Depop: The Coolest Way to Shop Pre-Loved

» October 24th, 2014 «

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Do you ever see something designed/created/developed and think to yourself “how the hell did I not think of that?!”. It’s something so incredibly genius, but it’s also so simple & basic that you’re beating yourself up for not having done it first. You see it, & it’s just duh…

Ya, that’s how I feel about Depop.

What the hell is Depop? Um, hiiii… it’s only my latest app/shopping/selling obsession.

You know that app Instagram? Well it’s that, but for shopping.

Like I said, pure effing GENIUS.

fashionlush, depop, shop vintage

I downloaded it about a week ago after seeing a few of my fave European bloggers were all about it (those Euros, always one step ahead!) & I am hooked.

The process is pretty straightforward: you post a cool picture of the item your selling, use filters to edit it all pretty, & share it live w/ a description of the item + how much your selling it for. Then, this is where it gets fun- people start liking your pictures, commenting/asking questions about the item, offering swaps (if they have something you want on their Depop profile, you can trade!), & buying your pre-loved gems!

fashionlush, depop, shop vintage

It’s so quick & easy it’s almost a joke. Plus, you get to keep your clothes in your possession while you’re waiting for it to sell. I don’t know about you guys, but there is nothing more I hate than going to my closet to look for something & realize I got rid of it. With this app situation, if I change my mind, I can just delete the picture & hang it back up in it’s rightful place.

…& lastly, the best best part of all, nothing on the site sucks. You don’t have to scroll through peoples nasty old undergarments to stumble across one gem, it’s all rad vintage stuff/ designer pieces/ sick art/ coffee table books/ vintage cameras/ etc. etc.

fashionlush, depop, shop vintage

Some of my personal fave pieces currently up on my profile include these H&M patchwork skinnies I just added today after A LOT of serious convincing by my sister that I had too pare down on my denim collection, this moon phase beanie that would be great for Fall/Winter, these never worn MIA limited edition suede boots that are just a teensy bit too small on me (**tear**), this super sick vintage polaroid camera, & these FCUK snakeskin slides (worn once!!!).

So… are you gonna download it? If so, be sure to follow me cause I am adding new stuff on the daily :).

xx, E

P.S. Depop did NOT sponsor this post, I am just really excited about it (can you tell?) & had to share!!

fashionlush, depop, shop vintage

Nail Art for Dummies: The Moon Mani

» October 23rd, 2014 «


I am a majorrr sucker for some good ole’ nail art, but I also suck at it…big time. Not only am I really not artistic (stick figures all day, everyday), but I also have the shakiest hands to ever exist. Combine the two & you’ve got a mani that looks like it was done by a 4 year old.

Which is where my girls at Bellus Academy come into play.

Lemme just tell ya, if there is one thing every blogger needs, it’s a friend in beauty school. They are always looking for people’s hair to play with, skin to perfect, nails to paint, etc. etc. Honestly, just talking to them makes me want to hit that rewind button & go to beauty school instead of university. A proper lesson in contouring would really do me some good these days.


Anyways, since I can’t go back and learn all the beauty basics, I am sure happy I have friends who are doing it. I recently reached out to some of those friends to see how we could join forces here on the blog, and we decided to put together a fun lil’ “Nail Art for Dummies (aka ME)” series.

So, for the next 3 months, Bellus & I will be bringing your guys some super easy and super cute nail art tutorials. They will be creating them & I will be doing them (cause if I can do it, anyone can!).

Our first “episode” of the series we will be recreating the hottest nail look from NYFW, the half-moon mani. It’s simple, easy to do, & minimalistic AKA right up my nail alley.

Hope you guys love this nail look as much as I do & if you give it a go– post it on Insta & tag me! I would love to see what colors you guys choose :).

xx, E

P.S. If you want to turn this mani into something creepy & Halloween-ish, check out the eyeball mani (it’s the same idea w/ a few added steps!)


» Supplies: two colors (one for your base/moon & one for the top part), top coat, circle stickers, quick dry drops. «

If you’re stuck on color ideas, here are a few of my personal fave combos: tan/white (doing this next), mint/purple (what’s on my nails now & in this post), coral/turquoise (for a major color pop), & black/white (duh!!!).


» Step 1: First & foremost, prep your nails!! Trim those icky hangnails, moisturize your hands, & cut your talons down.

Next, apply your base coat & paint your entire nail with the color you wish to be the moon. Wait until completely/super/100% DRY!!!! The quick dry drops are great to speed up the process if you’re impatient like mwah!


Step 2: If you have a superrr steady hand, you can go ahead and free hand the moon part– but i don’t, so I cheated and used these circle stickers to make sure my lines were clean.

My only tip for you guys when using any type of stickers on your nails is to remove some of the adhesive by sticking it to your skin a few times. If you opt not to do this, get ready for it to pull up your first layer of polish (#buzzkill).


Step 3: Paint your second color over the top of the sticker. Let dry halfway & then slowly pull off your sticker, revealing your perf. moon shape.

Once dry, apply a clear top coat (I swear by this one cause it’s a gel and it makes your mani last for everrrr) & seal the free edge on each nail to prevent lifting/chipping.


 Stay tuned, cause we’ve got some really cute/fun/simple nail art DIY’s coming soon!

Not Your Average Sexy “Fill in the Blank” Costume: 5 Chic & Easy Halloween Looks

» October 22nd, 2014 «

fashionlush, easy halloween costumes, diy halloween costumes

When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, I just have one teeny tiny request to ladies everywhere: puh-leaseeeeee let’s all vow to stop with those tacky Party City “sexy ________” costumes. They are monstrosities & are 100% NOT sexy. If you look up the word tacky in the dictionary, they should just ditch the description altogether and throw in a picture of a “sexy” Nurse costume instead

I am proud to say that, even when I went through my hoochie-Halloween phase (don’t judge, we’ve all been there), I have never succumbed to a costume in a bag!!!

These days, I actually do Halloween a lil’ different than most. I start out with an idea of what I want to be & then I search my fave boutiques to find all of the components that will bring the look together. This way, I am not only buying pieces that I like & will actually wear again, but my costume will also be completely original & out of the box.

Since Halloween is creeping up super quickly and some of you may still be searching for the perfect costume, I decided to throw together 5 fool-proof Halloween looks that are fashionable, chic, head-turning, & stupid easy to throw together.

I would love love love to hear which of the below looks you’d rock? LMK!!

xx, E

» The Modern Alien «

ASIF Embossed Silver Clutch || Metallic Crop Top ||  River Island Silver Mini Skirt || ASOS Silver Heels || Lydia Metallic Bow Headband || NYX Silver Liquid Liner ]

» Red Hot Vampiress «

Fitted Red MaxI Skirt  || Vampire Print Crop Top || Halloween Lips Clutch || 'I Don't Bite' Fang Ring || Shoe Cult To the Point Heels ]

» Bat Sh*t Crazy (& comfy) «

Bat Print Sweatshirt  || Faux Leather Mini Skirt || Bat Pendant Necklace || Bat Tights || Jeffrey Campbell Sine Heel Boot ]

» Minnie Got a Makeover «

[ 'In Deep' Long Sleeve Crop Top || Polka Dot A-Line Skirt || Black 'You Da Pom' Headband || Minnie Mouse Golden Years Watch || Yellow Converse Chuck Taylor || Classic Mickey Socks || Lipstick Queen Lippy in Fire Red ]

» All Hail the Queen «

[ Off the Shoulder Bodycon Dress || Carrie Feathered Heels || Long Sleeve Maxi Kimono || Rock n' Rose Black Lace Crown || LimeCrime Velvetine Matte Lipstick in Black Velvet ]

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Texture Mixing w/ Forever 21

» October 21st, 2014 «

fashionlush, forever 21, texture mixing

When F21 came to me asking if I’d be down to join forces on a Fall/Sweater themed post, I was ehhhh… feeling a lil’ iffy about it. I didn’t want to pass up on a fun collab w/ one of my faves, but trying to rock a heavy sweater in this weather just felt like I’d be telling you guys a big fat lie, & if you know me, you know that I’m a terrible liar.

Even the smallest of fibs causes sweat to drip from my forehead, my left eye to twitch out of control, & my hands to tremble uncontrollably. It’s a dead giveaway.

I knew that this look would be a toughy for me to accomplish, but if there is one thing I love, it’s a good challenge… especially when it comes to fashion.

fashionlush, forever 21, shag sweater

Texture mixing has been a huge trend this season so I figured that’d be a great way for me to get that cozy Fall look while still remaining honest (& w/o suffering from heatstroke).

My textures of choice? Velvet & shag. 

The romper was perfect for this look as it was lightweight & flowy, yet still had those Fall vibes thanks to the velvet fabric & the crimson hue. I topped it off with my current sweater obsession of the moment- this grey eyelash shaggy number that gives the illusion of fur, minus all that excess weight. Not to mention, cool pastel hues are a major color trend for Winter (FYI!).

fashionlush, forever 21, raen pogue sunglasses

As for the shoes, well it’s actually quite odd that these were what I chose to wear as not so long ago I swore to myself I would never EVER let flatforms touch my feet, but these loafers gave me a serious change of heart. Pair them with some cute lil’ ankle socks & your footwear game will be on point & tres chic.

fashionlush, forever 21, flatform loafers

& for those of you who actually live in a climate where you’d be freezing your ass off in this look, just throw on some tights/knee highs + a heavier sweater or an actual [faux] fur coat.

So guys, you tell me, how’d I do on faking my Fall fashion? Yay or nay?

xx, E

fashionlush, forever 21, velvet romper

» Get the Look: Fuzzy Cardigan in Grey || Velvet Romper- vintage, but this one is insanely similar, if not cuter!! || Raen Pogue sunnies || black leather backpack- mine is sold out, but I just ordered this one that is also quite fab ||  Embossed Flatform Loafers || grey crew socks «

fashionlush, forever 21, eyelash knit sweater

» Shop the Post «

This & That: Weekend in the Woods

» October 20th, 2014 «

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We live in such a crazy fast-paced world in which everyone is obsessed with the idea of being connected. Connect with your Instagram followers by posting a picture of what you’re doing, connect with your long lost high school friends via a status update on Facebook, connect with your boss by email, the list goes on & on & on.

The funny thing is, all this “connecting” you think you’re doing is actually so incredibly disconnecting.

Let’s me set the scene: you’re at an adorable cafe w/ a group of friends. You order yourself a cup of tea & and a warm scone (very cafe-ish, right?). While waiting for your food, you & your friends are laughing and having a jolly good time. Then the server brings everyones food… & out come the cameras.

Each of you snap at least 25 photos of your meals, then you’ve got to decide which picture is your final choice [ cause scones have a good side too ], now it’s time to edit/pick filters/Squareready it/add overlays/etc, & lastly you need a caption that is clever but still cut [ AKA the.hardest.thing.ever ].

By the time you’re finally done & have your picture posted on Instagram, you’re scone is hard as a rock, your tea is lukewarm, & half the people you’re with have to get back to the office.

fashionlush, idyllwild, nature

[ just a few lil' Idyllwild lovelies ]

So, do you see what I mean? You just missed out on a good hour with your friends all because you needed to snap a photo of a scone you never even got around to eating.

I am sure this whole song & dance sounds familiar, because the truth is, everyone is guilty of it at some point or another, myself included [ x 1000 ].

Which is why I have started to actively make it a point to disconnect… in order to connect. This past weekend was the perfect example. I went to Idyllwild w/ my family for my Mom’s birthday & I almost completely disconnected the entire time (I say almost because I did take a few necessary photos & respond to a few necessary emails)…

…& I gotta say, it was seriously SO amazing. Towards the end, I even started to intentionally let the phone die. I got to relax my technology-burnt eyes, spend QT w/ the fam, whoop ass in Scrabble (per usual) & tackle quite a few things on my Fall bucket list.

I really suggest you guys try it, you will be surprised how freeing it is. Start small by just leaving your phone at home every once in a while & then work your way up to 100% technology free days (at least 1x a month!).

Would you guys be down to give it a go? LMK if you do, I would love to hear how stoked you are after! ;) xx, E

fashionlush, trader joes, pumpkin salted caramels

[ Sadly TJ's is done w/ these yummies for the season, but I highly recommend double checking if your store still has them in stock! If not, the regular dk. chocolate/sea salt caramels are also pretty insane! ]

fashionlush, rose jelly, champagne jelly

[ Handmade jelly souvenirs from the mountains, containing two of my all time faves: champs & rose. ]

fashionlush, instax, polaroids

[ weekend Polaroids <3 ]

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