5 Tips to Help Rehab & Grow Your Natural Nails (+ my nail growth journey!)


& I can FINALLY¬† post a nail pic again! It’s been a while (5 months, to be exact), because I really am just down with how my hands look without my nails.

I was an AVID acrylic wearer for a while, but after about 2 years of wearing natural looking acrylic nails straight… I had a bit of an issue (*if you have a weak stomach, skip ahead*). Basically, my nails got so thin & then one of them broke really bad. Somehow, during that break, my real nail got a tiny rip in the center of it. I didn’t see it, the nail tech didn’t see it, & we went along and repaired the nail.

I was at my mom’s house & my finger started KILLING me. It was bright red, swollen, shiny, & throbbing. I knew there was something going on & I had to rush home to get the nail off. I couldn’t wait to get to the salon, I know the only relief was gonna be when that nail came off.

It was painful, but I got it off & soaked my finger in hydrogen peroxide. The center of my nail was definitely infected & (eek… sorry) ended up exploding with puss. SO FUCKING GROSS. I was mortified.

That night I decided it was time to get the nails off & try to grow them out naturally for the first time in my life. I have never ever been able to grow my nails out, mainly cause I got inpatient & didn’t do it right, but I was determined this time.

I ended up at the salon the next day, & ever since… I haven’t given up! It’s now been 5 months & my nails are finally ready for the gram again. It takes patience & a few tips, all of which I am sharing below! If there is anything to add to the list for nail growth, comment below!!

5 Tips to Help Grow Out Your Natural Nails

i. keep up w/ nail appointments (& choose one nail tech to stick with!)

Okay, so I always had one nail tech I went to when I was getting acrylics, cause she just got my shape right, so when I decided to take them off… I consulted with her first. I told her that I wanted to grow my nails out naturally & she helped me figure out a plan. It is so so so important to continue to keep with with your nail appointments about every 2-3 weeks because clipping your cuticles & keeping your nails healthy will help them grow.

ii. all about the powder dips

Another reason you will need to go the nail salon regularly is because you really should get powder dip manicures (aka SNS). They are similar to gel in regards to the fact it lasts two weeks+ & has to be removed my a nail tech, but unlike gels- it’s actually good for your nails because the SNS powder is fortified with calcium & vitamin E which help promote nail growth. How it works is your nail tech will apply a special polish & then dip your nails multiple times in a colored powder. It is finished with a clear top coat to add shine.

The only downfalls with SNS is color options are semi limited & until your nails grow out- it can tend to look a tad bulky. Personally, I don’t mind it because it keeps my nails strong. If you have really weak nails, you can also do a thin layer of acrylic over top your natural nail & then a gel manicure on top. This obviously isn’t as good for your nails, but it’s a great option if you’re rough with your hands.

iii. let your nails breathe

In the beginning stages of growing out your nails, make sure to give them breather breaks. Every one-two manicures I have her take off everything & paint them with a special nail growth polish that I bring into the salon (it’s AMAZING). When I get home, after a week, I take off the polish & I use this nail buffer to help bring circulation to my nail beds (circulation = growth) & then reapply my strengthening polish.

iv. cuticle oil & nail cream (nightly)

I never used to apply hand cream, but now I am obsessed. I got the Hard as Hoof nail strengthening cuticle conditioner & apply it religiously! It really helps keep your cuticles soft & healthy which are essential to nail growth… & it also keeps your hands looking fresh- which is always a bonus. After my hand cream, I then apply pure castor oil (also great for lash growth!) to my cuticles as well to further promote growth. The moisturized your nails are, the faster they will grow.

v. wear gloves to bed

After I slather on my creams & lotions, I put on gloves to go to bed. Sounds dramatic, but I swear to you guys… this is the zinger. Not only does it lock in all that moisture & you wake up with your hands looking plump & moisturized, your nails will also feel so much stronger. Gloves also keep your hands warm through the night, which increases blood flow to the hands & helps your nails grow while you sleep.

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