Gift Guide: Chic Stocking Stuffers (& all on sale, thx to Black Friday!)


SO- who else is hungover from food, sitting on the couch in stretchy pants, binge watching Netflix, & perusing Black Friday sales on the web?

Hopefully not JUST me, but today is definitely a lazy day. As for Black Friday, well, I have an interesting view on it. I kind of don’t partake for MYSELF. I don’t need more, & I feel like Black Friday is just a consumerism holiday for people to load up on shit they don’t need.

SO, my minimalist mentality kicks in full force.

THAT SAID, it’s the perfect time to load up on holiday gifts for OTHERS & today I am focusing on Stocking Stuffers… but not your average boring, useless, TSOSTCHKE (*yiddish for JUNK*) stocking stuffers. I don’t know how why stocking got the short end of the stick being filled w/ stupid toys & packs of gum from the 99 cent store. Might as well throw some coal in there while you’re at.

These stocking stuffers are COOL, crowd pleasers, & ALL ON SALE. Win, win, win.

Get to shopping & stay tuned, cause each Friday I will be sharing some mini gift guides.

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