DIY Gold Dipped Business Cards


fashionlush, diy, business cardsfashionlush, diy, business cards

If you read the blog on the reg (p.s. THANKS for that, love you all!), you probably know that I recently attended the RewardStyle blogger conference aka #rStheCon in Dallas, TX. While there, I collected business cards like it was nobodies business, literally– I came home with enough to go out & buy a full blown Rolodex & fill it up completely. Speaking of, I’m actually looking for a Rolodex on Amazon as we speak. Organization is my life.

Back to the point- being a blog & graphic designer for my company Blog-Doo, I don’t just look at a business card & see a name/number/website. I study the design, the thickness of the paper, the shade of white, whether it’s matte or glossy, & any other design element that stands out to me.

Ever seen American Psycho? You know his obsession with business cards? Yea, that’s me in a nutshell (strictly in regards to biz cards!!!).

So anyways, the hot trend that caught my eye was colored borders of business cards. Super bright pinks, matte pastels, & my fave- metallics. Since I already have all my cards printed, I decided to DIY ’em up w/ a little midas touch. It was a superrrr simple project, & now my cards are all sparkly and beautiful.

I love love love ’em, & hope you do too ;)!! Enjoy. 

xx, E

fashionlush, diy, business cards

++ Supplies: your business cards, spray paint of your liking, rubberbands or hair ties.

fashionlush, diy, business cardsfashionlush, diy, business cards

++ The How-To: Tie off your cards with rubberbands super duper tight lengthwise & spray around all sides with your spray paint. Let dry. Now, switch the rubberbands so they are tied around the cards in the opposite direction & spray the edges again with spray paint. Let dry, remove the rubberbands, & voilà– mission complete.

fashionlush, diy, business cards fashionlush, diy, business cards

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  • Woah so amazing, I should totally do this and make mine hot pink :) Thanks for the idea!

    • Erica Stolman

      Hot pink looks great!! You’re welcome :)

  • Wow easiest and smartest idea!!

    • Erica Stolman

      Isn’t it cool?!

  • Sara Kashlan

    Seriously obsessed with this idea. Amazing, thank you!

    • Erica Stolman

      You’re welcome :) !!

  • Totally going to try this out on my cards. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Erica Stolman

      You’re welcome!! Let me know how it goes :) xo

  • that’s really cool I hadn’t thought about using spray paint on business cards. It had a really unique effect on them I like it.

    • Erica Stolman


  • That ‘Midas Touch’ makes your business cards looks so official! Spray paint is a great idea. Thank you!

    • Erica Stolman

      Thanks Gary :)

  • Great ideas. I’m really impressed with the contrast the gold edges gives to a simple black design.

  • I have read so many articles about business cards, but this one has got to be the snazziest! Your gold edged business cards look soooo cool. thanks for sharing the great ideas.

  • wow!!!! it is so beautiful and amazing site. i like of all styleist person

  • This is a nice sight for getting fashion trends news. I love fashion & style so I like it…

  • Hi,Thanks.Let me Know how it goes.

  • this is nice pic..

  • I have read so many articles , but this one has got to be the snazziest! Your gold edged business cards look soooo nice. thanks for sharing the great ideas.

    • Erica Stolman

      thanks!! xx