A Seventies Moment


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You know what’s the worst?

When an old trend comes back in style & you literally want to cry over how much cool stuff you wish you didn’t get rid of 10 years ago.

I typically am one of those people always getting rid of shit w/ zero qualms, but I am definitely regretting that now. The trends keep coming back, & I am having so much FOMO on all the cool clothes I once owned that would kill it today.

First is was the 2000’s, then the 1990’s, skipped the 80’s (praise), & now were deep into the seventies for Fall… which I am really feeling these days. Also, really sad about the perfect brown corduroy flares that I owned when I was 17. Just got nostalgic on a photo of me wearing them, & it’s a real shame cause they were next level.

I must really be feeling this trend if I am missing BROWN corduroys this much. Honestly, never thought I’d want another brown piece of clothing again…

fashionlush fillyboo pinafores

I have been switching up my style lately, kinda over the whole strictly monochrome vibe, so I am gonna love incorporating the rad colors of the seventies

For my first seventies look of the season, cause I am sure there will be more, I paired these fun embroidered pinafores w/ a sheer black mesh crop top (to dress it up a little bit) & my yellow lens aviators for a little extra retro feels.

shop my look:

Fillyboo ‘At the Heart of It’ pinafore overalls | sheer black crop top | yellow lens aviators | studded ankle boots (similar in black & white)

fashionlush seventies inspired fashion

If you’re feeling this throw back trend, here a few styles to keep an eye out for: 

+ pinafore dresses (suede or corduroy preferred) + turtlenecks to layer them with

+ high waisted bell bottoms

+ Missoni style knits (the infamous zig zag)

+ babydoll tees, lettuce hems, retro graphics, & colorful stripes

+ silk head scarfs

+ gold lame, velvet, & sequins, for the holidays

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the seventies fashion trend edit | top picks

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