Huge Spring Beauty Giveaway


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It’s a nice day for a giveaway- don’t you think? I mean, this whole daylight savings time + Spring weather combo has got me feeling generous!

This Spring beauty giveaway is a super fun mix of some of my favorite products of the moment. From metal eyeshadows & the most insane natural skincare toner to KILLER sunnies & a full Smashbox palette set- this is probably one of my best ones yet!

First things first though, how to enter (stupid easy!!)

1. Follow me on Instagram (if you don’t already)

2. Comment on my latest Instagram photo why you want to win + tag two friends!

3. Bonus points- comment below which product you want to win most!!

Told ya it was super simple! Winner will be chosen Wednesday March 22nd!! Best of luck, & as always, more giveaways in the future- it’s my way of giving back to you guys for being the most amazing & supportive group of readers a girl could ask for!!! 

Check out all the goodies below! x, E

the winner’s loot

(over $500 worth of goodies for ya!)

more good sh*t

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  • Leah

    I’ve read a lot about the Moon Juice dusts and am super intrigued! Dying to win this giveaway

  • Wow! Amazing giveaway! Just listened to you on Lauryn’s podcast, so good! You guys are awesome 😎. Already an Instagram follower and about to comment but it’s so hard to pick just 1 item I want the most but that Stila Foundation looks incredible!

    xo Rachel – To Hell in a Handbag

  • Cori Dever

    Smashbox! 😍

  • Sari

    I really want to win the moon juice products! I’ve heard so much good things about them, but I would want to try them first before spending $$ on them to make sure I love it because I’m a broke college student lol

  • latanya t

    The smashbox

  • Kim Pincombe-Cole

    Entered on the ‘gram (as @rainesmom)! I’m dying over the SmashBox eyeshadow palette!!!

  • Kim Henrichs

    I would LOVE to win the Smashbox eyeshadow!

  • Antonina

    I want to win the Moon Juice products! So curious to see if they really work.

  • Cynthia Gaarder

    Moon juice :)

  • Sashaleilani

    I love the color of the Stila Shadow. It would be awesome to try different things that I wouldnt normally buy. But I have bought a lot of what you have posted. Haha. Love that you and lauryn are besties!!!

  • Melanie Sigel

    So hard to choose! But if I had to pick just one I would want to win the MOST – the Stila Bronzer is looking PERFECT for summer!!

  • bilqees bano

    I want to win the most .. is the Rimmel lip stick.

  • Rebecca Reeves Jones

    I’ve been wanting to try moon juice!

  • Colleen Boudreau

    I’m excited to try the Stila foundation!

  • Christy Leung

    I’ve seen the moon juice products on a lot of health and wellness blogs but haven’t gotten a chance to try! I feel like it’d be sooo delish in my oatmeal and smoothies in the AM. Great products Erica!

  • Teresa A. Thompson

    I would love Smashbox!

  • Ashley Harvey

    The product I’m most excited about is the belif toner!! Been dying to try it!!

  • Rebecca Thomas

    Love your posts! I have been dying to try Moon Juice products!

  • Leslie Richman

    I’d really love to try the Moon Juice products!

  • Victoria

    The Stila liquid bronzer sounds great because I’m so ready for sunshine and spring!!!

  • Christy DuBois

    Gosh all of these sound so good. I believe I’d choose the foundation as the one I want to win the most. The belif toner sounds great also. And so do all of the other products. Thanks.
    On the foundation, I was wondering what skin type you have for it to last so well?
    I have extremely oily skin and it has been so so difficult to find a foundation.

    • Thanks for entering! If you have oily skin- use a matte primer to help it stick :)

  • Jolene Johnson

    The Moon Juice has been on my wishlist for ages, and those Smashbox palettes are all SO beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • Spa Mm

    I’d love to try the Belief toner! Heard great things about the brand

  • inkchick

    I would love to try that Stila glitter eye shadow!

  • Jeanne Coulombe

    This is a awesome giveaway! I really love everything that’s for sure but the Stila foundation sounds great! Thanks for a chance :)

  • Anita Duvall

    I would be so excited to have the Smashbox! Great giveaway!

  • Tina Ivanisevic


  • Planning for Paris

    The Jane lip gloss looks amazing!!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I love this! I really want to try the Stila foundation.

  • Meegan

    I would LOVE to win the Smashbox Cover Shot Softlight Eyeshadow Palette! Looks perfect for a nice Spring look and today is the first day of Spring!

  • WAIT. I didn’t know the giveaway would be LIKE THIS.

    You always have such good ones – but this one is AMAZING. I love that the makeup is really summer style :) I die for the smashbox eyeshadow for everyday (since I left my makeup on vacation a few weeks back I’m trying to re-up ha) and want those shades so I can be a cool dark shade betch like you!

    Commented and tagged, and excited for the winner! <3 <3 Thanks for always thinking of us – we love u!

  • susan


  • Laurie Murley

    I really like the rimmel lipstick

  • Shannon ONeill

    I want to win the Samashbox eyeshadow palette the most!

  • Kimberly

    i want to win the ‘stay all day’ foundation

  • Samantha Schreiner

    I would love to win the STILA products!

  • Caroline Sorrentino

    This is a great giveaway! I’d love to try the Moon Juice

  • angelina

    stila :)

  • hofken

    I want to win to try the Moon Juice Moon Dust
    Sachet Sampler. Nourish body, combat stress + enhance beauty from the
    inside out? Perfect!
    Instagram – hofken

  • Ashley B.

    Smashbox eyeshadow!!

  • Joti Baral

    I want to try the Stila All day longwear foundation.

  • Melissa

    That smashbox palette 😍😍😍😍😍