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fashionlush, maria black jewelry, danish jewelry

» stunning snowy turquoise tray (looks like marble!) via RabLabs- I have the matching coasters too! «

Rewind to when I was in Copenhagen for fashion week…

On my last morning I was invited to attend a brunch to celebrate the opening of “The Jewellery Room” & it was definitely an event to remember. The champagne was flowing, they served the yummiest traditional Danish breakfast (clean, organic, farm fresh, etc.), & afterwards we headed to The Jewellery Room to check out all the beautiful pieces various designers had to offer.

Scandinavian jewelry is seriously next level. It’s minimalistic, high quality, modern, & delicate.

When we were still eating our brunch, I was in AWE of all the beautiful pieces these ladies were rocking. Elaborate ear cuffs that covered the entire ear, dainty layered necklaces everywhere, & most notably- a few of these ladies were rocking these rad middle of the ear cuffs.

Although the language barrier is intimidating, I sucked it up (very shy over here), & asked where they came from. They then proceeded to tell me all about the amazing Danish designer, Maria Black.

Once we got to airport, tipsy from the champs & in the mood to online shop (this always happens to me!), I hooked up to wi-fi & started to browse the site. It is all SO good, that I had to share with your more about the designer + what I got!

fashionlush, maria black jewelry, danish jewelry

About Maria Black Jewelry

Maria Black, born in Copenhagen (lucky!!), started her company with a vision to share her love for metals & conceptual jewelry design.

What I love about this line is how all the pieces can be mixed & matched, regardless of the collection. Her jewelry is also versatile & extremely creative. You can wear one earring a variety of ways & it’s really all open to the creativity of the one wearing the jewelry.

Maria Black has changed the jewelry game & has caught the attention of tons of celebs, including: Scarlett Johannson, RiRi, Nicole Richie, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Alba, Beyoncé, Ellie Goulding, & more!

fashionlush, maria black jewelry, danish jewelry

My Maria Black Picks

+ Sanae Necklace: a long shiny gold & minimalistic lariat necklace, perfect for layering!

+ Single Bar Ear Cuff: I am so so so OBSESSED with this amazing piece. I have never seen anything like it. It’s the daintiest piece that fits perfectly in the middle of the ear (seen above). It’s the coolest piece I own (in both rose gold & silver!). Saving up for the diamond version as well, totally worth it!

+ Tusk Twirl Earrings: I am really into stacking my many ear piercings with tiny hoops these days, so these tusk twirl earrings were a given. What’s rad is if you’ve got two holes, you can loop it around to go into both, although you don’t need two holes to wear them, it’s an added bonus!

fashionlush, maria black jewelry, danish jewelry


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