Insta-Worthy Eats: 5 Spots to Try (& Snap) in San Diego


fashionlush, james coffee co., insta worth eats in san diego

1. James Coffee Co.: I have always seen James Coffee Co. up on the feed, but only just made it in recently… & it’s already a new fave. It’s a huge space w/ lots of cement (I love cement), black accents, marble tables, neon signs, & a whole bunch of little shops within the space. While you’re waiting for your beverage, be sure to check out Haystack Floral– it’s a flower lovers heaven. I don’t typically drink coffee, but my boyfriend says it’s the best & they make a mean London Fog (w/ almond milk!).

fashionlush, square bar cafe, insta worth eats in san diego

2. Square Bar Cafe: drinks on FLEEK, rainbow bagels (w/ funfetti cream cheese), cups shaped like lightbulbs, fruity pebble ice cream sandwiches, the list of Instagram worthy things at this cafe are endless. Just look at their account, it’s AMAZING (& everything tastes delicious too!!). I think I will have to make a visit this weekend cause they are always adding insane stuff to the menu!

fashionlush, holsem coffee, insta worth eats in san diego

3. Holsem Coffeeif you’re obsessed w/ marble, minimalism, & REALLY good coffee- Holsem is where it’s at. As I said above, I don’t typically drink coffee… the typically is thrown in their because the only coffee I like is at Holsem. They make a banana bread cold brew that will literally blow your mind, & also a really really good handmade gingerale.

fashionlush, binghaus, insta worth eats in san diego

4. Binghaus: this place is a new discovery/obsession of mine. They are known for their rolled ice cream, which is so fun to watch them make. We got the black sesame flavor with Mochi & we also got the watermelon bingsoo which was NEXT LEVEL. Clearly this is some photogenic food, but be sure to check out the bathroom before you leave & snap a selfie of the mirror or just a photo of the major #bathroomgoals. Oh yea, & they also have a neon sign that says “coffee cures chaos”, which is the most instagrammable thing ever.

fashionlush, cafe gratitude, insta worth eats in san diego

5. Cafe Gratitudelast but not least, the go to spot for the perfect food flat lay, Cafe Gratitude. I love the food, love the beverages (turmeric latte & collagen rose beauty water gives me life), & love love the decor of the place. For the perfect shot- do a little girls day lunch so you’ve got the whole menu on that killer marble table.

Anything I am missing? Please share your favorite insta-worthy eats in San Diego so I can try it out ;). x, E

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