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Oh hey ladies. Happy happy Friday!!!

So- valentine’s day is just around the corner, & I have been getting unintentionally festive over here…

I am not the type who goes all out for Hallmark holidays (although Vday is Zack & I’s anniversary!), but the love must be in the air because all my content for the next two weeks just happened to turn out like super Valentine’s Day themed-ish.

There will be pink, there will be date night vibes, & of course- lotsa roses.

Red rose motif’s are all the rage right now, & I am feeling it. I LOVE red roses in my house, & now I am loving ’em on my clothes/shoes/accessories.

Shop my top rosey picks below & happy happy Friday babes <3.

…. & if that wasn’t enough roses for ya, here’s a whole bunch more rad rose pieces.; Want them all!!

The Edit | Red Roses

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