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Guess what?!

This weekend… I went out. Yup yup yup, the hermit left her shell & treated herself to a GNO.

Me & my crew of ladies rendezvoused at the lovely Aviara Resort, sipped on champagne & freshly muddled ginger cocktails & winded down the week while listening to the epic tunes by Ottopilot (<— um they kill me, so good!).

There was some dancing, good convo, bathroom selfies (so cliché, but bound to happen), & of course- LOL’s all around… all the time.

& the best part of all, once I got rid of a champs hangover headache, I was feeling super refreshed. The rest of the weekend, I killed it on catching up on all my work.

Moral of the story: I need to venture out more & take more breaks from the desk, because sometimes you just need to chilllllll. Agreed?

xx, E

bar cart decor

++ decorating my bar car w/ coordinating wine bottles & gold deets = so fun. ++

easy gluten free snacks

++ Ants on a log w/ a twist– sun-butter & dried cranberries. My healthy hangover helper. ++

el pastry gluten free cookie dough

++ & I made cookies!!! Calling all GF-ers, this stuff is the shit!! ++

pony hair booties

++ mah new pony hair babes. I’m in love. ++

fashionlush by erica stolman

++ as promised, bathroom selfies ++

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  • Agreed, it’s good to treat yourself to a night out. And I am in love with those booties! Never woulda thought forever 21. Great selfie. ;P


    • Erica Stolman

      Thanks girl!!! The boots are uhhh-maze!!!