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Well… not much of a confession, cause if you follow the blog even for 5 minutes, it’s pretty apparent I’ve got a thing for band tees. Always have, always will.

Everyone’s got their go-to “I don’t want to think about it, but still look cute” outfit, & for me- that always involves some sorta huge ass band tee. Usually with some tall thigh high boots, leather skinnies (but sometimes no pants at all… cause I love a good #nopantsparty moment), & tons of layered necklaces.

It’s easy, it’s edgy, & I don’t have to wear a bra… which always make me a happy girl.

I used to be a band tee snob & only get the authentic ones, but now… those reproductions are so on point (& a fraction of the price)… so today I am sharing some of my faves band tees OTM (5 of which are currently in my $hopping cart about to get sent my way).

Okay okay, get yo shop on ladies & HAPPY EFFING FRIDAY. x, E

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