Say What Up to WHIP (aka the new new in the world of moisturizer!)


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When it comes to facial moisturizers, our relationship has been a little complicated the past couple years.

I used to be able to put whatever on my face and never worry about breakouts. Any cleanser would do as long as it got my make-up off. Heavy duty cold creams, moisturizers, and super strong alcohol based aggressive toners- and I never had problems with my skin. Since I made it through my teens without an embarrassing acne situation, I assumed I was in the clear.

Nope nope nope. My acne was just waiting to show up at the worst time, cause being an adult w/ breakouts is not chill. My first thought when the acne reared it’s ugly head was, it’s gotta be my moisturizer.

Had to be. Too much moisture = oily skin = breakout. Right?!

It wasn’t like I was moisturizing an excessive amount… but maybe it was too much or just too heavy. I cut back on the creams, but the acne didn’t clear up, so I went to a facialist. Turns out, my skin was INCREDIBLY dry… which is actually doing nothing for my acne. My skin was so dehydrated, she couldn’t even do extractions. It was a bad situation.

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I was spending so much time thinking about moisturizers. Which must have manifested something. Cause around that time I got asked to be part of a blind beauty experiment featuring a new moisturizer hitting the shelves in January. Word on the street, it was gonna be a game changer. I am ALWAYS down to try the new new and was already on the hunt for the perfect moisturizer. Plus… a blind beauty experiment sounded like a good time.

When the package came in the mail, it was completely unbranded. I had zero clue what it was, who it was by, where it was sold, or how much it costs. All I knew is it was called Whip and was actually whipped.

SO INNOVATIVE, right? I have never seen, felt, or even heard of a whipped moisturizer. It was like a jar of clouds- for my face. I started using Whip that day and instantly loved the consistency of it. It wasn’t THICK & weighing down my skin, and it didn’t just sit on top of my skin either (which makes your makeup look SO cakey!). It was lightweight and it absorbed into my skin like a SPONGE in seconds.

fashionlush, drugstore whipped lotion review: olay whipsfashionlush, olay whip lotion review

FIRST IMPRESSION: I noticed my skin had an extra glow to it and my makeup also went on so much better. Not gonna lie, I was skeptical at first because I wasn’t sure if a moisturizer this light and fluffy could make it through the day. When it came time to wash off my makeup, I still had that glow. I don’t get that glow often so I definitely notice when it’s there. It kinda looked like my skin had just chugged a glass of water.

I was into it, and kept using it 2x a day (massaging it into my skin and on my neck area) until the big reveal. Not only cause I was loving it, but I REALLY wanted to give it some time to see if the results just got better by the day, or if things went downhill… which can sometimes happen after using a product for a week or so.

Good news– each day really just got better and better. My skin started to look plump, which is pretty much my dream skin situation. Plump skin for the win. The acne along my jawline didn’t just magically disappear, BUT *drumroll please*, my facialist was able to extract EVERYTHING along my jawline & then things started to really clear up.

ALSO- over the years of having that stubborn acne, I had picking scars (trying to extract!) & after using Whips, my marks definitely looked brighter. Brighter marks meant less makeup, less makeup meant less stuff clogging my pores, less clogged pores meant even better skin.

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One day, totally not expecting it, the box arrived with the branded product inside.

At this point, I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know. They really built up the suspense factor with this one. My Mom was also on the edge of her seat, cause she wanted the unbranded jar for herself when I got the branded one.

I opened it, and actually wasn’t like CRAZY shocked when I found out it was Olay because I have always always loved Olay’s moisturizers. They are just effective. It’s actually the moisturizer my Grandma ALWAYS used (she had stellar skin), and was always my go-to when nothing else was getting the job done.

I was still shocked it was whipped, still am, and always will be- cause it’s just so different from anything, but was pleased when I saw it was Olay. TRIED & TRUE, baby.

So, I got to try the Olay Luminous Whip & loved it (explains that glow!)… but I am also gonna get the Regenerist Whip too because I have also had good results with their regular Regenerist moisturizer, so I am thinking it’d be good to use that one at night.


fashionlush, olay whip product review: olay whips




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