Just Another New Year’s Resolutions Post (but not at all)


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Okay… so here’s the deal with resolutions, more often than not… they sadly don’t stick.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post (remember- punctuality is the new black!), I am super into resolutions. I think it’s a great way to set the new year on a good foot… but if you want them to actually last- there is a certain way to set yourself up for resolution keeping success.

Of course I’ve got those generic ones in the back of my head (work less, travel more, eat better, be active, hang with family, etc. etc.), but those things are not really resolutions to me… they are just things I need to do more of… no matter what time of the year. Those are the daily no brainers.

The thing with resolutions, they need to be specific. Saying you want to eat better is vague. A better way to phrase it would be: I plan to eat a serving of vegetables & protein at each meal. BOOM. Your success rate just went up.

The other thing is, when people make too many resolutions. I keep it to 5, because 5 is manageable. Get up to into the double digits, and although you are aiming high, you are putting way too much pressure on yourself & trying to stick to a scroll of resolutions will just be way too overwhelming.

SO- what’s some of your guys’ resolutions? Share them in the comments section below, I’d love to hear!!

Now… for a mandatory round up of my favorite blog moments of 2016!!! It was a good year, if I do say so myself :).

Fashionlush | A Year in Review

January: I went to Cabo for the first time and shared with you guys how I edit my Instagram photos!

February: found the designer dupe of a century.

March: went to Beyonce, with my very own DIY Beyonce braids

April: The Collective by Fashionlush launched, I fell in love with Micellar Water, & we finally got art for our bedroom!

May: this DIY eye mask made my dark circles nearly disappear. 

June: I wore pink & everyone thought my glitter buns were dandruff (LOL!)

July: I had the most amazing 30th birthday & figured out the easiest way to tint my brows at home

August: We went to Copenhagen & wrote a full blown travel guide.

September: & then we launched our Santorini travel guide! Also, I got honest about botox. OH YA- we got a puppy!!!

October: My best friend had the most instagram worthy Palm Springs bachelorette weekend extravaganza.

November: & then she had an insane wedding in Cabo… which was just next level. Also, DIY Yeezy Sock boots were fun.

December: so far, the big bear snowfall was pretty amazing! I loved skiing!


Wishing all of you babes a sparkly new year w/ lotsa bubbles, sparklers, & all that jazz! Catch ya in 2017– v. excited for what’s to come in the new year (working on some fun stuff!).

xoxo, E

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