Camel Duster Coat

» December 19th, 2014 «


We all know… I don’t often stray from my color basics, black & white,

As of late though, it seems I am very slowlllly stepping out of my monochromatic box… w/o getting too crazy (I promise you, you will never see me in hot pink). First it was greys + navy, & now it’s all about the camel duster coat.

It’s kinda next level, right? I paired the beauty with my go to non-color combo, the most flattering flared trousers, & my new fave tan mules (obsessed w/ these x 100). It’s def. one of my fave looks to date as it is sophisticated enough to wear to a meeting, chic enough to wear to a GNO soiree, & sexy enough to wear on a hot date.


Speaking of sexy & showing skin… I’ve got some news for you.

Cleavage is soooo 2004. Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but actually I’m not that sorry cause this is pretty much a fashion PSA that needs to be known by all. If you’re a big busted babe, more power to you, but it was time put those things in check yesterday. Seriously, where’s the mystery in having your tata’s hanging out for the world to see?

So not chic, less is always more.

Get creative & show some skin in unexpected ways. Some ideas off the top of my head: crop tops (midriff is everything), back baring tops, cool cut-outs, skirts w/ slits, sheer-ness, off the shoulder blouses, a lil’ side bra (but not too much), etc.

Sooo… who’s with me on this lil’ pledge to conceal the cleavage? If you’re not, see below for all my fave skin-baring picks… it may just change your mind!

xx, E

fashionlush x missguided camel coat 2

» Wearing: Missguided camel duster coat c/o || white ribbed knit crop top (on sale for $11!!!!) || Missguided wide leg trousers c/o || retro style Ray Ban sunnies || Mia Jethro mules (in tan) || Samantha Wills white Howlite necklace «

fashionlush x missguided camel coatfashionlush-x-missguided-camel-coat-3fashionlush-x-missguided-camel-coat-5fashionlush-x-missguided-camel-coat-1

&  a lil’ BTS video:

» Top Picks for Showing Some Skin: «

My DIY Black & White Christmas Tree

» December 18th, 2014 «

fashionlush, minimalist christmas tree, holiday diy

Being that I live in a loft style apartment, a huge ass Christmas tree was just not an option this year. Honestly though, even if I did have all the space in the world, I don’t think I’d even want one. The holiday season is stressful enough w/o having to deal with getting/lugging up a flight of stairs/decorating/cleaning up broken ornaments/lugging back down the stairs/ & disposing of a huge ass tree.

So, when Forever 21 wanted to team up to see how I was decorating my tree, I was super excited to share with the world/you guys how to turn a tiny Charlie Brown tree into a holiday masterpiece (IMO).

fashionlush, minimalist christmas tree, holiday diy

Since my house is mainly black & white (w/ the occasional pop of gold), I obviously wanted the tree to match, so I opted for a faux white tree which I LOVE (def. the way to go, IMO) & went ape shit on the decorations.

See below for three super rad, super chic, & super easy to make ornaments to give your boring old traditional tree some much needed flair.

Happy holidays & be sure to check out the full post on the Forever 21 blog.

xx, E


My Must-Have Winter Coat

» December 17th, 2014 «


Remember when I blogged about the ACNE shearling jacket & all my rich girl / poor girl finds? Yea, well I ended up scoring this beauty, & ever since it’s been my go-to coat of the season.

Now that it’s finally showing signs of winter w/ mass amounts of rain (which is actually just a drizzle, but us San Diegan’s get really dramatic when it’s anything but sunny) I have been living in this babe.

Honestly though, it’s a dead ringer for the ACNE version, w/ a way more wallet friendly price tag. Cause let’s get real guyssss, there is zero way you can even begin to justify dropping $2,800 on a seasonal winter coat. I mean really? There are so many more options that won’t break the bank and still look super quality.

See below for tons of my top shearling picks that sure as hell look like a million bucks, but definitely aren’t (shhh… our lil’ secret). 

xx, E

fashionlush, acne shearling coat, winder fashion 2015, structured tote

» Wearing: faux suede aviator jacket (now on sale!) || Jagger Swagger tee (sold out, similar here) || leather leggings || pointed ankle boots (sold out, but these are pretty much idential) || structured grey tote || Ray Ban circle sunglasses || black slouchy beanie «

fashionlush, acne shearling coat, winder fashion 2015, structured totefashionlush, acne shearling coat, winder fashion 2015, circle ray bansfashionlush, acne shearling coat, winder fashion 2015, circle ray bans, pointed bootsfashionlush, acne shearling coat, winder fashion 2015, structures totefashionlush, acne shearling coat, winder fashion 2015, structured tote

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My Holiday Wishlist

» December 16th, 2014 «

[ 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 ]

I’ve got a bookmarked folder of all the things I want this year so that when people ask (they always do), I can easily send them links. I know you’re supposed to say “Nooo! Get me nothing.”, but they are going to regardless so you might as well tell them what you actually want so you don’t end up with yet another candle.

If you’re stumped on what you want, enjoy my top 9 picks that I’m [ fingers crossed ] really hoping end up under the tree this year. Families members/BF reading this… take notes!!

For more epic holiday ideas for all the peeps in your life, be sure to scope my holiday pop up shop!

x, E

P.S. What are you wishing for this year? Anything I need to add to my growing list, LMK stat… it’s crunch time!!!

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This & That: Simplify Your Life

» December 15th, 2014 «

fashionlush, minimalism, quotes

This past weekend, I went ape shit on my house/life/closet. 

I was sitting on my couch drinking my morning matcha & while weeding through my inbox & I started looking around. My house is typically pretty neat thanks to my OCD tendencies (poor Zack isn’t even allowed to unfold a blanket w/o getting the death stare from this psycho) , but at that moment I had the overwhelming urge to switch things up, pare down, & get rid of every single thing I’ve been hoarding for way too long.

Every once in a blue moon, I get in these moods where all I want to do is organize. I start & I literally can’t stop… or speak for that matter. Once I’m in this zone, just count me out of any conversation and/or eye contact. Focused & aggressive.

I started in on my junk drawers, my desk, the bookshelves, the kitchen cabinet, my closet (this was major!), & every other nook & cranny where I have decided to shove pointless shit over the years. I was legit crazed, but the end result had me feeling calmer than ever.

It’s a wonder what purging can do for your psyche/sanity, so I highly suggest you try it. Trust me, you 100% do not need that effing BP tank top you got in the 7th grade & are holding onto because it’s the shirt you were wearing when you got asked on your first date by an older guy. The guy is gone, the date was a nightmare, & that hideous ratty number is just a waste of a hanger.

… & what better time to simplify your life than right before the new year? Clean the slate & be out with the old to make room for the new.

“The less you own, the less that owns you.”

xx, E

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fashionlush, black and white, flat lay

» #regram: the weekend essentials, & yes… boxed water is way better!! «

fashionlush, minimalism, home decor

» chic black mules doubling as bedside bookends. «

fashionlush, gold cutlery, home decor

» teeny tiny gold cocktail forks. «

fashionlush, cardiff by the sea, airbnb

» Another recent simplifying project: this redecorated family home of mine which is now the cutest lil’ airbnb offering in Cardiff. If you’re considering a visit (which you def. should!), stay here & invite me over for wine & ping pong. «

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