My New Year Essential Oil Detox (a next level mind/body cleanse!)


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I am not a green juice detox-er kind of gal, because honestly I think it’s torture, but I am all about a good fresh start & my go-to when I am feeling like I need to hit that reset button is an essential oil detox (or like 5). Essential oils are SO damn powerful & work wonders at natural detoxification of the body, mind, & soul.

Our bodies go through a lot on the daily, especially post holiday season, & the new year is a great time to give yourself a little TLC & essential oils work WONDERS at helping to clear the detox channels in our bodies which can often get blocked by stress, bad diet, lack of sleep, emotional distress, lack of vitamin D, & pretty much everything else in your daily life. Clear detox channels help in supporting the body as a whole & really just helps to get yourself back in balance.

Seriously, a few drops of essential oils can go a long way, & today I wanted to share with you guys a few ways I personally detox w/ essential oils! What’s your guys fave essential oil?? I am kind of a hoarder ;).

Essential Oils For Liver Detoxification

When it comes to detoxifying, the liver should be your first stop. The liver is the waste management system of your body. To detox the liver you should start to eat cleaner, sweat it out, & practice lymphatic drainage (among other things), but essential oils are the powerful & effective additions to help give your liver that extra detox boost


☆ rosemary essential oil: the most important of them all is rosemary as it helps cleanse the blood & flush out toxins, which in turn aids in digestion (& reduces bloat!). for this, it is a topical application of rosemary essential oil mixed with coconut oil. Rub it directly on the liver area twice a day.

juniper berry: aids in clearing out the digestive system, which helps eliminate waste & also detox the liver. Mix 2 drops of therapeutic grade juniper berry oil to a smoothie!

lemon essential oilhelpful for a congested liver & has regenerative properties. To use, you just need a few drops of therapeutic grade lemon essential oil. Add it to your glass of water to encourage lymphatic drainage. If you don’t have therapeutic grade, you can also rub a few drops on the bottom of your feet to aid in liver detox.

peppermint essential oil: peppermint oil is a stimulate, so it helps to encourage the liver & gall bladder to work together efficiently, which supports the digestive system as a whole. Add a small amount (few drops) of therapeutic grade peppermint oil to your morning glass of water (goes great with the lemon oil water combo!).

The Best Essential Oils for Lymphatic Drainage

stagnant lymph nodes can cause a whole slew of issues: congestion, puffy eyes, fatigue, cellulite (!!!), allergies, general brain fog, & more. The lymphatic system is the bodies first stop when fighting sickness & to keep those lymph nodes flowing those toxins OUT, they need our help on the daily.


☆ all of these you can rub directly on your lymph nodes with a carrier oil. I add a few drops & to a rose oil & give myself a lymphatic drainage massages: ginger, grapefruitlemonorange, peppermintrosemary, spearmint

Essential Oils For Heavy Metal Detox

SO- I actually have a gene mutation on both maternal & paternal side called MTHFR which makes it so I can’t convert folic acid to be usable in the body. Basically, my detox system needs a boost & could be more susceptible to dangerous heavy metals & toxic overload. I do take methylated folic acid. I’ve also have been hearing some good things about essentials for helping your bodies ability to chelate.

The jury is still sort out as some experts have stated there are no oils strong enough to aid in the removal of heavy metals, while other experts say the general support from essential oils improves the detoxification processes as a whole & actually have powerful chelating abilities. Personally, I think it’s worth a try.


cardamominhale cardamom or put it in your diffuser to aid in heavy metal detox, some people report they get headaches… which is a sign that it’s working.

Essential Oils To Purify The Air

I am obsessed w/ my essential oil diffuser, & truley feel it cleans the air in my house. I have allergies, so when I am not using it I definitely notice more sneezing. It also smells amazing & just gives the house good energy at all times.


peppermint + tea tree: this combo is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, & anti-viral. It is also a great natural deodorizer. Place a few drops of each into your diffuser. 

 lavender + chamomilelavender is a powerful antimicrobial agent that works to kill airborne germs & chamomile is calming, which is always a bonus. 

 lemon + tea treethis is a super fresh blend that also works to rid the air of impurities. It also will keep you alert (great during the day!) & strengthen the immune system.

Essential Oils For Spiritual Cleansing & Positive Energy

Cleansing your mind is just as important, maybe more in some case, as cleansing your body. Negative energy can block these crucial elimination pathways & can cause your entire system to crash & burn eventually. Holding onto anger, being jealous, feeling hate- all of these things can throw your body off balance (& get stored in the liver).

Talking helps, but essentials oils can help to too…


all of these you can inhale, diffuse, or apply topically (with a carrier oil).

anger: jasmine, roman chamomile, rose, & ylang ylang

anxiety: bergamot, geranium, lavendar, orange, lemon, nerolivetiverroman chamomile

grief: bergamot, roman chamomile, jasmineroseneroli

jealousy & sadness: jasminerosegeranium

 stress: lemonorangegrapefruit, geraniumlavendarneroli, rose, vetiverylang ylang

The Edit | The Essential Oil Detox Shopping List


*FRIENDLY DISCLAIMER*  if I say to consume ANY essential oil, it HAS TO be therapeutic grade & if you have any concerns, consult with your doctor!

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