The Fashionlush Police // More 2014 Trend Talk


fashion trends 2014

& the Fashionlush police are back for more (remember them from Tuesday?!).

Today the topic at hand: the trends they can’t wait for in 2014.

Just a few of my faves from the team are– palazzo pants, caftans, leather rucksacks, & dressing like Sharon Stone from Casino.


xx, E


+ big oversized accessories.

+ sheer everything! See through tops.

+ big pallazo pants with bells.

+ floral- really big on a floral pant or skirt with a basic plain crop top.

+ crop tops of all kind! I want to see skin show in a classy way not trashy.

+ the perfect leather jacket… fitted, but not too fitted.

+ a shade of purple lipstick that flatters your skin tone ← purps is the new black

+ a go-to pair of combat boots that can be thrown on with everything for that IDGAF factor

+ shiz-loads of statement jewelry… esp. rings. The more, the merrier. think Phoebe from Friends.

+ a slouchy black bucket bag.


Oxford shoes. ESP white.

+ super long, structured skirts that are high waisted (sans a slit— ).

+ oversized everything. Sunglasses, bags, jackets, sweaters, clutches, &/or men’s watches

caftans. They’re everything.

Fuzzy sweaters. Think the 90’s fuzz.


statement Stud earrings! With so much going on trend-wise w/ get- ups & short or pulled back hair for 2014 I feel like it is a perfect & simple way to accessorize. Get creative, mix & match.

+ leather rucksacks, OMG me loves it!!!!!!!

+  a good and staple pair of flat mid-calf boots, I wear boots every year and all the year round!

+ hats and colorful beanies. It’s a fun way to funk up an outfit. All about them right now.

slip dresses, simple sheaths!!


+ a jean jacket.

+ see-through tops.

+ tall boots.

+ flared jeans/ leggings.

+ dainty jewelry.

more good sh*t

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  • I can’t wait for all these either. Super excited to buy a kimono. Also super excited I share the same name as Lauryn Evarts

    xx Laur

    • Erica Stolman

      & spelt with a Y! So cool ;). xx, Erica

  • Looks amazing!!! LOVES IT Xx

    • Erica Stolman

      thanks boosh <3