5 Fashion Hacks You Never Knew You Needed


5 Fashion Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

Well well well… woke up on this glorious morning with the stiffest neck imaginable. I am currently sitting here with an airplane pillow around my neck… unable to move left or right.

Sadly, I have know “hack” to fix a f*cked up neck, but I do have some fashion hacks that are total game changers.

I actually shared my infamous ice cube hack (read on) to Insta-stories the other week & it got so much attention that I figured I would share with you guys some of my MOST used fashion hacks that are total game changers.

I gotta go hop in an epsom salt bath now to try to fix this neck issue, but read on for some hacks that you will LOVE me for & if you have any epic hacks I gotta know about, please share in the captions below!

Anything to make life easier… gimme gimme. 

i. Ice Cubes to Dewrinkle in a pinch

Alright- this was the one that got all that attention on Insta-stories, & for good reason- IT’S A GOOD ONE. I have a steamer, but I am far too lazy to get that out for just a couple wrinkles so I learned this amazing trick.

Throw a handful of ice cubes in your dryer, add in your wrinkly pieces, tumble dry for 10 minutes (while doing your makeup, or hair), & when done- you will have a completely wrinkle free piece of clothing.

Ice is actually the hack ingredient for tons of things: shrinking zits, ice facials, & of course- a bucket of ice water dries nails in SECONDS.

ii. Nail Polish to Prevent Green Finger

If you’ve ever bought a cheap ring, you know green finger. Well for me, even nicer jewelry gives me green finger. I think that means I have too much salt in my system… or something of the sort. Some people are just more prone to green finger than others, which is where clear nail polish comes in.

Zack & I just got rings in Mexico that were carved with each others names & the second I got home I painted the inside of each one with clear nail polish. It coats the ring & prevents green finger. Only thing is- you have to do it more than once probably. Zack says his finger is starting to go green again, so another coat of clear nail polish will happen soon!

iii. White Wine Removes Red Wine

Party tricks with this one.

Next time you’re out with friends & someone spills red wine on their white shirt (happens every time), grab your white wine drinking friends glass & use it to nix out the red wine. WORKS LIKE A CHARM.

Then, make sure the next drink is on your friends, cause a trick like that deserves a drink.

iv. Prevent (& stop) tight runs with hairspray

I am the queen of ripped tights, ever since I was a kid, & my Mom would ALWAYS spray hair spray on my tights before leaving the house. Cause really…. nothing kills a look quicker than a huge run down the back of your leg (unless that’s the look you’re going for… which sometimes works if you’re going for a grunge vibe).

It’s a trick that has stuck with me every since. I don’t know why it works, but it keeps your hose from ripping & if it has already ripped, it will prevent it from running all the way down your leg.

v. How to buy the right size pants w/o having to try them on

My favorite trick of all time- cause I am FAR too lazy to actually try jeans on in the store.

Next time you’re at the store & don’t feel like taking off your shoes to try on jeans, pick them up, put the waist band around your neck, & if it fits around your neck… they will fit around your waist.

I know- it makes zero sense cause I am pretty positive my waist & neck are not the same circumference, but I kid you guys not– works every time. Of course, there are other issues with jeans fitting right, but if you know the brand & have worn their jeans before… no need to try on with the neck trick!



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