff (but amazing) skincare hack, today I am sharing an updated list of my current K-Beauty obsessions. You should definitely check out my first round-up here, because I still swear by all of those those products, but thanks to a serious Amazon addiction- I…

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The Art of No

Mind you, I suck at saying no. Like, so so bad. It's actually one of my worst traits. Saying no frays my nerves. It let's people down, which leads to confrontation, which leads to grudges--- & combined, those are just a few of my least favorite things ever (but mainly the whole…

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Washing my Face w/ Sparkling Water… & Loving It

0h hey- did I mention, I love Korean beauty & skincare everything/anything?! I talk about it all the time... because really, Korean skincare products have never let me down.Plus, Korean women have the most insanely perfect skin, so I can pretty much guarantee I will try any & all innovative skincare and/or…

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A Day in the Life

I thought about calling this post 'a day in the life of a blogger' because... well, TBH... the SEO would've been better, but for some reason I just wasn't feeling it. Blogging is my full time gig & is a huge part of my day... but not all of it.…

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