DIY Organic Beauty Kit (+ a rad giveaway!!)




You guys know, I am a big fan of a good DIY project– especially when it comes to beauty. I love making my own skincare products simply because, you can actually see what’s going on your skin.

No nasty chemicals, dyes, parabens, etc. etc. Just clean ingredients, to keep your skin clean. Simple enough… but actually, not really. Making your own skincare products is kinda annoying only because you have to buy SO many ingredients to make one bottle of serum/moisturizer/whatever. Then you’re left with a huge ass bottle of vitamin E oil when you only needed three drops. Kinda wasteful…

Which brings me to Oleum Vera. This company, you guys, is pretty genius & a total game changer for Do-It-Yourself skincare

They create the most amazing DIY beauty boxes filled with all of the organic, GMO free, & natural ingredients needed to start making your own products (all perfectly portioned, of course). The box also comes with a recipe book filled with tons of inspiration based on your exact skin/hair type.

Genius… like I said.

I got the Do-It-Yourself Face Moisturizing kit & LOVED IT. My Mom was over at my house & together we made the Lavender serum & it was seriously delish. I would def. reccomend this box, but also really wanna try the Do-It-Yourself Organic Home Spa kit & the Do-It-Yourself Organic Hair Care kit.

OKAY, now for the icing on the cake- a DIY GIVEAWAY from Oleum Vera!!!

One lucky Fashionlush reader will score two DIY beauty boxes of their liking. All ya gotta do is comment below with your box picks + email address. Winner will be chosen Monday.

Good luck babes! x, E

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  • Kimberly

    DIY face moisturizing kit. email:

  • Jacqueline Nicole Matthews

    I would totally go for the Do-It-Yourself Face Moisturizing kit too. Looks amazing!

  • Noelle F

    I’d love to try making the DIY Spa kit or DIY hair care kit with my daughter!

  • Elizabeth

    I would love the Face Moisturizing Kit and Organic Body Care Kit!

  • latanya t

    Do-It-Yourself Organic Home Spa kit sounds amazing

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  • What an awesome idea… one of those times when I wish I would have thought of it myself, haha!

    I have to agree with you, both the organic home spa kit and the organic hair care kit look like MUST tries. Thanks for sharing!

  • Gladys M

    Love the idea of these kits where you get just the right amount of each natural, organic ingredient. I would also go for the DIY moisturizing kit because I have dry skin and in the cold winter months, I am in even more need of some serious moisturizing!

    l i b r y d e at y a h o o dot c o m

  • Carol Roberts clark

    DIY face moisturizing kit

  • usnamom2014

    I would choose the Do-It-Yourself Organic Home Spa kit & the Do-It-Yourself Organic Hair Care kit.(flagler1965 at gmail dot com)

  • Virginia

    Oh oh oh! This is so cool E.
    I would def go for the home spa kit :)

  • Christie

    Do it yourself home spa kit.
    This sounds so great xx

  • Well, love the concept! I’d love to try the Do-it-Yourself Organic Face Cleansing kit.
    hiwendyhi at yahoo dot com

  • Nathalie VdH

    DIY face moisturizing kit looks THA BOMB!!

  • manda

    Love the kits. mandaoverturf at yahoo dot com

  • I would LOVE the DIY Face Moisturizing kit or the DIY Organic Hair kit! So glad you filled me in about this brand! :) email:

  • I would love to try the DIY Face Moisturizing kit or the at home Spa Kit. Still searching for the best natural combo for my face!! email:

  • cng261974

    I would like the Do-It-Yourself Organic Hair Care kit and I just love the packaging.

  • Love this post! And I am totally with you on that giant bottle of vitamin E oil. Where do I store it!?

    The Do-It-Yourself Face Moisturizing kit sounds like it’s the bomb! I was sick not once, not twice, but three times over the Thanksgiving/December holiday season and it totally wreaked havoc on my skin!

  • Jaclyn Najjar

    They all look so rad but the Do It Yourself Face Moisturizing Kit would be my pick

  • Lorin Johnson

    Definitely the Do-It-Yourself Organic Home Spa kit and is my email.

  • Julianna Schwindt

    I’d get the Do-it-Yourself Organic Hair Care kit. Looks super cool.

  • Eva Sanchez

    I would like to try the DIY Organic Face Cleansing Kit because i’m always on the search for a good face cleanser : ) email:

  • Paol Trenny

    Omg, I love this site. Thanks for introducing me oleum vera. I would love the Do-it-Yourself Organic Face Cleansing kit. However, I also love the Do-It-Yourself Face Moisturizing kit…such a hard choice between the two.

    emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

    • Isn’t it a cool concept?! Thanks for entering!!

  • meghan b

    Would love to try the DIY Cleansing Kit!

  • Emily Ann

    My picks would have to be the DIY Organic Home Spa Kit & the DIY Organic Face Cleansing Kit! These look amazing. Email:

  • Planning for Paris

    I need the home spa kit!!! Looks AMAZING!!!

  • Leslie Richman

    Oooh how fun! I’d choose the Do-It-Yourself Organic Hair Care kit. lesliedoll at hotmail dot com

  • Alexandra

    Love a DIY beauty treatment, but I can totally relate to having a million bottles that I only needed a drop from. So annoying! The organic hair kit sounds dreamy!

  • Carson Ellis

    Super cool! I love that it comes with more recipes. It’s so hard to pick, but I could use a good hair day, I’d love to try that DIY Hair Care Kit. carson.a.ellis at gmail “dot” com!

  • Annamarie Voss

    What a great product, I love the DIY hair kit and the DIY body care kit. avosslm at

  • Crosby Mod

    I would love to try the DIY moisturizing kit! cros88 at aol dot com

  • KV

    I like the Do-It-Yourself organic home spa kit.

  • Jenny Scheldberg

    The Home Spa Kit sounds dreamy right now.

  • Fran R.

    I’d try the spa kit first, but would love to try them all!

  • Hannah

    Wow = Awesome! the Do-It-Yourself Organic Moisturising Kit would be for me because I have sensitive skin and find it hard to use a lot of over the counter products.

  • Liz Newsome

    I’d choose the Home Spa kit and the Face Moisturizing kit! wilburnnewsome atyahoodotcom

  • Julie

    These are so cool. I think the ones I like the best are the Do-It-Yourself Organic Home Spa kit and the Do-It-Yourself Organic Body Care kit although the hair one looks really nice as well.

  • Rachel Marie Travis

    DIY face moisurizing kit!! rachelmarietravis at gmail dot com

  • Chrissy

    The DIY hair kit looks wonderful. Thank you :) <3

  • stevie

    Fun! i like the DIY home spa kit or the DIY organic body care kit! stevie (at)jewelsforhope(dot)net

  • The Do-it-Yourself Organic Face Moisturizing kit looks and sounds AH-MAZING. Thanks for the RAD giveaway & Happy New Year! Cheers! xx
    heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

    • Congrats Heather! You won the giveaway! We will be reaching out shortly to get you your goodies!!

      • Seriously?! Woo hoo! I am beyond THRILLED to have WON. Thank you Erica!

  • Angela W

    Do-It-Yourself Organic Hair Care kit.

  • Christy Peeples DuBois

    I would love to try the Do It Yourself Organic Body kit and the DIY hair kit. Thanks so much.

  • Julie (julimi)

    this would be so great to win!

  • Laurie Nykaza

    Do-It-Yourself Organic Body Care kit sounds amazing they all do love to try their products they look great to use.

  • Jeanne Coulombe

    Wow! How awesome is this I love organic products cause I have very sensitive skin do to auto immune system disease, RA and crap my face is so dry. I would be so excited to try the Do- it- Yourself Face Moisturizing kit. My daughter and I would have a great afternoon making it. She just had a baby so a little mom and daughter time would be fantastic. Thanks for a chance 😊

  • Arlinda

    I’m impressed with the DIY home spa and home body care kit. Time to pamper.
    greeniejoey at gmail .com

  • Anne C

    DIY boxes sounds like a lot of fun! I’d definitely get the Do-it-Yourself Organic Face Moisturizing kit and the Do-It-Yourself Organic Body Care kit.
    anne.j2 [at]

  • hofken

    I’d like to try the Do-It-Yourself Organic Home Spa kit

  • Isabel

    So cool! The Do-It-Yourself Organic Home Spa kit & Do-it-Yourself Organic Face Moisturizing kit sounds awesome! Thank you for the chance :)

  • Melissa S

    I would definitely choose the face moisturizing kit and the lavender kit.

  • susan

    I would love to try the DIY Organic Face Moisturizing Kit!!

  • Rust

    The two I would most like to try are the Do-It-Yourself Organic Body Care kit and the Do-it-Yourself Organic Face Moisturizing kit. Love this approach. rusthawk at gmail dot com

  • christinemiller824

    I like the good start and favorite ritual kits.

  • Jai B.

    The Hair Care Kits and the Home Spa kits look so cool!