The Cool Kinda Slogans (for adults)
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The Cool Kinda Slogans (for adults)

slogan style, fashionlush, embroidered bomberslogan style, fashionlush, embroidered bomber

I love a good slogan moment, but when you get past the age of 18, you gotta be careful with what you let your clothes say. My tip for wearing your words into adulthood: stay away from the rude, crude, crass, or TOO cutesie sayings… just keep things cool, mature, & not too cheesy and you’re good to go.

I …

This & That

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Ahhh! Love a good weekend of recovery. You guys got a sneak peek of my weekend plans on Friday w/ my guide to recovering from a bender, & that is exactly what I did.

I made it out of the house a few times to get some Vitamin D, but for the most part it was a Lifetime movie marathon, …

The Edit | Post-Party Recovery Essentials


Well well well, if I learned anything from the bachelorette extravaganza weekend in Palm Springs, it’s that I sure can’t hang like I used to.

Not sure if it was the sun, the fun, or the tequila (probably all of the above)… but I am DRAINED. The past few days have been full recovery mode & sometimes, after a bender, …

Essential Oils 101

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OH HEY GUYS. Sorry I’ve been sucha stranger, but if you follow me on Instagram… you know why.

I’ve been on a BACHELORETTE bender, & for once in my life, I closed the computer & just let my hair down. Coming back from the bender has been rough, but I am slowly easing back into the swing of things.…