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*** GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Thank you all for entering & stay tuned for more fun giveaways in the future!!! ***

GIVEAWAY TIME (aka my faveeeee time of the week/month/year).

I love hosting giveaways for you guys because it’s my teeny tiny way of repaying you all for the endless support, sweet comments, & all of the great feedback/advice I get from you wonderful ladies.

Okay okay, let’s chat a bit about this UHHH-Mazing giveaway. I have literally spent two-three months testing, researching, trying, & hoarding some REALLY insane products to include in this giveaway. I wouldn’t give you guys anything I don’t personally use, so trust me when I say… this giveaway is FILLED to the brim with all of my current favorites for Summer (including a few style staples as well!).


1. follow me on Instagram @_fashionlush_

2. comment on the giveaway photo telling me why you want to win & tag two friends!

** if you don’t have Instagram, no worries, you can leave a comment below telling me why you want to win!! **

Now, let’s break down what you will get! Ready… set…go….

fashionlush, beauty giveaway, blogger giveaway

» NuFace Mini: I am SO excited to get to share with you guys the NuFace Mini, aka the ‘5 minute facelift’. This device is a total game changer. It uses microcurrent technology & provides long lasting results if used daily. It literally takes 5 minutes a day & makes a WORLD of difference. Actually, mind blowing. I use it all over my face, but mainly I focus on my under chin area (just say no to goose necks) & jowels.

» Karena + Katrina ‘Beach Waves’ Sea Salt Texturizing Spray: Personally I have always been weird about sprays in my hair, but just recently my blogger friend recommended this texturizing spray & now I am hooked. It doesn’t make your hair feel dry/crispy/slimy/crunchy & is really great when I am curling my hair because it helps give it a really beachy & natural vibe!

» Ama.la Handbag Essentials Kit: First of all, I love Ama.la skincare. They use plant based ingredients to literally “bring the soil to your skin”. I am all about natural ingredients & try to use them as much as possible, so this companies philosophy on using the best of the best ingredients is right up my alley. This handbag kit includes all the things I keep with me on the regular- hydrating hand cream, lip salve, rejuvenating hand cream (great for aging hands… which is totally a thing!).

» Tamanu Clarify Blend & Radiant Blend: I LOVE my Tamanu blends. You can check out my full post on this amazing product here. My two favorite blends are clarify (to help focus) & radiant (to help me glow). The oils are infused with essential oils as well, so not only are they great for your skin, but also for your mind.

fashionlush, beauty giveaway, blogger giveaway

» Briogeo ‘Dont Despair, Repair’ hair mask: This hair mask has saved me way too many times, so yes, it’s gotta be included. It’s my favorite hair mask because it leaves my hair feeling soft & smooth, but not at all weighed down. Also, it’s free of all parabens/sulfates/phthalates/silicones/ & artificial dyes & is cruelty free. Oh, & 100% safe for any kind of treated hair.

» CAM Jewelry ‘Lonestar Choker’: I love love love everything CAM Jewelry makes, but her chokers are super on point. I love a good choker & am currently super obsessed with the Lonestar choker. It’s an open choker in  black metal (so cool!), with little triangles on the ends. Perfect for layering or worn alone with an off the shoulder top!

» Kylie Cosmetics Gloss in ‘So Cute’: I am not a huge fan of the Kylie Lipkit, but this gloss I actually really love. I wear it over my go-to lip combo (MAC Whirl pencil + NYX Maison lipstick) for a little Summer sheen (cause matte lips are better for Fall!).

fashionlush, beauty giveaway, blogger giveaway

» ZAPZYT everything: YUP! I am including the whole line of my emergency acne rescue remedy (it helped me clear up my hormonal acne!). You can check out a full break down of this product line here & in the giveaway you will get their acne wash with soothing aloe & chamomile, pore clearing scrub, acne treatment gel, pore treatment gel!

» Eyebuy Direct round sunglasses: if you know anything about me, you know I ALWAYS wear my sunglasses… specifically my round ones! I love the round shape SO much, so I had to get you guys a pair. How cool are these?

» SweetSpot Labs Neroli Mandarin Gentle Wash: I’ve written about this product before, & I loved it so much, I def. had to grab a tube for this giveaway. It’s a gentle wash perfect for… down below. Yup, I said it, it’s a gentle wash for your lady parts. I know, no one likes to talk about it, but self care is of UPMOST importance & not any old wash will do for that sensitive area. This stuff is a real gem because it causes ZERO irritation & is made up of a whole bunch of soothing ingredients (i.e. aloe, cucumber, pineapple, & cranberry, to name a few!).

fashionlush, beauty giveaway, blogger giveaway

Angel Face Botanicals is EVERYTHING. My new favorite product line for sure. Their products are crafted in small quantities with the most quality ingredients. They are GMO free, organic, free of anything synthetic & use whole plants (root to leaf style) + minerals straight from mother earth to create their amazing artisan products. Ingredients include things like biodynamic botanicals, gem elixirs, natural mineral clays, hydrosols, therapeutic grade essential oils, & SO much more goodness.

Check out more about their company here! Trust me, you will fall in love. Here’s what you’re getting from this amazing company:

» Angel Face Botanicals Rose Crystal Facial Toner: I love love love my facial toning sprays & right now, this one is taking center stage. It provides an advanced level of cellular renewal thanks to the extreme antioxidant powers of rooibos & pomegranate, contains organic botanicals that help soften fine lines & help fight wrinkles, also has aloe & rose to speed up healing & calm the skin, & the best part of all- it is infused with rose quartz which really helps relax any existing wrinkles & make your skin glow like never before.

It is also infused with organic rose/palmarosa/rose geranium/patchouli/& sweet orange essential oils that when combined help increase circulation, smooth skin, even out skin tone, revive skin cells, & bring balance + harmony into your life.

» Angel Face Botanicals Radiance Blood Orange & Bergamot Organic Soap: I am kind of oddly obsessed with soaps. It’s partly because I am OCD about clean hands, but also just because I like soaps the same way I like candles…. the yummy scents. This organic blood orange & bergamot bar is straight up delicious, is infused with very uplifting/energizing essential oils, & the natural properties of blood orange & bergamot are really soothing for your skin.

» Angel Face Botanicals Organic Body Lotion: This lotion is my daily go-to. It’s lightweight, yet extremely moisturizing & lasts all day. It’s made with organic coconut, olive, & hempseed oil & is rich in amino acids to nourish & protect your skin. It is lightly scented with organic lavender essential oils.

fashionlush, beauty giveaway, blogger giveaway

» AMAKI Flowers & Salts Bath Soak: I am a huge bath taker all year round (although less lately, because California is running out of water) & I ALWAYS use bath salts. The AMAKI bath soak is my current favorite because it is infused with dead sea salt, epsom salt, lavender essential oils, dried rose petals, lavender, calenlular, & chamomile flowers for a soothing (& really pretty) bath time experience. Nothing better than a relaxing bath with a book & some mellow tunes, am I right?!

» Skinfix Moisture Boost Serum: This serum is a total miracle worker. It’s super concentrated & full of good for you ingredients that your skin will just drink up. It contains peony root extract which helps reduce pigmentation, chondra crispus to help give you a dewy glow, aloe extract to repair collagen, & macadamia oil + jojoba oil to deeply nourish your skin (without being greasy).

It’s also high in antioxidants & lipids to help you maintain plumped up glowing skin, and provides a skin barrier from nasty free radicals. Lastly, it’s free of parabans, phthalates, silicones, dairy, gluten, synthetic fragrances, & artificial dyes.

» Skinfix Lip Repair Balm: Summer always leaves my lips super dry, so when I really need to pull out the big guns, I am all about this lip repair balm. The ingredients are all natural & it’s main ingredients is my fave ingredient ever- coconut oil. It’s the perfect primer for your favorite lipstick as it smooths out any unwanted cracks/dry spots right on contact.

» Custom Fashionlush Nail Decals: I recently had these adorable nail decals custom made for the Fashionlush brand & I thought it’d be so fun to share with you guys so you can spice up your mani! This pack includes the Fashionlush logo, little hangers, my tattoo design, tiny stars, cacti, my yorkie (sorry, had to), & more! I can’t wait for my next mani- I am thinking the stars would be perf over a stark white polish OR the cacti with a pastel pink polish!

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  • Kim Pincombe-Cole

    This is insane! I’m crossing all of my fingers. And toes.
    I really want the NuFace Mini {aka the ‘5 minute facelift’} so I can keep lying about my age & still get away with it. 💁🏼

    • The NuFace is insaneeee! My facialist used to do it on me, but it’s great I can do it at home (allll the time!)

  • Jenny Scheldberg

    Ooh, lots of amazing products here. I love to sample new (to me) items. The sun does a lot to my skin so I could use some pampering.

  • So sweet of you to go through all that research to curate the best giveaway products! I love it!!!


  • Randi Marie

    Hello my love! This is the dopest give away of all time and I need all those goodies in my life. I want to win because I love trying new products and I trust your judgement on good quality items. I would be foreva grateful! <3

  • Regine Karpel

    I want to win. These seem like great products.

  • Spa Mm

    I would love to win this giveaway because I just turned 21 and spent the entire day taking the MCAT (7.5 hour test) in the hopes of entering medical school in a year! It would be an awesome reward to receive this amazing package after the months of studying :) Thank you so much for creating this amazing giveaway!!
    ~Nicole (mmspa347@gmail.com)

  • Ashley Reed

    Love Love Love!!!!!!!

  • Sara S

    This looks amazing! I would love to try the NuFace mini…I have hit the mid 30’s and anything to help with aging I will try!

  • Hi Erica! I am officially entering myself in this giveaway and of course I’m following you on Instagram already ;) I would love to win because your picks and skincare tips are always so legit. I personally am eyeing it for the Tamanus (LOVE); Kylie in So Cute (I miss it every single time it goes on sale so yes plz!); & the crystal toner. Plus, if I win, I’ll happily rock some Bitzy nails though my cat might get jealous! Thanks for hosting such a rad giveaway! xx Shannon

    • Awww I love that!! Thank you for entering :) you’re the sweetest!

  • this is actually jaw drop Erica! there is so much goodness in here. You are so sweet for the giveaway. You da best.

    Entered on IG!

    Have the best week.

  • Eda Gur

    Hello, these products are simply amazing, and that’s why I want to try them like crazy. :D

  • Amanda Nieman

    This is seriously the sickest giveaway! I want everything especially the NuFace because I’ve been coveting it for over a year and it’s just out of my price range, TBH. I’m also really excited about the rose crystal toner because after reading your post on crystals, I went online to Energy Muse and bought a ton. I’m so into it now!

    • yay! so glad to hear that you’re loving crystals!!! Thank you for entering girl. xo

  • Fee Cee

    These products look amazing! Would love to get to try them out!!!

  • Shealyn

    Hi Sunshine!! We honestly have so much in common, our love for our puppies, banana bread cold brew at holsem, fake tans, the list goes on! So I obviously know that if you love these products then I will too!! :) thank you for the opportunity to win such great stuff!

    • Yes! Banana bread is life (& tanning, & puppies!!!) Thank you for entering <3

  • Anne-Marie Tvete

    I am following on Instagram (amt946) I would LOVE to win this because I have been in a bit of a rut lately and really need to treat myself with some TLC. ( I am in Canada, so hope I am eligible ?)

    • Yes yes, of course you’re eligible! Thanks for entering!

  • Spa Mm

    This is an awesome giveaway, thanks so much for the opportunity! I just recently took the MCAT (7.5hours exam) on my 21st birthday and could really use a nice pick-me-up from studying for the past 6 months :)

    • oh my! that’s major, congrats!!!! you definitely deserve to treat yourself :) x

  • I would LOVE to win because all of these products are new to me. I would also love to cover them all on my blog. I love trying new things and talking about them :) followed you on IG @aimeepantz

  • Lynn Banducci

    So totally in love with all this 💖

  • Lynn Banducci

    Instagram @seattlegirl521

  • Jacqui

    I have not tried any of these products before – would love to win for that reason!!

  • latanya t

    I want to win because there are some amazing products here and I would love to try them out!

    • Yes yes! So many goodies, thank you for entering!!

  • I’m dying to try the Nuface!

    • it’s a gem!!! Thank you for entering <3

  • Emily W

    I’m currently taking a much needed social media break (ah! still makes me feel anxious about not checking it constantly ha!) so I’m entering here :). I have incredibly bad hormonal acne…wasn’t that supposed to go away after puberty?!… so I’m itching to try all the facial products! Specifically Zapzyt! I’m also just obsessed with all the natural ingredient products on this list, I’m so sensitive to all kinds of ingredients so that’s really exciting to see!

    • So good to take a social media break!!! I love disconnecting sometimes- it definitely helps get more focused! I am with you on the hormonal acne :( it’s the worst!!! Thank you for entering <3

  • Tia Pruett

    Ohh, “Dont despair, Repair” – you are seriously speaking my language. As a mom to 3 kiddos I am in dire need of some TLC. And if the repair and all of that other stuff doesnt do the trick to spruce me up, then the adorable shades will just have to cloak the crazy.

    • Awww! Thank you Tia, major props for your amazing job as Mama (to three!!). Thank you for entering!!

  • Rachel Beltz

    I would love to win because I love trying new things! I never have the money to treat myself.. I’m always so tight on money.. this would be the perfect opportunity! Plus I’ve had a rough past couple of months so this would be such a treat. Thank you for the chance!

    • Thank you hun! I am sorry you have had a rough time lately— thank you for entering!!! xo

  • yes, obviously want everything. I really am interested in trying the Kylie Cosmetics gloss because you have said before it is a great gloss that is not too sticky. I have always been a lipstick girl but I am starting to want to wear gloss more and more which is strange. Anyway, would love to win! xx

    • I have been super into glosses lately!! I am not a fan of the lip kit, but the gloss is great! Thank you for entering girly <3

  • Nicole S

    I would love to win because I am trying to remind myself to take better care of myself.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Aww you always need to show yourself some love! Thank you for entering <3

  • Calli

    Wow, what a great selection for a giveaway! I would especially love to try the amaki bath soak!

    • Thank you for entering! The bath soak is amazing :) xo

  • Kelynnma

    ahhh you are a doll, this giveaway is amazing! Entered :)

  • Cindy Aiton

    This is an amazing giveaway! I want to win because I have never tried any of these products. Thank you so much for the opportunity.


  • LilyBiscuit

    This would take care of me and my 2 teenagers! We all have some acne and I could use some anti-aging help as well. Thanks!

  • Rebecca

    I want to win because this prize looks awesome!

  • Elizabeth

    I want to win because I’d love some pampering time after taking summer classes!

  • Gabrielle Kinman

    I would want to earn those because I usually do not do feminine things. And I believe that personal care products are a good thing. Also because you seem so nice and friendly. With in detail opinion orientated comments in this page. Very creative and unique actually. You must really like some of those things. Thank you for the entry.

    • Aww thank you so much & thank you for entering!! xo, Erica

  • I’m turning 30 next year and want to start paying more attention to my skin!

  • Asia

    I’d like to win because I don’t know how im going to take care of myself in College lmao.

  • Tamanu Oil

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