The 10k Saint Laurent Crystal Boot Dupes (KiraKira+ approved)


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You guys saw Kendall Jenner’s bday boots, right? Or the sparkly ones Rihanna wore a while back? You know- those insane Saint Laurent crystal embellished thigh highs that the fashion world can’t stop talking about (esp. after Kendall wore them to a basketball game, which was v. extra of her).

They are seriously NEXT LEVEL.

I actually first saw them in Saks when in San Francisco, & they were literally being protected by their own bodyguards. Which makes sense, since they’re being sold for a casual 10k.

Yes, 10k for boots… & the waitlist is completely full. CRAZY.

Obviously the first thing I did when I got home was to hit up Google to see if I can find something similar, & yes- I did. A few options, actually.

I opted for the Jessica Simpson Layzer boots in black, & I love them so much! The sparkle & the fit is great, so I am thinking I need them in silver… but also kinda digging this ankle boot version. How many rhinestone boots do you think is too many?

ALSO- added bonus, download the KIRAKIRA+ app & make them shine for the gram (you know, the sparkle app all the blogger’s are going nuts over).


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