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Finding a chair was a TOUGH task for me, & I probably did too much looking because I ended up with way too many options to choose from.

If you know me at all, you know… when there are too many options, I get overwhelmed. I can’t even go to restaurants with huge menus because it stresses me out.

I asked you guys for help, as I always do when I can’t make a decision, & the jury came out blue velvet was the winner… which was good, because it’s what I had envisioned from the very beginning.

That said, I wanted to share some of my runner ups, because A LOT of you guys were shockingly also on the hunt for rad chairs. I have actually never had an accent chair in my place, because I am all about that less is more vibe, but this house I am aiming for a tiny bit MORE.

No more black & white minimal decor only, I am expanding my horizons & doing some more color. Starting with my rad new rug that I am obsessed w/ & *finally* my navy velvet chair which also gives me alllll of the feels. I was gonna go with green, a ton of you loved the green, but it felt a little Christmas-y to me & the navy velvet definitely brings out the blue tones in the rugs.

I’ve got a long way to go decorating this place, cause like I said, I suck at decision making- but slowly it is coming together & so far I am a happy camper.

Shop the arm chair contenders, plus the winning chair, below!

West Elm ‘Rowan’ chair: although I was set on navy velvet, there was a moment I was really obsessing over camel colored leather & this one is next level rad & also would have looked great with the rug, but because our couch is black leather… I went back to my velvet concept. ALSO- it’s currently 50% off, which it wasn’t when I was gonna buy it- steal of a deal!!

Innit Designs white & gold Acapulco chair: I still really want this chair, because I have never seen a white & GOLD Acapulco chair, but Zack’s non negotiable was comfort… so I had to pass. That said, if there is ever a need for this chair in our place, I will be getting it (once we figure out the layout a bit more… I will probably find a space for  it, I am thinking our bedroom??).

Urban Outfitters ‘Cooper’ velvet lounge chair: speaking of comfort, this one Zack LOVED cause it seriously looks like a dream. Unfortunately it didn’t come in a dark navy or else we probably would have gone with this one. I also think it’d look killer in a chilllll room with a record player & other cozy things (cause if we had a third bedroom, I’d totally have a “chill” room).

Kardiel Cowhide lounge chair: I LOVE A COWHIDE moment so much. If we kept things black & white, this would have been the winner, yet with the rug it may have been a bit TOO much. Nonetheless, this chair is dope.

Heanor navy velvet arm chair: WINNER WINNER chicken dinner. Man oh man do I love this chair. It’s lux, comfy, navy, velvet, & just hit all of our check marks. PLUS, the price was just so right.

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