Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift from Amazon (thx u Prime!)


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So, basically, I’m the worst this year for Valentine’s Day. I honestly didn’t think about it till last night, & it’s like 6 days away. Not to mention, it’s Zack & I’s SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Don’t get me wrong, cute day to ask someone to be your girlfriend, but man oh man, the pressure is always on come Vday.

THANK THE HEAVENS for Amazon Prime. It is the mecca for last minute gift shopping procrastinators like myself. All my gifts come from Amazon Prime, but I have a very specific routine for gift shopping on Amazon.

Obviously, you can get everything you need from Amazon, & you can easily get lost buying junk. SO- I hit up some of the popular sites that have great gift edits (i.e. Urban Outfitters- sorry Urban, if you had free 2 day I’d buy from you!) & look for the same or SIMILAR items on Amazon.

More often than not, Amazon has the exact same stuff for less & free 2 day shipping. Amazon is not sponsoring this post, I can HONESTLY from the bottom of my heart say, Amazon Prime is worth it. Without Prime, I don’t know how I’d function.

SO- without further adieu, all my present procrastinators, here’s some last minute gift ideas for the leading lady & or dude in your life!


1. Lumee duo phone case: The Kardashian’s favorite iPhone case, the trick to their flawless selfies, now has a front facing & back facing light! The new duo case is lit, like actually, very very lit.

2. pink heart neon sign: how CUTE is this?! A neon sign for $20 is a steal of a deal, & every girl will love a neon sign (so insta-worthy rn!)

3. I Fought the Law book: I actually found this book at a book store in my hood, but when I got home I ordered $10 & gave them as gifts. I still have some left, so they will make the perfect GALENTINE’S day prezzies for my girls! Basically a photographer shot rad photos depicting the WEIRDEST laws in each state. It’s so so so rad.

4. gold heart shaped locket: Zack got me the sweetest gold locket last year for VDay, & honestly, it’s my favorite piece of jewelry I own! I love the one I have, but is it bad if I want this one too? So pretty!

5. lips pillow: this is just so FUN! I want to order one for both my girls- Ruby & Bitzy (the dogs), but also think it’d be cute to have one on my bed to match my lips shaped neon sign (again with the neon signs!).

6. Vera Wang rose vanilla scent: vanilla + rose, aka the dream scent. I have heard so many good thinks about this cult favorite scent, and always looking to add more perfumes to my vanity. I love a good perfume.



1. Calvin Klein boxer set: I don’t know what it is about boxer briefs, but I am into them. Way better than loose saggy boxers, very European/David Beckham-ish. Any chance I can get to put Zack in boxer briefs I will take (& yes, I got him these! hope he isn’t reading!).

2. Spark Palm mini drone: attention blogger’s- this is a great gift for the blogger BOYFRIEND or Instagram husband! They will have fun with this hand controlled drone (google videos of it, SO COOL!) & you will get some epic footage. WIN WIN.

3. Rugged & Dapper skincare kit: for the skincare loving guy, OR the guy who needs to work on their skin a little bit (lol). This branding of this chic kit will get your main super into a nighttime routine, it’s a wonder what a little good branding can do for your guys skincare routine.

4. Carhartt beanie: I actually got this for my brother in law for Christmas, and all the men were jealous. Do you know Carhartt? Allow me to introduce you. It’s the coolest (Zack’s favorite brand!). The beanie is only $10 so it’s a great little gift, but if you’re looking for a little more… Zack is obsessed with this jacket. Also, side note, Yeezy Season 6, the Kim clones, gives me major Carhartt vibes. Steal his jacket, thank me later.

5. Thank You t-shirt: buy it for him, steal it for me. Is that rude? I know I know… I am kind of a selfish gift giver, but I could definitely see him wearing it & me borrowing it. Actually, I think I will just buy it for myself? I am the worst.

6. Valentine’s Day socks: Zack got these too! He loves a good pair of socks & these are cute on Valentine’s Day, but can be worn after as well.

**SIDE NOTE, I only got Zack a few small things off this list cause we decided today I would just contribute to his new camera, but if I didn’t get in on the camera I would have probably done the Carhartt jacket, socks, briefs, & beanie!**


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