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fashionlush, jouviance, morning skincare routinefashionlush, jouviance, morning skincare routine

So a while back I shared with you guys new nighttime skincare routine with JOUVIANCE, & I have been having such great results with these amazing products (did ya know- they are botox’s BFF?!) that I’ve stocked up on some more of their goodies & whipped up a killer little morning skincare routine.

What I like most about this brand is that they are eco-friendly AND were developed by a leading dermatologist in Canada- not to mention, none of their amazing products are tested on animals (PRAISE!!!) & they contain ZERO parabens, sulfates, dyes, mineral oils, artificial scents, & all that other nasty stuff I do not let touch my skin with a ten foot pole.

Lately I have gotten super into doing my makeup, which is new for me, but one thing I learned that is super important- starting with a fresh face & a great complexion is the number one key to a perfectly made up face. You wouldn’t start painting on a dirty canvas with splotches all over, so you def. don’t want to start that way on your face either (weird metaphor, but it works).

This morning routine has been getting my skin fresh faced & seriously GLOWING. After my three skincare steps my skin is instantly super BRIGHT & I always look 100x more awake.

fashionlush, jouviance, morning skincare routinefashionlush, jouviance, morning skincare routine


1. Jouviance Micelle Gentle cleanser + makeup remover: Okay- so I have blogged about Micellar Water before, but this new one from Jouviance is the JAM. It’s a gentle, soap free cleanser that is incredibly soothing & refreshing. It’s alcohol free, but the gentle pH formula works as a great toner. I use this first thing in the morning to kinda wash away all the sleep off my face & remove any left over undereye makeup. Plus, it’s super refreshing- an instant wake me up!

2. Jouviance GlycoLaser: Okay, so this one I only use 3x a week- but man oh man is it a MAJOR game changer. After I cleanse with the Micelle Water, I apply a thin layer of this mask & start doing my hair. I let it sit for 10-15 minutes & when I wash it off- my skin is shining BRIGHT like a diamond. It resurfaces my skin greatly & helps to improve my overall texture.

It also fades any fine lines, shrink pores & is an all around really great & super gentle exfoliant. I have a lot of little acne scars/red spots on my cheeks from picking (my dirty little habit) & this product has helped to reduce all of that and it also shrinks up my pores big time. It really gives me that coveted healthy dewy glow.

Sidenote: it comes in two strengths- 5% or 10%. If you’re not used to Glycolic Acid products, start with the 5% & work your way up!

3. Jouviance Poweful Antioxidant moisturizer: This moisturizer is also used in my nightly routine, & it has been my go-to ever since. It is FULL of antioxidant to further boost skins radiance & my skin literally drinks it up & plumps up big time when I put it on. It’s not heavy at all & the best part- it works all day to fight all of the nasty environmental free radicals.

NEXT- add sunscreen, then makeup, & marvel at the magic of these insane products.

So- next time you’re at your at your local CVS, mosey on over to the beauty section of the store & load up on some Jouviance products! If you are there anytime soon- lucky you, all Jouviance products are currently 25% off!!!

 x, E

fashionlush, jouviance, morning skincare routinefashionlush, jouviance, morning skincare routinefashionlush, jouviance, morning skincare routinefashionlush, jouviance, morning skincare routine


[ this post was sponsored by Jouviance & Collectively Inc., as always- all opinions are my own! ]

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