Side Stripes (+ a Bad Case of Blogger’s Block)


fashionlush, blogger's block, street stylefashionlush, blogger's block, street style

TBH with you guys- I have had some massive blogger’s block (is that even a thing? if not, it should be!).

Basically, it’s one part writer’s blog & one part general creativity block. I have been sitting at this computer for… ehhh…. way too long, trying to come up with something riveting to write about but I am just so damn drained.

Physically, emotionally, creatively- I am SO.damn.drained. I feel like a Stretch Armstrong doll being pulled in too many directions and all I really want to do is retreat to my bed & binge watch This Is Us over & over again.

So… here we are. Talking about the only thing I can think about, which is how damn uninspired/creative/original I am right now. My apologies. I am doing just about everything I can to snap out of this.

Now, here’s where a good blogger would come in with some awesome ways to beat your own creative/life/blogger/whatever block… but I am literally in no place to offer advice on the subject… cause none of it has worked for me.

The only thing I can say is to not beat yourself up cause everyone has an off week (or two, or three)… just ride it out & when your feeling stuck do something productive. Workout, run errands, make a yummy meal- just keep the brain working & eventually you’ll get your mojo back… atleast that’s my plan.

How about you guys?? Any tips for beating this block. I am eagerly taking any/all advice. Maybe I need to disconnect for like…. 4 days or something? Thoughts? x, E

fashionlush, blogger's block, street style
fashionlush, blogger's block, street style 2fashionlush, blogger's block, street style

wearing: wide leg striped joggers | longline blazer (sold out- similar) | white t-shirt | Tony Bianco Kitzy mules | double buckle choker | nameplate necklace | aviators | mini crocodile backpack | fur bag charm

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  • loooove the look

  • Yes! We have a much needed vacay planned end of month & I am so hoping it helps get the creative juices flowing!

  • Joshua Robertson

    This was a great read and awesome post, I think people assume bloggers have it all together but don’t realize how hard it really is. New content, material, etc. I loved reading this thanks. You just got a new subscriber of fashionlush ❤️

    Xoxo Josh|