Essential Oils 101
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The Edit | Post-Party Recovery Essentials


Well well well, if I learned anything from the bachelorette extravaganza weekend in Palm Springs, it’s that I sure can’t hang like I used to.

Not sure if it was the sun, the fun, or the tequila (probably all of the above)… but I am DRAINED. The past few days have been full recovery mode & sometimes, after a bender, …

Essential Oils 101

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OH HEY GUYS. Sorry I’ve been sucha stranger, but if you follow me on Instagram… you know why.

I’ve been on a BACHELORETTE bender, & for once in my life, I closed the computer & just let my hair down. Coming back from the bender has been rough, but I am slowly easing back into the swing of things.…

Short Skirt, Long Jacket

short skirt, long jacket, fashionlushshort skirt, long jacket, fashionlush

Just another reason Fall is my season- the dark hues! You guys know, I am pretty monochrome, but Fall colors I can get into. Crimson, navy, hunter green, dark grey- these are really the only colors that do good things for my skintone (yellow, orange, & bright pinks wash me out like crazy!).

As for the weather, still not Fall …