This & That: Flu Life


this & that, jessica buurman, studded ankle boots

» nice little midweek/sickness pick me up- love everything about these studded ankle boots! «

The past week was pretty OUCH… this girl got the flu. It’s going around, so grab some hand sanitizer cause the whole flu thing is NOT a good time.

On the bright side, it was mainly rainy… which made cozying up inside feel a little less lazy. The lack of Vitamin D probably wasn’t helping me heal, but I do love a good duvet on the couch/candles lit/boyfriend delivering me smoothies kinda day.

I def. did a lot of napping & binging on Lifetime movies, but also had a ton of time to just catch up & work on new projects. One of them being the new Fashionlush site which is looking so bomb, if I do say so myself (*highfives*). I think you guys are really gonna love it.

As for my current health status, it lasted 4 rough days & I THINK today was that fizzle out day. I was able to leave the house, get a mani, & run some errands… plus eat solid food, so things are looking up!

Stay well you guys, take your vitamins!!! xo, E

P.S. if you do get sick you need to take Boiron Oscillococcinum the second you start to feel icky & add Picot to your water with a squeeze of lemon & pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt!!! 

fashionlush, minimal design, blogger branding

» tiny little sneak peak at the Fashionlush branding- you like?! «

fashionlush, t-shirt dress, simmi shoes, thigh high boots

» when you get so bored stuck at home, you play dress up & take an Instagram. Wearing: borrowed from the boys long sleeve shirt (similar), Simmi (faux) snakeskin thigh high boots, The Skinny Confidential x Casetify phone case. «

fashionlush, north park, donut star

» note to self: the best time to go to the donut shop is around 1am- fresh donuts are flowing (also, first food I craved in four days!!) «

fashionlush, donut star

» told ya- hot off the press (we love the sprinkle ones!!) «

fashionlush, french bulldogs, nintendo nes

» lots of Nintendo also went down & Ruby is going through a Mom stage (yay!) «

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