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Chic Travel Essentials OTM

Cause being prepared calms my nerves.... today I am sharing a few of the things I can't leave behind on my next trip in just a few days!! Honestly- I am not typically a huge fan on flying, but writing this post & imagining myself having 6 hours of not working…

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Pre-Vacation Jitters

THE PRE-VACAY jitters are the worst. Am I alone in this problem, or does everyone get nerves before they are about to leave town? I literally kinda freeze up before leaving a trip, cause it's just so damn overwhelming. The whole thing. First, the packing. I hate packing!! I always…

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5 Tax Tips for Bloggers

Taxes are just the worst & I wish I could tell you that this post will make them fun, but it won't, because that would be making the impossible happen, & I am no magician. Hopefully though, it will help make them a tiny bit less painful. Instead of a 10 on…

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