This & That + Happy Labor Day!

» September 1st, 2014 «

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Hey guys!!! Happy happy Labor Day to all my fave lushes <3.

Today, my main goal is to put away this computer & get to enjoy the day sans labor. But first…

✓ Check & respond to all emails.

✓ Complete a few DIY projects.

✓ Finish a recipe

✓ Wish all my readers a HLD & share this post of all my weekend happenings (doing currently- obvs).

✓ Paint my nails.

So… once I wrap up that lovely lil’ to-do list, I plan to spend the rest of the day chilling/ working in my garden (just got TONS of new plants!), & watching my man skydive (he is currently trying to convince me to do it- not a chance in hell!).

Wishing you all a mellow, work-free, & fun Labor Day! Be safe & don’t forget to wear sunscreen ;).

xo, E

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++ If you’ve ever gotten a gel mani, you know how epic they are. Not having to paint your nails for 2 weeks minimum is pretty much the best invention since sliced bread. So, when I saw this DIY Sally Hansen Miracle Gel kit at the drugstore, I decided to give it a go.

…& lemme tell you, this is a serious nail polish game changer. It lasted as long as a gel mani, was so so easy to apply (no UV light needed), & has tons of really cute colors! Painting as we speak so I can check that bad boy off the to-do list! ++

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++ Never heard of an Escamocha? Well, you’re seriously missing out. It’s like a fruit salad on crack & pretty much the best thing I’ve ever had. Google it, find somewhere in your hood that makes it, or whip it up yourself with this recipe. Whatever you do, you must must must try it. Drool. ++

fashionlush, rose lemonade, drink recipes

++ Stay tuned, cause right now I am getting all Bill Nye in the kitchen in an attempt to recreate this epic drink! ++

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++ My boyfriend always giving me the cutest lil “no reason” presents. He rules! <3 ++

5 Labor Day Sales You Can’t Live Without

» August 30th, 2014 «

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[ pulling out my fave camera, the Instax Mini, for the holiday weekend- which you can get at at Urban Outfitters for 10% off w/ the coupon code FALL2014. I have & love the white one, but also kind of obsessed with the new turquoise version! ]

✫ ✫ ✫

So… you’re basically about to either a. love me for delivering some epic Labor Day sales or b. hate me for breaking your bank because it’s all just way too lush worthy.

Puh-lease though, don’t hate me, cause that’d be a real holiday buzz kill. I’m just doin’ my fashion due diligence by spreading the word on the top 5 Labor Day sales I am sh-sh-shopping like a mad woman + all of my fave picks from each one.

Apologize to your wallets for me & have a very HLD weekend.

xx, E


» Get an added 20% off of all the 600+ recently added “freshly cut” sale items at Anthro. «


» Pretty excited that one of my all time faves, ASOS, is offering an extra 10% off all sale items (already reduced up to 75% off) with the code HAVE10. «


» Shop Madewell either in the store or online & get 20% off select boots & dresses as well as an extra 30% off all sale items. Use the promo code YESYES at checkout to get your discount. Shipping is also free shipping. ends 9/2/14. «

The Dreslyn:

» Ummm… hello The Dreslyn, I kinda totally love you. This site is just the definition of chic & minimalistic, which is right up my alley. So, naturally I am loving the fact they are celebrating the holiday with a 15% off sitewide coupon. Use code WHITE at checkout to redeem this epic deal. «

Nasty Gal:

» We all know NastyGal is the coolest out there, & they just added a TON of new sale items for up to 60% off & up. No coupon code needed, just fill up the cart & save save save. «

A #GIRLBOSS Moment w/ Artist, Wesley Bird

» August 29th, 2014 «

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Oh hey guys— who else is super stoked it’s Friday?! Ahhh… I am really really looking forward to a relaxing weekend after the crazy week I just had.

But, before we indulge in a glass (or 3) of wine, let’s kick things off right w/ some #GIRLBOSS inspo. Cause lets be honest, weekends are great, but after 2 days of straight chilling- you’re bound to lose some motivation mojo. This fox right here will make sure you keep your eye on the freaking prize come Monday morning.

I first found Wesley Bird on Insta (what’s new- love me some Instagram) and I was immediately following + obsessed. Obsessed w/ her art, her hair, her style, & her adorable lil’ yorkie. Call me weird, but if I see someone who has a yorkie, I automatically consider them a “friend”. I know they get me… & my fixation w/ my dog. Yorkies for the win.

fashionlush, wesley bird, stripes & leopard
get the above look: striped shirt dress- similarSteve Madden Swift leopard pumps, Ray-Ban Clubmasters ]

Anyways, I am getting of track per usual. Long story short, I’ve been not so secretly obsessed with the world of graphic design, so… when I stumbled across this insanely talented artist//illustrator//graphic designer// & stylish babe- you better believe I wanted to pick her brain.

Warning: this post will induce some weekend shopping, so be prepared. I already have a few “carts” full of items based off of her beauty recommendations/ current fashion lushes (can’t wait to try out her go-to purple shampoo!).

… & without any further adieu, I am pleased to introduce you all to the lovely & talented miss Wesley Bird. Happy reading!

xx, E

▽ ▽ 

▸▸ Hey Wesley- really excited to have you & your epic art/style on the blog. Let’s start off with a lil’ intro- tell us about yourself.

Wesley Bird: Thanks so much for having me! I’m a 24 year old artist currently living in Los Angeles, CA. I moved here a year ago for my job and absolutely fell in love! I am the Senior Designer over at Society6, an online artist community and e-commerce site, where I handle all the creative (photo shoots, art shows, overall creative vibe of the brand).

I have the coolest little yorkie, Sawyer (named after Tom Sawyer of course), who loves early morning walks and weekend trips to Palm Springs just as much as I do. And I have a little motorcycle that I’m obsessed with, but hardly ever ride in LA because…let’s be honest, the people here drive like maniacs.

▸▸ How did you get your start in your career? Have you always had an eye for art/ graphic design?

WB: I majored in painting and printmaking in college but got into graphic design when I interned at Hurley the summer after my freshman year of college. I thought it was an awesome way to use my artistic abilities to actually make money, haha. So I stuck with it!

I have always loved art and fashion. For 6 years my dad worked at Gap Inc. and I would go to work with him and sit in on the accessory design meetings and sketch out my own fantasy pieces. Working as a graphic designer for an apparel brand for a big part of my career allowed me to blend two of my passions.

fashionlush, wesley bird, all black outfits
get the above look: AllSaints black skinny jeans, perforated leather tee- similar, Steve Madden Surfside platforms ]

▸▸ What motivates you in life/art/the world of fashion?

WB: I love music. I think it is incredibly influential in my art. Sometimes I am inspired by just one line of a song and can go off and create a whole piece around it. I also really love reading and find a lot of motivation to create when I find myself immersed in a new book.

▸▸ What projects are you currently working on?

WB: A fun little apparel capsule collection for NY brand- Glamour Kills, some new home goods pieces for Urban Outfitters, and some branding/design work for a new California kids label- Heroes & Hooligans!

▸▸ You’ve done a ton of work for Urban Outfitters (so rad!), how’d that come about? [SIDEBAR: shop all her work for Urban here- it's seriously epic].

WB: They originally discovered my work through my Society6 shop back in 2011. It was through Society6 that I signed my first licensing agreement with Urban to let them sell one of my prints in their stores. The piece sold incredibly well and ever since I’ve been working with them on a number of different products including throw pillowsduvets, wall art, etc. It’s been a very overwhelming and fun experience and has opened a lot of doors for me.

fashionlush, wesley bird, urban outfitters

▸▸ Favorite artist(s)?

WB: Seriously so many but I’ll try to keep to just a few…Maya Hayuk, Jenny Morgan, Steven Harrington, Charmaine Olivia, Wendy Ortiz. Chuck Close, Warhol and Jeff Koons are my favorite big timers as well.

▸▸ What’s your favorite fashion/ style tip?

WB: Always start with black and white and then add color. Keep it simple. Less is more. Be a babe.

▸▸ If we emptied your purse right now, what would we find?

WB: Cherry chapstickRay-Bans, camera memory cards…paint chips from home depot to draw on haha.

▸▸ Best kept hair and/or beauty secret?

WB: Shimmer Lights purple shampoo and conditioner! If you’re blonde it makes your hair all silvery and if you’re rockin’ the lilac it dramatically extends the life of your color.

fashionlush, wesley bird, vintage fashion, pastel hair

▸▸ Speaking of hair, I am totally obsessed with yours. Love love love how you die it different Pantone colors. Any tips for the girl wanting to make the jump into colored tresses?

WB: Well I’m seafoamy-green now! I can’t stay any one color for too long before I need to switch it up haha. But, if you’re thinking of trying it, just do it! I hesitated for years before I finally just went for it and I’m so glad I finally manned-up.

I was worried I would come off as a little too “punk”, but I’ve realized if I dress in basics, lots of black and white, and keep my style a little more tailored and clean then the colored hair can come off as cool and trendy instead of too “in your face”.

▸▸ All time fave shopping spots??

WB: AllSaints for skinnies and leather jackets, Brainwaashed Etsy shop for vintage tees, For Love and Lemons for skivvies, Wasteland, Nasty Gal and Urban Outfitters for everything else.

▸▸ First thing you notice in an outfit?

WB: How well the person rocks it. I know it may sound cheesy or cliché, but honestly, if you’re stoked on your outfit and it fits your body well people take notice!

▸▸ What do you skimp on fashion wise? What do you splurge on?

WB: Skimp on basic tees. Never skimp on well-made denim, bras, and shoes.

fashionlush, wesley bird, pastel hair
get the above look: AllSaints leather mini skirt, Rebecca Minkoff studded clutch, Amanda Hunt 'Kissing Snakes' ring ]

▸▸ Fave beauty &/or fashion trend of 2014?

WB: The mini top bun! Seriously, I can’t stop rockin’ it….I’ll let you know if I ever get sick of it.

▸▸ The one thing every lady should own, whether fashion or beauty wise?

WB: A good leather jacket and waterproof mascara.

▸▸ Your top 5 fashion pieces you are lushing over right now?

WB: 1. Kathleen Whitaker’s small cuff gold earrings
2. Pretty much ALL of For Love and Lemons FA14 ‘knitz’ collection
3. Nasty Gals’ new Kink denim skinnies
4. Biltwell’s “Gringo” helmet (maybe not a “fashion” piece but I love riding motorcycles and their helmets are gorgeous!)
5. Always a huge fan of Rebecca Minkoff bags…always.

▸▸ Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

WB: Try it, you’ll like it.

fashionlush, grunge fashion, wesley bird
get the above look: AllSaints black skinny jeans, vintage tee- similar styles found here, black strappy heels- similar ]

✚ ✚ ✚ Shop Wesley’s Picks ✚ ✚ ✚

✚ ✚ ✚ Shop Wesley’s Work ✚ ✚ ✚

A Chic & Functional DIY Lipstick Holder

» August 28th, 2014 «

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True life: I am a lipstick hoarder. 

But then again… what girl isn’t? Have you ever heard a girl say “too many” & “lipsticks” in the same sentence? Yea, me neither.

Lipstick is way more than just makeup, it’s an accessory that can take your total look to a whole new level. It’s the icing on the cake, & let’s get real- sans icing, cake is just a big piece of ugly bread. No one wants to be ugly bread, so get those lips on gurl. (P.S. I am literally LOLing at that ridiculous analogy- but I think it gets the point across).

Basically, my lipstick collection is like a real life mood ring. If I am feeling down or it’s rainy out… naturally I will go with a dark crimson//navy//or even black (yes, black- seen here, very chic). If it’s sunny & bright and I am feeling lucky- I will probably grab a shade of neon orange//pastel pink// or cherry red.

fashionlush, diy lipstick holder, home decor

As you can clearly see now, lipstick is pretty much my holy grail. Which I think makes my large collection of shades totally reasonable. The mess that comes along with all those lippys, not so reasonable & definitely not good for my sanity (#OCD4LIFE).

Enter the lipstick organizer. A fab home decor accessory EVERY lipstick loving girl (meaning all girls) needs in their bathroom yesterday. You can either go out and buy one, which is fine by me- I love this one. OR, you can put on your crafty shoes & whip one up yourself.

I obviously prefer the latter, because the result was just way too fab… & the fact it perfectly matched my DIY marble perfume tray def. didn’t hurt either.

LMK what you guys think of the latest project & if you ever make anything from the site I’d LOVE to see it– Instagram me w/ #FashionlushDIY so I can peep your awesome work.

xx, E

P.S. Find all my top fave lippy picks here

fashionlush, diy lipstick holder, home decor


+ Marble contact paper

+ Acrylic tray

+ Copper pipes from the hardware store, bring a lippy for size reference & ask them to cut the pipe for you into 6 pieces. I had them do some longer ones for lipglosses/brushes/eyeliners.

+ Exacto Knife

+ E600 glue

fashionlush, diy lipstick holder, home decorfashionlush, diy lipstick holder, home decor


1. First, cut your marble contact paper to similar size of the inside of the tray. Does not have to be exact, & is actually better a lil’ bit bigger so you can get it very close to the edge in the next few steps.

2. Remove the backing & stick your marble to the bottom of your acrylic tray. Press down very well (especially at the edges), get out all air bubbles.

3. Take your exacto knife & very carefully slice off any excess marble on the sides as you just want the marble to cover the bottom of the tray.

4. Now, time for the pipes. First, place them out where you want them be. Use a ruler if you are a neat freak like me ;).

5. Using your E600 glue (aka the best glue ever), place a ring of glue around the bottom of your pipe piece one at a time. Place it back in it’s designated space & repeat on all remaining pipes.

6. Let dry overnight– it takes a whilllllle to dry fully & you definitely don’t want your fave lipstick to get stuck in the tube.

fashionlush, diy lipstick holder, cate mcnabb cosmetics

++ & lastly, a word about my fave new lipstick brand- Cate MeNabb Cosmetics. There lipsticks are AMAZING. They are highly pigmented, paraben-free, & actually moisturize better than capstick (see above). I am currently alternating b/w Clementine, Medusa, & Vamp. You must try, end of story. ++

✚ ✚ ✚ Shop my Fave Lippys ✚ ✚ ✚

1. Revlon Black Cherry || 2. Mac Heroine || 3. Wet n’ Wild Cherry Bomb || 4. Lime Crime Black Velvet  || 5. Wet n’ Wild Purty Persimmon || 6. Revlon Colorburst in Shameless || 7. Illamasqua Disciple || 8. Make Up For Ever Red Brick

Fall Fashion Edit

» August 27th, 2014 «

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Is it just me, or did August seem like a realllllllly long month? Actually, I think this whole Summer has kinda dragged on longer than usual. Not that I am complaining, cause I really do like Summer, but after a couple months of hotter than hell days- I am more than ready for Fall to roll around. I may or may not have even started decorating for Halloween (Homegoods has some seriously good stuff right now!!).

IMO, Fall just seems to be a much more productive time. Summer is all about long days, sleeping in past twelve, leisurely sipping Rosé on the balcony while watching the sunset, weekend brews + BBQ’s, etc. etc. I can embrace all that goodness for sure, but I am never against an extra productivity boost… and that’s just not something summer brings out in peeps (myself included). Fall, on the other hand, gets me in that ‘get shit done’ state of mind. Which right now, is much needed.

Most of all, I am über anxious for the 2014 Fall fashion trends about to hit. From my research, I am expecting to see: lotsa layers, cozy knits, fur of all kinds, leather pants, rad booties, cool pastels (different, but I dig it), bright whites, back to basics, borrowed-from-the-boyfriend shirts, sexy lil’ stripes, & trenches in every color.

Excited? Yea, me too.

I highly suggest you start studying those runways & peeping F14 lookbooks, cause I’ve got high hopes this season is really gonna up the fashion game big time. In the meantime, scope some of my favorite trends + picks for the upcoming Fall season.

What Fall 2014 trend are you looking forward to the most? LMK!

xx, E







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