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9 Things I Read Online This Week (& you should too…)

FULL TRANSPARENCY GUYS- I have nothing to write about today. I have actually been racking my brain all morning, but it's just kinda fried on ideas. Last week was HEAVY on the content, so I guess I am feeling drained of words. I for sure used 'em all up last week…

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5 Tips for Your Absolute Most Best Bath Ever

If you follow me on Instagram/watch my Insta-Stories, you know... I am big on baths. I cherish my nightly (yes, every single night) bath routine. No matter how busy my day, I always make time for a bath. Usually I take my bath after dinner, relax for about 20 minutes, &…

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Mary Jane Diaries: The Life of a Productive Stoner

After yesterday's anxiety post that I wrote in the midst of a social media induced panic attack, a Mary Jane Diaries post is MUCH needed. Along with a joint... Not gonna lie, I really love talking weed. Probably one of my favorite topics to write about. It's a new thing…

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Social Media Anxiety Disorder aka S.M.A.D. is REAL LIFE SHIT

I called it that SOCIAL MEDIA ANXIETY is a real thing & now... it could very well be on it's way to being a medically diagnosed issue. It's not yet, but it's being talked about, & it's literally being referred to as SMAD... aka social media anxiety disorder. I am a total hypochondriac,…

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