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Sneaker Edit: The best sneakers, not your average sneakers

At some point in the past year, my shoe taste has taken a serious turn.

I have always been the girl wearing some sort of bootie, heels, or thigh high boots. Sneakers were the enemy.

I have no clue why, maybe all those years of childhood being tortured by the fact I wasn’t allowed to wear heels? I swear, ever since I was little, I wanted the fanciest feet in town. I guess once I was old enough to pick my own footwear, I never wanted to touch another sneaker again.

NOW- I am polar opposite. Sneakers are my jam.

I am fully committed to this new obsession-  I read sneaker blogs on the daily, I made Zack build me some extra shoe storage, & even signed up for High Snobiety newsletter so I can get daily sneaker news to my inbox (p.s. not a fan of newsletters).

Some say I am an extremist, but I call it passion. When I like something, I go balls to the walls & begin hoarding.

SO- today I am sharing with you guys some of my top favorite “not your average” sneaker picks… because sneakers have gotten SUPER EXTRA these days,  I’m lovin’ it. In my opinion, these are just the best sneakers in the game today.

Just The Best Sneakers:

Best Sneakers of 2017

The best sneakers: Not Your average sneakers by Fashion Blogger Erica Stoleman

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Greats Alta Blanco sneakers: the best white sneakers you’ll ever own. They are kinda chunky, which is my current fave when it comes to sneakers, but absolutely the COMFIEST sneakers I own. I don’t normally notice if a shoe is particularly comfy, but this is like clouds. Plus, it is lined with this neoprene that just makes the shoe feel so much better on.

Vans red checkered lace ups: The checkered print though? All the rage these days. I have the slides, but the red lace-up checks are seriously calling my name.

Adidas white & pink bold sole shell toe: Just another sign that the 90’s are coming back. I swear, I had these shoes in 7th grade… minus the extra platform of the sole, which is a nice little added perk to this updated pair of my go-to middle school kicks.

Nike Mayfly sneakers: I am not normally a Nike girl, but I can’t resist how RAD these are. They are like the sneaker version of a huarache sandal, & I am all about it.

Here/Now Beverly Palm Embroidered: Summer vibes all around. Loving the gold embroidery, & of course, I love a good palm tree moment.

Gucci Peggy Platform: okay, I may or may not break my neck & the bank with these bad boys… but OH EM GEE, they are major. I have a serious obsession with Harajuku girls style, & these huge ass flatforms give me alllll the Harajuku feels. Skinny black jeans + these bad boys + cute white tee = everything.

Best Sneakers of 2017 (so far)

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