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erica stolman shares favorite beauty oils

I am kinda addicted when it comes to beauty oils.


Although excessive with my oils, it has worked in my favor cause now I can share with you guys the ones that ACTUALLY work + how I use them!

Some people are scared of oils, but if you are using the RIGHT kind of oils, they will soon be your favorite part of your morning & nighttime beauty routine. I look forward to putting on my oils alllll day.

That being said- not all oils are created equal. Some oils can have fillers/weird ingredients while other oils are just all hype but not actually good for your skin (**cough cough coconut oil**). So- today I am sharing with you guys the 5 oils I use on the reg! When it comes to my oils, I am picky, so you can be sure these are the best of the best.

p.s. I am also loving hemp oil, which you can read more about here & even have a fun hemp oil infused acne face mask coming later this week. I am sensing a theme for the week…

Top Favorite Beauty Oils for Skin, Body, & Hair

I. Marula Oil

For the hair- I am borderline obsessed w/ my Marula Oil Rare Oil treatment.

Marula Oil is very lightweight, but also extremely moisturizing. I use this on wet hair when I am letting my hair air dry to reduce frizz, & I also use it on dry hair after I straighten it to increase shine.

Marula oil contains antioxidants that help to protect your hair from the nasty free radicals that can fade your color/make your hair look dingy. Even though it is light weight, like all hair oils, just a small dimes worth is fine! More than that & your shiny tresses could turn into a greasy mess real quick.

II. Tamanu Oil

I have blogged about the miracle effects of Tamanu Oil in the past, but it’s worth mentioning again.

Tamanu Oil is the jam. I have used it in the past when I was experiencing a particularly horrific breakout, & probably should have kept it up cause now I am breaking out again.

I am a massive picker, which is my WORST habit ever, but Tamanu Oil really helps at speeding up the healing process & fading any dark spots or discoloration.

I use the Tamanu Oil Lab ‘Radiant’ blend which is also infused with Ylang Ylang & Roseship Seed Oil- two more ingredients that help fade wrinkles/spots/clear up acne. It’s luxurious yet lets your skin breath & absorbs quickly into the skin!

III. Blue Tansy Sleeping Oil

Alright, full transparency… I got my blue tansy sleeping oil at TJ Maxx. They have a great selection of oils- so be sure to check out the beauty section!!

That said, Sunday Riley makes pretty much the exact same thing, & since Sunday Riley is the best skincare line EVER (seriously obsessed), I am pretty confident their Luna sleeping oil is super magical.

Back to the Blue Tansy! Okay, first of all, it’s blue… & something about that makes it very chic on my vanity which I love.

Better than that though, Vogue is calling Blue Tansy Oil “Skin Care’s New Star Super Ingredient” & “your skins anti-anxiety medication”. This floral oil calms down inflammation & redness, works through the night (hence the sleeping part!), balances your skin, & helps with redness/discoloration tremendously.

IV. Petal Multi-Use Oil

I have had this oil for years… not the same bottle, cause I go through it FAST… but have ordered & ordered over again. I don’t like heavy perfumes & love love love floral scents- so this oil is now my go-to daily scent. The blend of rose petals, peonies, & bergamot is so fresh & pretty.

The oil itself is a mix of vitamin E, sweet almond & apricot oil which is SO moisturizing. I use it on my hair, cuticles, & always on my legs after I shave!

**side note, they do have a roller ball version which I will def. be buying for on the go situations!**

V. Golden Hour Glowing Oil

Attention bloggers, meet your new BFF product everrrr.

A few months ago I finally realized WHY bloggers legs always look so damn shiny (every blogger but ME that was…). I thought that glow could be good lighting, a certain filter, the angle the photo was shot… but after further investigation, I found it was all about a shimmery oil!!

Yessss. Total game changer. I am obsessed with the Wildcare Golden Hour body oil. It’s next level. I little self tanner + this oil & your legs will be shining. It seems small, but I swear, it’s upped my photo game big time. No one wants ashy looking legs.

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