This & That + A Sexy Lil’ Fashionlush Exclusive Deal

» September 15th, 2014 «

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++ Just snagged this cutesie mini photo album for all my Instax Mini snaps! ++

This weekend I was (& kinda still am) feeling a lil’ under the weather, so I kept things pretty mellow. Resting up, chugging green tea/H20, afternoon snuggle fests w/ Bitzy, drinking ginger shots, & OD-ing on this yummy fruit salad… ya know, the reg weekend things for when a nasty cold is sneaking up.

The main highlight though, was definitely the fact that I finally got to sit down (sans phone and computer) to watch Frozen w/ my girlfriends!!! Typically, Disney movies aren’t my thing, but I gotta say- this one is a gem. I meannnn… can Olaf can just come live with me & be my personal joker 24/7 already? I have a personal flurry awaiting his arrival (if you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about).

I may or may not have even subscribed to the Frozen soundtrack on Spotify & am listening to it on repeat every time I am in the car… It’s just too good.

Have you seen it? Have you heard it? Are you as obsessed me… & every 5 year old girl on the planet?? If not & you’re judging me right now, no biggy, but ya just gotta let it gooo & see the damn movie. Trust.

xx, E

P.S. If you are in a Monday slump, keep reading… cause I’ve got a Fashionlush exclusive that’s about to change your lip game for life.

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Lately, I have been all over that “I woke up like this” beauty look, which means my signature dark lippys have been replaced w/ my latest obsession/addiction/dependency- City Lips clear lip plumper (AKA liquid gold).

One swipe & it legit looks like you just left a lip filler appointment… minus that whole needle/pain/break the bank situation. Unlike most lip plumpers I’ve tried in the past- it actually REALLY works, doesn’t burn like a total b*tch, & doesn’t dry out your lips. It delivers some serious hydration & is a totally enjoyable plump (no pain, total gain).

Plus, it fills in all those unwanted fine lines & lasts for a super long time. Actually, I’ve realized that throughout the day the plump just grows & grows. Magic in a tube.

anddddd…. it’s your lucky day, cause I scored 2 exclusive to Fashionlush deals for all you plumped-up lip lovers!!::

+ Click here for a lipgloss BOGO offer.

+ Get 40% off sitewide w/ the coupon code FASHIONLUSH!

Or… you can always combine the two for a double whammy of discounts.

Really wanna know what you guys think, cause I can pretty much guarantee you’re gonna be blown the eff away.

fashionlush, pesto recipe, pesto dip

Sunday I decided to put my overgrown basil bush to good use w/ a DIY pesto dip for my Mom’s friends while they watched football (p.s. how cute are they?!).

Handmade pesto is seriously so much better tasting than the store bought crap & so easy to make that it’s kinda a no-brainer. Just throw 1/2 C. pine nuts, a couple handfuls of basil leaves, a sprinkle or two of shredded parm, & a drizzle of olive oil into a food processor.

You can use it on your pasta, as a sandwich spread, or my preference- make a three layer cracker dip w/ a thin layer of light cream cheese & some sundried tomatoes. So fresh and so delish!

fashionlush, target dollar section, thank you cards

++ The Target Dollar section, my go-to for stocking up on the cutest thank you cards!! ++

fashionlush, trader joes, matcha tea

++ Currently drinking: Trader Joes new Matcha Green Tea latte. Iced or hot, this stuff is my jam! ++

A Cheeky Lil’ Nail Art D.EYE.Y

» September 12th, 2014 «

fashionlush, eyeball nail art, nail art for beginners

I’ve got a thing for eyeballs.

Which yes, I 100% realize how creepy that sounds, but hear me out before you close out & never come back cause you think I am a total psycho w/ a fetish for eyeballs.

I’m not talking about the ones in your head, although I am sure they are lovely, & I’m not into them like I watch the movie “The Eye” on repeat (sidebar: NEVER watch that movie- you will literally sleep w/ your EYES open the rest of your life).

Remember that eyeball dress #OOTD I shared a while back, yea- that’s the kinda eye I can’t get enough of.

My Mom, aka the baddest B I know, totally gets my obsession & gifted me with the best eye-phone case ever (similar one found here). Once I got that bad boy snapped on, I knew it needed a matching mani to go along with it.

Which brings me to this here tutorial. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but it turned out SO effing cool & 0% creepy or weird… more like 100% chic & bad ass. Don’t ya think?

Happy nail-painting! xx, E

(…oh, & for those of you who were actually looking for a more creepy/Halloweenie inspired eyeball, this mani right here will be right up your alley.)

eyeball fashion trend, fashionlush, diy nail art


+ Base color of your liking– although I do recommend something light enough for the black to show up, but bright enough for the white to show up. Pastels work great for this!

+ A solid white polish.

+ Your eyeball color of choice… brown, blue, or green- up to you.

+ Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pen in black.

+ A dotting tool & a small brush tool, which I got from the Butter London Nail Art tool kit.

+ Sally Hansen Miracle Gel topcoat aka the best topcoat to ever exist…ever.

The How-To:

1. Paint your nails w/ your base color & let dry.

2. Using a small brush tool & white polish, paint a small half moon at the base of your nail & fill it in. Let dry.

3. With the black nail art pen, outline the top of your moon shape. Let dry.

4. Grab the color of polish you are using for your eyeball & paint a dab onto the tip of your dotting tool. Dot that bad boy onto the center of the white. Let dry.

5. Lastly, add the pupil, which you can do using either your nail art pen or your dotting tool w/ black polish. I personally prefer the dotting tool method because I feel it’s a bit more clean & precise.

6. Once the whole thing is COMPLETELY dry, you can paint your topcoat. Beware, if it’s not fully dry to the touch, it will smear!!

fashionlush, models own, quick dry polish drops

++ & If patience is an issue, Models Own Quick Dry drops will speed up the drying process big time. I am talking like 60 seconds flat… which has been a lifesaver for me since I am always in a rush & smudging my manis. ++

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Rich Girl/ Poor Girl: Céline Black & White Loafers

» September 11th, 2014 «

fashionlush, black and white celine loafers, weworewhat celine

Ready to love me? Like really really love me? Like maybe if you see me out & about, you will probably wanna buy me a dirty chai (w/ soy milk). Just sayin’.

Seriously though, this Rich Girl/ Poor Girl find may even be better than when I found the Givenchy Sheath Boots twin for a mere fraction of the price. Although that was a good one, this one involves Céline, & who doesn’t love Céline?

No one, that’s who.

I first laid my eyes on these beautiful babes over at WeWoreWhat & died just a lil’ inside. I meannnn… they are black & white, my two favorite colors & they are loafers, my current SOTM.

Naturally, like all things Céline, they were impossible to find. Which, even though I know they would break the bank hard, it made me want them that much more. That hard to get game gets me everytime.

celine black and white loafers, fashionlush, celine we wore what

Couple nights later, I was doing my daily F21 browse & I stumbled upon a pair of [drumroll please] ridiculously similar black & white loafers. I don’t think I’ve ever bought something quicker. I wanted to do a RG/PG on them right then, but next time I looked, they were gone. I wasn’t surprised, but I was pretty bummed I didn’t get to share.

Which brings to me to last night when I was, once again, doing my ritualistic F21 browse (I have serious FOMO when it comes to that site) & I saw they were back!! #PRAISE.

Now it’s your turn my shoe lushes. I highly suggest you buy them now before they’re gone again & you cry tears of regret.

xx, E

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Cheers to Health: Why I’m Slamming Shots in the AM

» September 10th, 2014 «

fashionlush, ginger shots, natural energyfashionlush, ginger shots, natural energy

Yup, you read it right.

I wake up, brush my teeth/wash my face, blast Lil’ John’s terrible shots song (my poor poor neighbors), & pull out the shot glasses.

Basically, every day around 10am, my house turns into a bumping club. Minus the strobe lights & booze, plus the juicer & some ginger.

This new ritual of mine all started back when I was in Copenhagen. The hotel we stayed at, SP34, had the most epic breakfast set up every morning & on our first day there I spotted a huge plate piled sky high with raw ginger.

I was unclear as to what it was for, so I broke a piece off & put it on my plate. I mean, I am borderline obsessed w/ any and all things ginger, so if eating raw on toast (IDK) was something they did here, I was down to try it.

When in Copenhagen… ya know?

When our waiter came by, I asked her “Um, yea… so what do you guys do with the ginger on this side of the pond?!”. She thought it was pretty LOL I had broken off an “arm” and had it on my plate alongside my soft boiled eggs & fruit. She told me it’s for the ginger shots… duh!

I’ll take two please.

fashionlush, ginger wellness shots, natural energy

A couple minutes she came back w/ two shot glasses of ginger goodness, sprinkled w/ cayenne, & served with a lemon wedge.

We clinked our glasses, said a lil’ toast, & down the hatch it went.


This drink right here is a serious game changer in a shot glass. I am not kidding you, once you swallow it down… you can literally feel it go through your body & electrify all of your senses. Sinuses clear up, you immediately feel 10x more awake, & I swear… the rest of the day you have long lasting energy.

fashionlush, benefits of ginger, wellness shots

After 10 days of ginger shots, I couldn’t imagine my life w/o ‘em… so you better believe I was bringing that recipe home with me. I asked the chef (very politely) what exactly she was juicing up in that kitchen. She told me it was just what I saw: straight ginger, a squeeze of lemon, & a sprinkle of cayenne.

That’s really all it is guys. Juice some ginger, about 3 ounces, add in some fresh squeezed lemon, and top it off with a teeny tiny sprinkle of cayenne.

I will warn ya… this is a strong ginger drink! If you’re not a fan of ginger &/or have sensitive taste buds- there are two options:

Grab a chaser of juice OR juice 1/2 a green apple w/ your ginger.

Personally, I prefer it straight up… but to each their own.

Bottoms up my babes <3 xx, E

fashionlush, benefits of ginger, wellness shots

++ all those amazing benefits are jam packed into one tiny & delish 1.5 ounce shot glass!! ++

fashionlush, benefits of ginger, wellness shots

Elizabeth and James Thrift Score

» September 9th, 2014 «

fashionlush, minimalistic fashion, elizabeth and james

Over the weekend, I did something pretty major…

I cleaned out my closet in a big/huge/3 oversized (& overstuffed) trashbags kinda way.

When it comes to my wardrobe, I get severe separation anxiety just thinking about giving anything away. It’s weird, but I honestly feel emotionally connected to my clothes/shoes. Each piece hanging in my closet has some story connected to it, & when I give it away there is always that fear the memory will go w/ it…

…or, of course, that I will one day really want to rock those fringe boots that no longer have any fringe left cause I wore the life out of them. Logical… right? Big time praise to my sister & Mom for being the voice of reason through the whole process.

fashionlush, minimalistic fashion, elizabeth and james

The day after the closet-purge-sesh, I went to my local thrift store to unload. While I was waiting for them to look through my stuff, I did my usual rack browse. Which is when I came across what looked like a pretty rad white silk pajama inspired shirt. I took a second look, & realized it was a legit brand new (w/ OG tags) blouse by Elizabeth and James.

Um yea… that’s what I would call a serious thrift score!!!

Who woulda known this lil’ gem of a blouse was precisely what my newly cleared out closet was missing! It paired perf. w/ my all time fave “leather like” flares, chic white pumps, & a basic crop top… giving off those b&w minimalistic vibes that I can’t get enough of lately!

xx, E

P.S. Almost forgot to share the good news for you guys– the thrift store wasn’t buying! So, be sure to check my online boutique as I will be adding tons of new (& amazing) items on the reg! :)

fashionlush, minimalistic fashion, elizabeth and jamesfashionlush, minimalistic fashion, elizabeth and james

++ GET THE LOOK: Elizabeth and James Mirta blouse, sold out- similar versions here & here || Blank NYC Vegan Leather flares || basic black crop top tank || ASOS Potter Pumps in White || crossbody Crocodile bag- similar || round Ray Ban sunnies || chained double ring || vintage inspired etched knuckle ring || Fossil boyfriend watch, sold out- but I’m dying over this black & rose gold version. ++

fashionlush, black and white ootd, elizabeth and jamesfashionlush, black and white fashion, leather bell bottoms

++ SIDEBAR: When it comes to pants, I swear by the above cut. So much so that I often get my jeans altered to have that perf. flare, although these beauties didn’t need any alterations. It is such a flattering look that when paired with pointy-toed heels, makes your legs look super long and thin! The leather look, just an added bonus. ++

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