Bringing out the Big Guns to Banish Blemishes


fashionlush, hormonal acne, zapzyt

Okay okay okay, so today’s topic is one that no one really wants to deal with or talk about, but that’s just too bad because it really needs to be discussed & DEALT WITH…

Good old acne.

Not just your regular stress induced pimple that dries up with a dab of tea tree oil though, I am talking about the real deal kinda acne NOBODY wants to deal with.

I was always that lucky teen who never went through the awkward zitty phase of life, so by the time I sailed through my twenties, I figured I was smooth sailing when it came to my skin. Then, like a bat out of hell, I all the sudden started breaking out BAD.

The same thing happened to my sister at just around the same age. Nasty, painful, cystic type acne. They said it was hormones, & that sadly that was the toughest kind of acne. I was put on medicine, it didn’t work, I got IPL’s, they just hurt horribly, you name it… I was trying it.

SO… about two weeks ago I got some pretty horrific zits that were literally making me a prisoner of my own home. They were on my jaw line & a few on the sides of my nose (where it realllly starts to hurt) & I was literally horrified to go out in public. They were the kind you just couldn’t extract, so when you tried they got uber irritated, & then there was zero way to cover them up. I may or may not have told my trainer it was a flat iron burn. Yes, I was that embarrassed.

At almost thirty years old, I should not be in the position, right? So… I pulled out the big guns.

Enter ZAPZYT, aka the answer I’ve been looking for. It’s a full skincare regimen that literally covers all the bases & helps banish that acne super quickly.

fashionlush, hormonal acne, zapzytfashionlush, hormonal acne, zapzyt

Let me break down the whole process/products used:

Acne Wash: first I start with the acne wash. I am loving this cleansing wash because it really leaves my skin with that squeaky clean feeling & it’s hypoallergenic/dye & fragrance free. It contains the dermatologist recommended 2% of Salicylic Acid to help unclog pores/dry out acne as well as aloe & chamomile to soothe irritated skin/reduce redness. Added bonus: it works a body wash too, if you suffer from bacne/chestne/arm-ne(?).

+ Pore Treatment Gel: This product is borderline genius. It somehow gets into all my pores cleaning them out & treating the heart of the problem (literally). It strengthens the skin thanks to linoleic essential fatty acids which helps prevent zits from growing. It also contains soothing botanicals that instantly calm down angry skin.

+ Acne Treatment Gel: when zits get super stubborn, that’s when the treatment gel comes out. It somehow brings oxygen into the pores & within a few hours your zit will be worlds smaller/more presentable. This was the real lifesaver for me these past few weeks w/ some of my more ugly blemishes. It’s water based, so there is no skin drying (major) & really is a miracle worker.

+ Pore Clearing Scrub: two times a week I will do a good scrub with this pore clearing scrub. This product is a real blackhead blaster!!! It gently exfoliates my skin, clearing my pores & leaving it baby soft. It also contains that 2% Salicylic Acid, so I know it’s also preventing further acne from popping up.

fashionlush, hormonal acne, zapzyt

Okay okay, so now for a little giveaway, cause you guys have got to try it to believe it. Leave a comment below with their acne horror story & 5 lucky ladies will receive the entire ZAPZYT collection (full size products!). Make sure to leave your email address below so we can get your goodies to you! Winner will be chosen one week from today. Can’t wait for you guys to give it a try! x, E

p.s. click here for a complete list of retailers that sell ZAPZYT products!

fashionlush, hormonal acne, zapzyt

Thank you to ZAPZYT for kindly sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions are my own!


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  • Virginia

    This stuff seems awesome – thanks for sharing Erica! I suffered from horrific acne from the ages of 12 – 15, it was a real life ruiner let me tell ya. I used every prescription product on the market. Most of them just massively dried your skin out which was so painful.
    Luckily my face only breaks out occasionally now but my chest gets irritated and breaks out in the summer (annoying!) which is why I like the idea of this Zapzyt wash & gel to combat it. I’d love to try it!

  • VP

    I would love to try these products, as my quest to banish acne has spanned 15 years! I started breaking out at 10, and my horrified mother immediately booked me a dermatologist appointment and a facial. You name it I have tried it over the years, from super high end products (my first regimen was 7 different products from Decleor Paris) to Proactive and nothing has made it go away. Similar to you, I am now suffering from hormonal acne, with fun bouts of cystic acne that was so intense 2 months ago I had to take antibiotics to kill it. It’s definitely not fun in any manner, but I have become an expert at covering up, keeping my face clean and not wearing any heavy makeup. I find the more simple the ingredients, the better off I am. Thanks for sharing a new weapon in the battle! xx

    • Oh my! 15 years?! Girl, you gotta get your hands on some Zapzyt! The stuff has worked wonders for me & my annoying hormonal breakouts <3

  • Aly

    Love that post and that you’re talking about that topic!
    I suffer from acne since I was thirteen. Now I’m twenty years old and it doesn’t really get better.
    I tried so many products but nothing really works.
    Love the idea of the Zapzyt products and would love to try them! Maybe my skin will also be thankful about that.



    • Your skin would be so thankful! Thanks for commenting- winners will be chosen in a week!

  • Elan

    I need this!!

  • Elan

    I wrote a whole long story and it deleted right when I was ready to send it. Adult acne is REAL. Been dealing with for a while now never found a good solution. Tried so many things. I need this!

    • SO SO REAL & such a bummer! Thanks for the comment, winners will be chose in a week!! xo

  • Marisha Pareek

    I definitely need to try a system like this! I got terrible acne as a freshman in college (tried everything from prescription medication to turmeric paste) but it cleared up quite well for several years…until this year. Now I’m 26 and dealing with random breakouts — and just cannot get my skin to clear up! Would love to try this.


    • Ahh 26 is the age when it started popping up for me. So annoying!! Thanks for the comment girl :)

  • Kim Bong

    I’m going through the exact thing you were now! I never got any acne when I was in high school but now all of a sudden I have huge cysty zits popping up on my nose and fore head all the time. And since I’m not used to pimples I keep picking at them and they end up scarring. I don’t know where to start with them they just keep on coming one after the other. I’d love to try zapzyt!

    • It’s the worst!!!! So much more embarrassing when you’re a full grown woman!

  • I feel ya girl!! Thanks for sharing, good to know we’re in it together. I get those red bumps too, & it’s annoying cause they are never poppable (is that a word?!).

  • Katie Bubbles

    YES to this post. Acne is THE story of my life. I got my first zit when I was in fifth grade. Strangely, I kind of liked it – it made me feel a little like a teenager. But by the time sixth grade rolled around and I was covered in Wet n’ Wild concealer and wearing cloth headbands literally around my forehead to hide my zits, I was totally over the novelty. In high school, my identity was as “the zitty girl,” and the worst ever was when Clearasil commercials came on the TV in class and I could feel everyone wondering why I didn’t use it. I was put on accutane once in high school and again in college. I’ve tried everything. It’s better now, because I’m older so it’s not as hormonal, but it still an enormous hassel and it’s awkward as hell to be hanging out in the zit cream aisle next to teenagers when I’m also contending with wrinkles :( Would LOVE to try this system! Email:

    • omg haha, I love the Wet N’ Wild / cloth headband throwback! The culprit of every teenage girls acne. SO mean they referred to you as the zitty girl- kids are the worst.

    • omg haha, I love the Wet N’ Wild / cloth headband throwback! The culprit of every teenage girls acne. SO mean they referred to you as the zitty girl- kids are the worst. But I totally get how you feel, pimple cream & wrinkle cream in one session is never fun!

  • OMG! Cutting out dairy & gluten- props to you! My cousin is a holistic doctor & always tells my sister & I to cut out dairy to help our acne but I couldn’t manage! This routine has done wonders for me!

  • This would definitely help cause the face wash can be used as a body wash :)

  • Oh man! Not gross at all, so common & the face wash works great for body as well :). I make my boyfriend use it on his back– haha!

  • cskchristian

    Loved this story, I’m a sophomore in high school and break out every where a few times a month. I have what feels like thousands of cleansers, scrubs, exfoliators, and spot treatments. Each one either doesn’t work or dries your face out. Proactive sucks and I wasted a lot of money on it, so I’m really looking for a solution. When I see my girlfriend and I’m all broken out and we can’t take pictures or at family events i just wanna ball up and not be close to anyone. I really would like to try this and then share an amazing story like yours!