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fashionlush, cozy feels, chic loungewear

No better time to talk about my obsession with being cozy than now– when I have spent the last 4 days holed up at home, extremely cozy, & also extremely sick.

Lucky me, got myself the stomach flu. Everyone… it’s going around, so take your vitamins & wash your hands double… cause honestly, the DMV is like 100x more fun than what I’ve got going on.

ANYWAYS, I am gonna keep this short, cause the computer screen is making me nauseous and a gingerale + Lifetime movie marathon is calling my name…

moral of the story, being cozy is the best.

Actually, it’s my favorite thing ever & I am the queen of cute/cozy loungewear. Not some ratty old t-shirt and your boyfriends sweats (although that may or may not be what I am wearing right now because I’ve just given up), but the good stuff- the kinda loungewear you can wear outside of the house and still look uber chic. Ya feel?

Shop ’em below & stay well my peeps <3


fashionlush, cozy feels, chic loungewear

Shop the Cozies

01. Cotton Citizen bell sleeve hoodie… cause I love a good bell sleeve hoodie moment… & this one, looks sooo buttery & comfy.

02. Urban Outfitters vintage military thermal leggings (to wear with the above sweatshirt & some rad combat boots!!)

03. This fuzzy onesie looks like a total dream…. pair it with sneakers + a leather jacket for an effortlessly chic vibe.

04. Obsessed w/ this knitted hoodie + matching joggers in nude. I own this set, & lemme tell ya, it’s probably my fave ensemble of the moment. It’s soft, comfy, & so so cute with little white sneakers. OH & P.S.- just went on sale yesterday.

05. Maybe if I had this look RN, I could get a good Instagram. This pink velvet tracksuit is amazing… & my feed is getting pretty boring with all this sick day nonsense.

06. Ohhhh heyyyy… this may be last on the list, but not in my heart (or wardrobe). I love the khaki green, strap cuffs, & cowl neck. This cropped sweatshirt is my jammmm.

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