Hot off the Press: Fashionlush x JNB Vintage Campaign

// August 1st, 2014 //

fashionlush, jnb jewelry, vintage jewelry fashionlush, jnb jewelry, vintage clothing

Breaking news my peeps!!! The JNB Jewelry Vintage Campaign has officially launched, & the campaign is featuring yours truly.

I am so incredibly stoked that I can finally spill the beans on this secret collab that I’ve been holding back on for over a month. No joke– keeping this a “secret” from you guys has been a serious struggle (as they say, the struggle is real). This whole week seemed like it lasted a year & I am pretty sure it’s cause my excitement level about this post has been off the charts.

I’d compare it to watching paint dry, you are waiting and waiting and waiting that it seems like it took eternity for you to start your second coat.

IDK even know about that analogy… but you get what I am saying. Right?

fashionlush, jnb jewelry, vintage clothing

Let’s start from the beginning. Jacqueline Nicole Brown owner of JNB Jewelry, aka one of my besties, is one extremely creative & talented fox. Her jewelry takes bad ass to a whole new level. The druze, the filagree, the eclectic charms, the sharktooths, to die for = understatement of the century.

So when JNB told gave me a ring on the phone & told me she was going to start slanging her beyond epic vintage collection, I died a little inside. If you know me, you damn well know that I am a sucker for all things vintage & one-of-a-kind. You know what I am not a fan of? Having to search for the good stuff high and low, which is the main reason I was quickly obsessed with this concept. JNB, a master in vintage, curating the best of the best for me?

Winning x 1000.

Then, she proceeded to tell me she wanted by uber talented photog/videographer BF to shoot it & me to help her model the goodies. I died for the second time. We scoped locations, gathered the goods, whipped up a sexy playlist, & road tripped it out to BFE (← if you don’t know where this is, Google it.).

fashionlush, jnb jewelry, vintage clothingfashionlush, jnb jewelry, vintage clothing

This last Monday, I got the email w/ all the pictures. There ya go again, died for a third time (thinking I was a cat in a past life). These pictures though… my world was rocked. The clothes, the jewelry, the pics, the video. Pure perfection. Better than I ever could’ve imagined, which was a lovely surprise since I was hella nervous the whole time.

Wait… did I really just type ‘hella’?? Please forgive me, I have a friend from NorCal staying at my house right now & clearly her lingo is rubbing off. No offense to you NorCal peeps, but that was really weird & semi scary.

fashionlush, jnb jewelry, vintage clothing

Now it’s your guys’ turn to die a lil’ inside (sidebar: I say this 100% sarcastically. You won’t die, trust. I just knocked on wood.). Jacqueline & I are offering all of you lucky lushes a special discount on this brand spanking new, but actually not new at all because it’s vintage, collection.

Starting today, use the coupon code FLXJNB you will get 30% off your vintage order at JNB Jewelry. Offer ends next Friday [ 8/1/14 ], so don’t dilly dally and get to shopping. K?

As for my fave piece from the collection, just in case you were wondering:

+ The Stella Dress/ Kimono || seen above, pic #4 and #5

+ The Roquelle Bracelet || seen layered up in picture #4

+ The Leopard Crop + LBD Lace Dress || worn by JNB in picture #3

+ The Gladiator Belt || seen in the photo above & below

More items will be added on the reg, so keep checking back! I’d love love love to hear your fave piece from the collection– LMK in the comments section below.

xx, E

P.S. you can find more JNB X Fashionlush posts here & here.

fashionlush, jnb jewelry, vintage clothing

↓↓↓ & now for the really BIG reveal… this video!!! WOW… so good. ↓↓↓

[ all photos & video by Zack Dowdy ]

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