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Well well well, if I learned anything from the bachelorette extravaganza weekend in Palm Springs, it’s that I sure can’t hang like I used to.

Not sure if it was the sun, the fun, or the tequila (probably all of the above)… but I am DRAINED. The past few days have been full recovery mode & sometimes, after a bender, you just gotta check out & take some personal days to get your groove back.

SO- the past few days have involved some serious couch melting w/ the puppies, a Transparent marathon (on my new Amazon Fire Stick, aka the BEST THING EVER #notsponsored), & a handful of recovery essentials that are slowly but surely getting me back to becoming a human again.

OBVIOUSLY, I have to share whats in my magical little recovery toolkit! Check it out below & happy Friday babes. x, E


1. Herbivore Botanicals ‘Brighten’ pineapple enzyme mask: this face mask is AMAZING for dull skin, which after three days in the drinking in the desert, my skin is def. looking tired. It has pineapple & papaya enzymes which help to resurface your skin, white tourmaline to brighten your complexion, & rose to help tone your skin and even out skintone. It’s an instant glow in a bottle, & it’s amazing.

2. Sakara beauty water: I am not a huge water drinker, typically I prefer sparkling only, but after a weekend like this I am ALL ABOUT a good, super hydrating, beauty water fix. It’s mixed with rose oil which helps to boost your metabolism & soothe your system sooth your system as well as silica which provides deep cellular hydration (it actually makes water wetter). Also, it helps form connective tissue, so you will literally see your skin plump up after drinking this!

3. Sweet Dreams Crystal Grid: You guys know I love my crystals! There wasn’t a ton of good sleep while on vacay, so the first thing I need is a REALLY good night sleep. After I wash my face, I will do a crystal grid facial using blue lace agate stones which are very calming and labradorite stones to help bring on the dreams. I will turn on my Headspace app as well, & practice my meditating (which BTW, so hard to do!!!).

4. Sakara Detox Bar: these contain Lucuma (a Peruvian fruit that helps aid in digestion) and activated charcoal (which we all know, is a major detoxifier). Charcoal saves me… every time, so having it in the form of a yumy bar is right up my alley.

5. Nasty Gal x Private Party hungover sweats: cause all ya wanna wear is sweats… & these say it all.


6. Sakara CBD chocolates: a lot of my readers and friends have actually recommended CBD to me for my low back pain, & I am beating myself I waited this long to get my hands on some. I am obsessed w/ these CBD dark chocolates. CBD is derived from the hemp plant & offers a calming effect as well as helps with depression, anxiety, PMS, insomnia, inflammation, & chronic pain.

They were incredibly helpful when I got home from the trip with major low back pain (not the best sleeping situation) & the post-vacay blues. They aren’t weed or edibles, so they don’t get you high, they just help ease pain & your nerves… while giving you a chocolate fix.

7. Elizabeth & James Nirvana dry shampoo: my FAVORITE dry shampoo ever, because let’s get real… washing my hair is just too much work right now. This stuff smells amazing & works better than any dry shampoo I have ever used.

8. Milk Micellar water cleansing wipes: oh yea… washing your face can be daunting too if you’re really hungover or exhausted, so I make Zack deliver me a cleansing wipe to the couch so I really don’t have to move. Micellar ones are the best, gentle & super cleansing.

9. Knesko Nanogold collagen repair eye mask: TIRED EYES are a given, & these eye masks are the most cooling & refreshing things ever. I have tried a lot of these eye masks, but these are def. the most effective ones I have ever tried.

The Edit | Post-Party Recovery Essentials

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  • Thee are such rad finds (like I could ever expect less from you!) but I am VERY intrigued by the CBD chocolates & so stoked to see Sakara on it. CBD is such a godsend & it’s amazing how truly healing it is, and I absolutely love that you mentioned it. xx Shannon