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The best etsy shops for jewelry by Erica Stolman

HAPPY FRIDAY GUYS! How weird was this week? I have been so so thrown off with the holiday & thought yesterday was Friday all day. So much so, I didn’t set my alarms last night & ended up sleeping in like it was a Saturday. I swear, nothing worse than waking up way too late on a work week. It automatically puts a real damper on my whole day.

UGH… annoying, but I’m here & I’m happy so all is good.

Now, on to the good stuff. I have a ton of holes in my ears, am obsessed with earrings, & the more necklaces the merrier. SO when you guys started inquiring where all my accoutrements came from, answering “ETSY” just didn’t cut it for me. It’s rude to not share links… so today, I’m sharing links.

I love ETSY because everything is super original, you can find fun pieces for great prices, & you’re basically promoting small businesses while still being able to shop online. It’s just a win on top of a win on top of a win. Plus, whenever I find something I want but is too damn expensive, I check on ETSY to see if anyone is doing something similar.

More often than not, you will find what you are looking for… or find something you weren’t looking for & didn’t know you needed.

…& ETSY doesn’t just end with jewelry either. The vintage shopping is on point- I am always scoping it for sick vintage tees, nineties sunglasses, designer vintage, & so so much more. It’s also my go-to spot for furniture/craft supplies/art/home decor/phone cases- the options are endless & it’s pretty much my dream shopping destination. OH YA- one more thing, ETSY is the jam for gifts as well.

More ETSY posts may be in the future, clearly I have a lot of ground to cover here. FOR NOW THOUGH, starting with the jewelry.

x, E

P.S. if you have an ETSY store personally or know one I will love- comment below!!

Rad Etsy Shops For Jewelry:

A full list of the best Etsy shops for Jewelry by Erica Stolman of Fashionlush

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