How to Feng Shui Your Office (+ a tour!)


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FINALLY- a part of my house finished enough so I can share.

Not gonna lie, getting this new place together has been slowwww. Right after we moved in Zack was gone for 2 weeks, & I didn’t want to do a bunch of stuff without his opinion. Then, when he was back, we were busy & just sorta lost the steam.

This place we are in now is bigger, so we need more furniture, & I have been incredibly indecisive about the direction I want to go. A lot of bookmarking & saving for later, but nothing has really won me over. So, the procrastination continued on.

I did manage to get my desk in order, so *pat on the back*. It’s my homebase for all my work stuff, & having an organized desk has always been key to my creativity & productivity.

I am no Feng Shui master- but I do try to incorporate it into my life as much as possible, but especially when it comes to my office & my wallet (clean out your wallet weekly so money has room to flow in & carry a red/purple/or green wallet! #FYI).

As for my office, today I’m sharing with you guys a little tour of my desk area (cause the other part of my office is my closet, but that post is coming soon!), along with some of my favorite Feng Shui tips for the office.

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3 Tips to Feng Shui Your Desk Space

I. Choosing a Desk:

when choosing a desk you need to consider shape, color, & material.

Most people, myself included, opt for a rectangular desk. This shape desk provides a good grounded energy as well as inspired growth & expansion.

Other people opt for a for free flowing desk space, which can be great for creativity & energy, yet it is not ideal if you are easily distracted.

As far as material goes, wood is ideal (mine isn’t wood, & I am not happy about it!). Because wood is a natural element, it brings a good flow of energy into your office space.

Then, there is color choices. I am just covering the main ones, but if you have an odd colored desk- look into it’s Feng Shui meaning (may be time to paint it!). So- the two best colors are definitely black & white.

A white desk promotes clarity & discipline. It helps you focus in on your work & be productive, yet for some, a bright white desk can drain energy.

Black is also great cause it really helps get you in the zone & fully concentrated.

II. Where to Put your Desk:

Okay, I sadly am doing this one wrong as well because the way our office is set up, I don’t really have a choice (as of now, but that could change in the future pending some moving around of the furniture). I personally don’t mind the placement of my desk cause I like to utilize the wall space, but in Feng Shui it is said to place your desk in a commanding position, facing the door.

This puts you in a position of power, but I personally think this one really is for people working in an office setting- not at home where no one is coming through the door hot.

III. What to Put On Your Desk

My favorite part of Feng Shui- the organizing of the desk!

First things first, a neat & tidy desk is a Feng Shui desk. The more clean your desk surface is, the more room you have for productivity- the act of getting organized along helps get the productive juices flowing. Plus, clutter always gets in the way of creativity.

In Feng Shui they use something called a Bagua map to divide a space into sections. When organizing your desk, you don’t need to utilize all 9 sections, but just the ones that need to the most attention in your life. The main ones I like to focus on are:

+ Upper Left: this is the wealth & money area. I personally keep a plant on the upper left corner of my desk along with a book- there is also a plant above it. For me, I chose plants cause there green (wealth & money = green), plus plants are just a great natural flow of good energy.

+ Upper Right: this is the love & marriage corner, & here I keep a rainbow quartz cause it is has a high vibration, lots of great energy, & is a heart stone!

+ Mid Left: if you are experiencing health or family issues, this would be the place to put either a crystal that promotes good healthy or a framed family photo!

+ Mid Right: the creativity area- typically where I keep my content calendar (but was put away for this post cause my handwriting is horrendous). It’s a great place to brainstorm post ideas for the upcoming week!

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