If I Weren’t A Blogger…


fashionlush, valentine's day fashion, pop of red

fashionlush, valentine's day fashion, pop of red

Have you ever thought “if I weren’t a _____ (doctor, lawyer, barista, whatever), I’d totally be a ______ (professional dog walker, therapist, ballerina, whatever)”.

Last night, I found my “if I weren’t a blogger” occupation choice.

100%, I’d be a professional organizer.

Now now, don’t get me wrong, I love blogging & ain’t going anywhere, but I also REALLY LOVE organizing shit. Like SO much.

Every 2-3 months or so I go ape shit when it comes to organization. I pick a room, grab the trash bags, purge, & reorganize. Last night was one of those nights, the office was the culprit.

Three hours & four trash bags later, I was done & I felt amazing. Is it weird to say it felt like I lost 20lbs of emotional baggage? I was floating on cloud 9… I actually felt kinda high off of it?

Even Zack was tripping out on how mellow I was. No joke, my phone was dead for all three of the hours & I didn’t even flinch. I was in the ZONE. We both said- if the whole blogging thing doesn’t work out, I’ve def. got a back up plan!! Blogger turned professional neat freak? Not not down…

OKAY- so if you weren’t a “_______”, what would you be?!! Do tell… ;)

fashionlush, valentine's day fashion, pop of red

Now, for the clothes (which BTW… are next on my list of things to purge/organize- so be sure to check out my closet shop on Depop!!!).

I am calling this look a very vinyl Valentine vibe (A+ for alliteration), & it’s right up my alley. I am not one to be found in a flowy pink frock of any sort, so this vinyl mini + red fishnetsrose bodysuit combo is much more along the lines of what you’d find me in come February 14th.

Totally channeling my inner Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, in the least possible street walker-ish way. Ya feel me??

Shop the look below + some more of my fave vinyl VDay picks! x, E

fashionlush, valentine's day fashion, pop of redfashionlush, valentine's day fashion, pop of red

wearing: Forever 21 rose bodysuit | vinyl mini skirt | red fishnets | Steve Madden thigh high black boots | rectangle aviators (sold out, similar)

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  • This is a fun question! I love your answer, it’s so true that once you get yourself into doing something you love that you feel great after. I used to be a designer, but honestly, though it was my dream job and that I was doing well, the industry here in my corner of the world was not very good, so there was just never enough properly paid work in my area. If I could do anything else, I would go back to that, but not at the sacrifices I had to make financially.
    xx Jenelle

    • I feel ya girl- gotta do what pays the bills at the end of the day- but it’s always fun to practice your passion on the side!! xo