My Perfect Cuppa: Fresh Mint Tea

» October 30th, 2014 «

fashionlush, fresh mint tea, copenhagen

Oh hey, remember when I went to Copenhagen? Yea, how could you forget… I kinda have talked your guys’ ear off about that magical land.

I could go on for dayssss about my obsession with CPH, but I am sure you guys are well aware/sick of hearing about it, so let’s just talk about one of the biggest highlights…

… the bevvy of game changing bevvies.

First there was the GMO-free Apple Mint soda in a bottle, then the Ginger Rose Lemonade (that I recreated here), & lastly– the fresh mint tea that changed my world.

fashionlush, fresh mint tea, copenhagen the living room

Minus the occasional dirty Chai, I am typically more of a tea girl. So, when I saw everyone ordering up up these glasses full of steaming mint, my interest was peaked. Being the typical annoying American tourist, I was asking the waiter 500 questions about this concoction- What is it? Where did it come from? What’s in it? Is it good?

Not sure if he even understood me as his response was “It’s good, popular drink in Denmark”, & was already whipping it up for me.

One sip, & it was game over. We went back everyday to get our mint tea fix.

It’s been on my drink making to-do list for a hot minute now, but I was waiting for my mint bush to be in full bloom before whipping it up ( homegrown mint > store bought, trust!!! ). The second it was ripe for picking, I whipped up this little concoction & hosted my own mad hatter style tea party complete w/ all of the girliest fixins’.

Invite over your besties, get some cutesie teacups & channel your inner 6 year old with a tea party situation such as this one. Not only will you introduce them to the best tea they ever had, but it will also make for some fab Instagrams (sorry, not sorry!).

xx, E

// P.S. have you seen my Copenhagen video? If not, check it out here. The tea makes a special appearance ;) //

fashionlush, fresh mint tea, copenhagen the living room

» Ingreds: fresh mint (I prefer chocolate mint), Meyer lemons, & rock candy sticks. «

fashionlush, fresh mint tea, copenhagen the living room fashionlush, fresh mint tea, copenhagen the living roomfashionlush, fresh mint tea, copenhagen the living room

» Just like they do in CPH, use rock candy sticks to sweeten (plus, so cute!) «

fashionlush, fresh mint tea, copenhagen the living room

» Serve w/ a slice of lemon & some gluten free Ginger Snaps (from Trader Joes!!). «

Date Night Style w/ BooHoo: Black Velvet Romper

» October 29th, 2014 «

fashion giveaway, fashionlush, date night style

One of my fave fave fave shops, BooHoo (have you seen? So fab!), asked me to do a post showing off “Where I Stand” as part of their global #wherewestand campaign.

Hmm… where do I stand? Well no, contrary to the photos, it’s not in front of a brick wall. I stand for date night. After being in a relationship for almost 3 years (on V-Day!), date nights typically consist of a making dinner at home, snuggling up in our coziest jammies, & watching a good movie.

As much fun as that is & as cute as your onesie PJ’s are, every so often you gotta get a lil’ spicy. Which is why I am such a huge advocate of date nights. Once a month, Zack & I like to make a rezzie at one of our fave restaurants (usually always Sushi), get all dolled up (more me than him), & hit the town.

Sometimes we like to get super wild & finish the night off with gelato (OUR FAVE!), but other times we still like to get home early to throw on those jams, snuggle Bitz, make gluten free cookies, & watch that movie. Even if we ended up in the same place, atleast we made the effort to go out and switch things up a bit.

velvet romper, fashionlush, date night style

So now that you guys know where I stand, I wanna know where you stand…

… & it involves a $100 gift card to (YAY!!!). 

All you gotta do is post a picture of your #OOTD on Instagram & tell us where you stand.

Be sure tag @_fashionlush_ & @BooHooOfficial in your caption w/ the hashtag #wherewestand and #fashionlush. Winner will be chosen 11/5/14!

Easy peasy, right? Can’t wait to see where you guys are standing & I hope I have inspired you all to have more date nights w/ your beau.

xx, E

velvet romper, fashionlush, date night style

Get the Look:

» The black velvet romper is sold out, BUT you can get pretty much the same look, if not better, by pairing this black velvet asymmetrical skirt w/ this deep V black velvet crop top.

» Bag of Tricks clutch– seriously though, how amazing is this clutch?!

» Mock Croc heels w/ gold ankle strap

» Ray Ban black aviators

» Samantha Wills Voyage to India Necklace & Tribal Dreaming necklace (both now on sale!!), fashionlush, date night style

all smiles :) a rare sight.

bag of tricks clutch, fashionlush, date night style

What’s inside my bag of tricks: phone, keys, portable charger (aka lifeline), & my fave red lippy (color: ‘Griotte Red’).

velvet romper, fashionlush, date night style

DIY Halloween Decor: Creepy Chic Candles

» October 28th, 2014 «

fashionlush, halloween decor, diy candles

Pumpkin carving is a fan favorite when it comes to holiday traditions, so I am pretty positive all of you are going to think I am the ultimate grinch when I tell you that…

…it’s just not my thing.

It’s messy, the plastic tools break over and over again, & the masterpiece you imagined in your head is not even worthy of an Instagram. The only good things to come out of pumpkin carving, IMO, is the arm workout & the roasted pumpkin seeds.

Which is why I have opted to politely pass on all those “let’s carve pumpkins” FB invites that have been rolling in the past few weeks. Sorry guys, maybe next year (but no, probably not).

fashionlush, halloween decor, do it yourself, candle making

Just because I am not down with pumpkin carving though, doesn’t mean that I am a total Halloween buzzkill! I actually love Halloween and these bad ass creepy & chic Halloween candles are ultimate proof of how festive I can get.

My sister, Whitney, came over to do the project with me and we seriously had so much fun melting the wax, adding the dye, picking our scents, & decorating our creations. It was basically pumpkin carving, minus the disgusting mess and with a way better turnout.

It was such a success that my sister & I decided to make this a regular thing we do together. Not only is it a great way for us to get in some QT, but we also can create an awesome one-of-a-kind DIY project to share with you guys ( #TwoBirdsOneStone).

Since holidays are all about family, these projects we do will all be related to the closest holiday. We already have the next few holiday projects roughly planned out & they are REALLY good, so I highly suggest you stay tuned.

The only thing left… we really need a cute & catchy name for the series!! Neither one of us can think of anything so we are asking you guys for ideas. If you have any ideas, please comment below & LMK.

Hope you guys love this project as much as we did :).

xx, E ( & Whit )

fashionlush, halloween decor, do it yourself, candle making

» Supplies:: Erlenmeyer flaskslong candle wicks2 pounds of natural soy candle wax, Candle making pitcher, candle dye blocks (in black), essential oils and/or candle scentswick stickers, wick keepers. «

fashionlush, halloween decor, do it yourself, candle making

» Step 1:: Pour your wax flakes into your candle pitcher, melt over medium heat, & keep stirring until all the wax is fully melted.

fashionlush, halloween decor, do it yourself, candle making

» Step 2:: Dye your wax! If you want the color to be very vibrant & solid, add the whole dye block. If you are looking for a more pastel look (not using black dye, obviously), only use half a block.

fashionlush, halloween decor, do it yourself, candle making

» Step 3:: Add your scents of choice. I opted for a cinnamon stick candle scent, but my sister wanted to lavender essential oil, so we just got wild & threw in both (YOLO).

fashionlush, halloween decor, do it yourself, candle making

» Step 4:: Stick your wick keepers to the bottom of your wicks & position at the bottom of your flask. Use a butter knife to reach in the flask & press it down so it’s secure.

fashionlush, halloween decor, do it yourself, candle making

» Step 4:: Slowly & carefully pour your melted black wax (so rad!) into your flasks. Next, make a contraption to hold your wicks in place while the wax dries. I rigged together two skewers to keep mine centered, but if you aren’t much of a Macgyver, you can buy these handy lil’ contraptions instead.

fashionlush, halloween decor, do it yourself, candle making

» Lastly:: Grab some festive stickers/tape/decals/glitter/whatever & get to decorating your candles.

fashionlush, halloween decor, do it yourself, candle making

Best part of all… unlike moldy pumpkins, you can actually use these candles when Halloween is over!! Just take of the stickers & your left with three bad ass black candles to display on your coffee table.

This & That: Halloween Style

» October 27th, 2014 «


» Totally buying these skeleton flamingos for next year! They’re so cool. «

Halloween is just around the corner & the week have been serious prep prep prep time. The costume planning, the decor, the special DIY (coming tomorrow!!), & obviously trying as many of the 44 pumpkin flavored products from Trader Joes as humanely possible. It’s exhausting, but a good kind of exhausting, cause Halloween is the shit.

What I really wanna talk about though is… duh duh duh… your costume!! Unless your super into themed ragers, you only get to dress up once a year, so it better be damn good. The pressure is on guys.

I was reading up on one of my fave blogs,, & she had some genius tips for dressing up that I 100% agree w/ & had to share. What can I say, I care about you guys a lot & I just want to make sure you make sure you’re on your A game come Friday.

Babe, the stage is yours::

+ “First of all don’t listen to anyone who tells you that dressing up as an obscure cultural reference is a good idea. It isn’t. You’ll be forced to answer the question “What are you?” all night long and on Facebook for the next thirty years.”

+ “Make sure to avoid any costumes that have anything to do with food, unless you’re making a statement about the the dangers of refined sugar or the healing powers of green juice.”

+ “Remember that Halloween is not an excuse for you to dress up like a discount stripper, wear fake leather, or expose your French delicates to the disease laden parasites present at a party or (god forbid) party in Las Vegas.”

+ “Have at least one backup costume for every Halloween themed activity you take part in this year. Trust me, there is nothing more embarrassing than finding out that you’re wearing the same costume as Miley, even if she was the one that copied you, especially if she was the one that copied you.”

There you have it, some legit costume advice from one of the funniest chicks of all time, & if you’re still stumped you can find some easy & bad ass costume ideas here.

xx, E

p.s. If you haven’t read Babe’s books yet, you’re seriously missing out. It’s endless LOL-ing. You can find them here & here. You’re welcome in advance.


» Festive skull straws for my “bloody bevvy”, which is obviously just red wine. «


» Like I said, I’m going a bit cray over the pumpkin everything at TJ’s, & this cream cheese is topping the list. Throw it on an UDI’s mighty bagels & get ready… «


» Spooky glittery spiders for a post that I can’t wait to share!! Stay tuned ;) «


» Bitzy has hopped on the pumpkin train too! Actually, she’s been eating pumpkin since she was a wee one cause it’s SO good for dogs (& cats). It helps their digestive system function properly, keeps their urinary health in check, & controls weight (<—- B’s big issue! Chunky lil’ girl), «

Depop: The Coolest Way to Shop Pre-Loved

» October 24th, 2014 «

fashionlush, depop, shop vintage

Do you ever see something designed/created/developed and think to yourself “how the hell did I not think of that?!”. It’s something so incredibly genius, but it’s also so simple & basic that you’re beating yourself up for not having done it first. You see it, & it’s just duh…

Ya, that’s how I feel about Depop.

What the hell is Depop? Um, hiiii… it’s only my latest app/shopping/selling obsession.

You know that app Instagram? Well it’s that, but for shopping.

Like I said, pure effing GENIUS.

fashionlush, depop, shop vintage

I downloaded it about a week ago after seeing a few of my fave European bloggers were all about it (those Euros, always one step ahead!) & I am hooked.

The process is pretty straightforward: you post a cool picture of the item your selling, use filters to edit it all pretty, & share it live w/ a description of the item + how much your selling it for. Then, this is where it gets fun- people start liking your pictures, commenting/asking questions about the item, offering swaps (if they have something you want on their Depop profile, you can trade!), & buying your pre-loved gems!

fashionlush, depop, shop vintage

It’s so quick & easy it’s almost a joke. Plus, you get to keep your clothes in your possession while you’re waiting for it to sell. I don’t know about you guys, but there is nothing more I hate than going to my closet to look for something & realize I got rid of it. With this app situation, if I change my mind, I can just delete the picture & hang it back up in it’s rightful place.

…& lastly, the best best part of all, nothing on the site sucks. You don’t have to scroll through peoples nasty old undergarments to stumble across one gem, it’s all rad vintage stuff/ designer pieces/ sick art/ coffee table books/ vintage cameras/ etc. etc.

fashionlush, depop, shop vintage

Some of my personal fave pieces currently up on my profile include these H&M patchwork skinnies I just added today after A LOT of serious convincing by my sister that I had too pare down on my denim collection, this moon phase beanie that would be great for Fall/Winter, these never worn MIA limited edition suede boots that are just a teensy bit too small on me (**tear**), this super sick vintage polaroid camera, & these FCUK snakeskin slides (worn once!!!).

So… are you gonna download it? If so, be sure to follow me cause I am adding new stuff on the daily :).

xx, E

P.S. Depop did NOT sponsor this post, I am just really excited about it (can you tell?) & had to share!!

fashionlush, depop, shop vintage

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