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unicorn slippers++ current footwear of choice // my new unicorn slips ++

This weekend I tried something new… not worry/ not stress/ & be okay with doing absolutely nothing. Which, considering the fact I have lists out the yin yang & pretty much have to pack up my whole life within the next week, was big for me.

I spent my Friday hanging watching A Bugs Life w/ my rad godson & then saw Hawkwind play (you prob don’t know Nik Turner, as I didn’t before this show, but let me tell you- total mind blow watching a 78 year old “space gypsy” kill it on a sax). Saturday, I lazed around alllll day nursing a minor hangover/ chugging gingerale, went to a cool art show, & ended my night watching the most insane documentary “The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia” (<—- cray/ you should def. watch it).

When Sunday rolled around, all that relaxation paid off, cause I was feeling refreshed enough to start the dreaded packing process. I went through my room & packed ALL of my books… which if you know me, this was a huge undertaking since my room is basically a small library.

Hope all of you had a stellar weekend, & trust me when I say… sometimes it’s okay to just let go. It will do you some good in the long run ;). Happy Monday Funday!

xx, E

cow skull++ my new pet rock ;) ++

eyeball ring++ a creepy/cool eyeball ring ++

ampersand necklace++ a dainty ampersand necklace ++

lucky penny necklace++ a lucky penny ++

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