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Hey hey my Mary Jane loving ladies <3.

I have been MIA lately, and may be for the next few weeks as my sister is about to have a BABY. Which is like… majorly a huge deal & I am kind just planning to be in baby lala land in the very near near future (like any second now!).

Which is a weird segue to now talk about smoking weed, but OH WELL. I have been doing so much research on the cannabis industry lately **wink wink** & have found some great articles that I had to share.

As you will soon see- WOMEN + WEED is where it’s at, so light a joint & get to reading. x, E

1. The Face of the Modern Cannabis Consumer is Young & Rich: Did you know? Cause I certainly didn’t! Kinda shocking- yah? According to this article, the new weed buyer could care less about the price as long as it’s good weed (I feel ya on that one- no use buying shake!). Because majority of the people buying marijuana these days is using it for anxiety/depression, they are willing to pay more to feel better.

These new age cannabis users are sophisticated & professional, with money to spend (65% of cannabis users make more than $75k a year!!). Clearly- this is good for the industry & it is also a really good time to enter the industry. Ninety percent of these sophisticated weed smokers say that weed is a part of their daily wellness routine…. so the spending won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Check out full article here.

2. 6 Reasons Smoking Weed Can be a Feminist Act: hell yessss ladies! Weed + women is where it’s at. They are leading in the reform of Mary Jane, ruling on the business side of Cannabis, & just killing it with creative ideas when using cannabis.

I am obsessed w/ this article (& Broad City) so check it out.

3. Women are Replacing Wine w/ Weed: according to this article, wine is taking a serious backseat to marijuana & I couldn’t agree more. All my non weed smoking friends settle down the night w/ a glass of wine, but now that cannabis is so much more readily available, ladies have been making the switch & getting on my personal wind down program. The article really sums it up best…

“In states where weed is legal, the idea of a boozy nightcap is a thing of the past. It’s a puff before bed to sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed and clear as fuck.”

4. The 5 Most Powerful Women in the Pot Business: Did I mention- women are killing it in the cannabis industry? Check out this article on FORTUNE featuring 5 of the most insanely powerful/bossy women who are making waves in the world of MJ. Personally, I would love to meet Cheryl Shuman- the Founder of the Beverley Hills Cannabis Club… & also join.

5. Cozy Wellness Trend Made Better w/ Cannabis: HYGGE is the reason I am so obsessed w/ Copenhagen…. so much so I have it tattooed on me. If you don’t know HYGGE, you are missing out big time. It is my favorite feeling. Peep this article to learn what Hygge is, how to get it, and how adding in weed makes it SO much better.

6. Meet the Power Puff Girls (aka the DOPE GIRLS LA): These girls are the jam. I am kind of obsessed w/ them rn. It all started as a photo project, documenting the containers people used for their weed, & eventually evolved into a zine- Dope Girls. The zine was basically created to show you can get high, & get shit done. I just ordered my first copy & can’t wait to get it in the mail.

Next, they took it even further & opened their own, very cute/girly/fun, collective- Dope Girls LA. Hey- did we mention women are slaying the cannabis industry? OH YA- we did.


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  • Debi Meier

    Hey Erica! Love how open you are about this subject.
    I used to smoke weed when I was younger (14-19) but as soon as I started driving it stopped me.
    Usually, weed is visible as active in the blood for up to 36 hours. In my country, insurance won’t pay for an accident if you had active THC in the blood. How is this in the US? I once had an accident that’s why I’m so paranoid, so I only smoke when I won’t be driving for at least 24 hours since the follow-up costs can be immense! And how is it with CBD? you said there’s no active THC in it, do you think that’d be a good alternative?
    Thank youuuu!!!

    • Wow! Where do you live? Where I live, if you have a medical card, you are good to go- but if you are driving high you could get a DUI… but only if noticeably high/unable to drive. I think CBD would be great for you- just make sure the one you get has 0 THC!!

  • Jessica Noble

    Yassss!! It’s refreshing to read this I live In a state where it’s still “illegal” which is total BS but eventually it’ll be legal everywhere 🙌🏻
    I would much rather smoke than drink any damn day of the week and yes paying a lil more ain’t no thang at all if it’s worth it but isn’t like pretty much anything in life. If it’s the good good then paying more seems only logical. I hate the negative haze that surrounds Mary Jane but haters gonna hate! Thanks Erica for having such a legit voice and telling it like it is girl

    • agreed!! Thank you so much lady for the kind words & def. NOT about those haters.