Fashionlush x F21 DIY: Store Your Makeup in Style

» October 1st, 2014 «

Fashionlush, DIY, Makeup Storage

Personally, my idea of makeup storage is a “makeup drawer”. Which, as you can guess, is just one big drawer shoved w/ all the products I love but don’t use on a daily basis.

What ends up happening 9 out of 10 times in a storage situation like mine is that none of your products get used. One day you’ll end up stumbling across that long lost mascara, the one Jessica Alba swore by on some commercial (good one Jess, we all know those are extensions!!), & when you go to put it on you realize it smells funky and shouldn’t be within 5 inches of your eyeballs.

If styes are your thing, go ahead & use that old mascara, but I highly recommend tossing it stat.

Moments like these are when my extreme OCD organizational tendencies actually come in handy, rather than just annoy the shit out of anyone/everyone around me. Makeup organization can be a b*tch, but I am pretty sure this project will inspire you to get all tidied up in the makeup department.

Fashionlush, DIY, Makeup Storage

The last F21 X Fashionlush collab, we whipped up the cutest teeny Polaroid magnets, & since I am the queen of ordering too much of everything… it’s safe to say I’ve got a lifetime supply of magnets.

Lucky for you crafty babes, this is gonna spur a whole slew of creative ways to put magnets to good use. Starting off w/ this rad lil’ DIY magnetic framed makeup display. You want your makeup in your face so that you actually use it on your face… & this is one seriously chic way to do it.

For all the DIY deets on this cutie project, be sure to head over to the post on the Forever 21 blog!

xx, E

P.S. If you need some more creative inspo, be sure to scope all of the fab Fashionlush X F21 collabs & tag your DIY’s on Instagram w/ the hashtag #FASHIONLUSHDIY. I love to see what you guys come up with :). 

Fashionlush, DIY, Makeup StorageFashionlush, DIY, Makeup Storage

DIY Cold Brew Coffee Float (OMG!)

» September 30th, 2014 «

fashionlush, coffee soda, coffee float recipe

Happy belated International Coffee Day guys!!

I really had no idea this was a thing until mid-day yesterday, but once I found out (thanks Insta!), I was all about it. Last week, when doing the weekly Trader Joes shuffle, I stumbled upon a big ole’ jug of cold brewed coffee concentrate. I’ve never tried it, but everyone is talking all about cold brew this and cold brew that… so I threw it in the cart. Whyyyy not. Ya know?

It’s been sitting in the fridge ever since. I mean, what the hell am I gonna do with a large supply of cold brew concentrate? Ding ding ding, it came to me yesterday- coffee soda! Duh, that totally sounds amazing, right? You all know I’ve got a thing for bubbly drinks (remember that bomb ass rose ginger lemonade fizzy concoction?), so this was pretty much a no brainer.

The recipe was pretty basic (seltzer H20 + cold brew), so I did like Emeril & kicked it up a notch with the addition of some vanilla bean ice cream. Turned that bad boy into a tasty lil’ coffee float that is seriously gonna rock your socks off & give you a major zingggg of energy.

Cheers coffee lushes <3

xx, E

fashionlush, coffee soda, coffee float recipefashionlush, coffee soda, coffee float recipe

» Ingreds:: Cold brew coffee concentrate (make it yourself or buy it from Trader Joes), seltzer water, coconut palm sugar (or whatever sugar you prefer), a sprig of mint). «

fashionlush, infused simple syrup, coffee float recipe

» Step 1: whip up a simple syrup by combining 1 part sugar to 1 part water. Cook over medium heat till combined & the sugar is no longer sugar (no granules in sight!). Throw in some mint to infuse your simple syrup with a lil’ flavor. «

fashionlush, coffee soda, coffee float recipe

» Step 2: Fill up your cup 1/4 the way with your cold brew, add in your simple syrup, fill to the top with seltzer water. Stir stir stir. «

» Step 3: Top it all off with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, a bit of mint, & a cute straw! «

fashionlush, coffee soda, coffee float recipe

This & That

» September 29th, 2014 «

fashionlush, inspirational quotes, david duchemin

Lately I have been thinking a lot about time. More specifically, how to manage it.

I am not gonna lie, time management is not my strong suit. I spend way too much time behind the computer/iPad/iPhone & way too little time getting out and enjoying life. It’s not cool, but it’s the truth, & the last thing I want is to be 50 years old w/ regrets about how I used my time.

Being a blogger, time management is a neverending struggle. You work for yourself, so structure goes right out the window. That can be a major problem as many people thrive off of structure/can’t function without it. Personally, I don’t do well with structure… at least not in the traditional 9-5 sense.

I love working my own hours and am very lucky I get to do so, but it also definitely has it’s downsides. You often times wake up too late, get to your desk too late, the day goes by too fast, you missed the prime time light hours so you didn’t get to photograph your #OOTD, the grocery store trip didn’t happen so dinner is a fail, & you end up not going to sleep till the wee hours because you slept in too late and aren’t tired.

Rinse, repeat.

It’s a nasty lil’ time-wasting cycle that I’ve unfortunately gotten sucked into & now it’s time to break that b*tch once and for all. I’m officially taking a vow to you guys (hold me to it!!) to actively train myself to better balance my life and manage my time. I plan to start waking up earlier, taking daily walks, going to bed at more reasonable times, separating my life from my work, & just start enjoying the small stuff.

The above quote pretty much sums it all up… I’m going to guard my time, be generous with it, but also be intentional with it.

Any tips on time management for the self-employed?? Please, do tell!!

xx, E

fashionlush, ripped boyfriend jeans, live in levis

++ Used my go-to destroying technique to shred up my boyfriends Levis. Sorry babe! Oh, & that book, ‘Damn Good Advice‘, is epic– you gotta check it out. ++

fashionlush, etude house, bb cream review

++ If you’re using an american BB cream (i.e. L’oreal), you’re not really using authentic BB cream. This Etude House BB cream is real deal & so amazing. Not to mention it smells so so so good! I am hooked. ++

fashionlush, benefit make up, product review

++ My daily [ Benefit ] makeup essentials that I can’t live w/o: They’re Real mascara, Hoola Bronzer, Watt’s Up highlighter & Hello Flawless powder. I swear up and down by each and everyone of them #FASHIONLUSHAPPROVED! ++

fashionlush, patio decor, dreamcatcher

++ Really digging this epic wood table I found while rummaging through my storage unit. I am thinking I am gonna white wash it, but I just gotta figure out the best way to go about it- tips are welcome. ++

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Little Fall Lushes

» September 26th, 2014 «

[ 1. So Much Internet Mug || 2. Metallic Playing Cards || 3. Letterpress Stump Calendar || 4. Pearl & Crystal Swing Earrings || 5. Chunky Knit infinity scarf || 6. Lollia Wish Mini Eau De Parfum ]

Oh heyyy Friday. IDK about you guys, but I am so more than ready to ditch this computer, have a glass of wine, & sign off for the weekend– but before I do that, I wanted to share some of my fave lil’ Fall essentials.

Chunky knit scarves, gold playing cards, wood deets, ear candy, a yummy scent, & cheeky mugs… meet the 6 things that I am shopping right now (no like really, right this minute- eek!).

What’s your Fall essential? LMK & share a link- if you like it, I probably want it. Happy weekend.

xx, E

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DIY 101: The Proper Way to Distress a Tee

» September 25th, 2014 «

fashionlush, diy distressed t-shirt, diy balmain shirt

I know this lil’ project is pretty straight forward & simple, but so many of my friends/family are always bringing me their old t-shirts to distress for them that I figured we all needed to take it back to basics w/ a lesson in DIY 101. Plus, I’m kinda over distressing everyones tees, so now I can just send them this link instead ;).

Do you guys remember way back in 2010 when that super expensive (ya know- just a cool $1,625) Balmain slashed army tee hit the fashion world? As bad ass as it was, no one in their right mind is gonna spend that much on a t-shirt, except maybe Adam Levine. Especially when you can just find a shirt in your closet and do it yourself for free. No brainer.

fashionlush, diy distressed t-shirt, diy balmain shirt

I’ve always had a major thing for those ripped up/worn in vibes. It’s definitely more on the grunge side of fashion, but there is just something about that look I find to be super chic & even kinda sexy (esp. when worn with anything leather and a hot pair of stilettos).

I am not the creator of the DIY distressed t-shirt by any means, but over the years w/ thanks to a ton of trial & error (+ my trusty BFF, Google), I’ve finally nailed down the absolute best & most authentic-looking way to do it. When it comes to ripped up stuff, the last thing you want is for it to look brand new & store bought. That’s seriously cheesy. You want it to look like the real deal… & this is the way to do it.

fashionlush, diy distressed t-shirt, how to distress a t-shirt

The supplies are simple: all you need an old shirt (it can be new… but I prefer starting off w/ one that’s vintage for authenticities sake), scissors, some gritty sandpaper, & a hardcover book.

fashionlush, diy distressed t-shirt, balmain t-shirt

The Steps: 

1. Wrap your shirt around your book & start going at it with sandpaper.

2. First focus on the spots that would be naturally worn over time- mainly the collar & the hems. You may need to start things off w/ a tiny hole using your scissors, but please dear lord don’t cut the holes with the scissors- that will give you that icky/fake look.

3. Then, move onto the body. This is where you want to be careful with your placement. Too scattered & all over the place should be avoided. Again, you want it to look natural. Naturally, if you ripped in one place, there’d be other rips near that area. Also- please please please avoid the chest area. A rip over your boob, not cute.

fashionlush, diy distressed t-shirt, balmain t-shirt

& if that’s not a destroyed enough look for ya, you can also always wash it in bleach. This will obviously bleach out some spots, which looks really rad, but even better- it softens up the fabric so that it looks & feels like it’s been worn & washed for 10+ years.

OR, if you want to really get the Balmain tee, start w/ a white tee & dye it army green first!

Easy, peasy. Right?

Remember guys, if you ever do a Fashionlush DIY, I wanna see it! Upload a picture of it to Instagram w/ the hashtag #FashionlushDIY. I’ll be regramming my faves!!

xx, E

[ P.S. This DIY also works great w/ denim! Which is fab since destroyed jeans are all the rage these days. ]

fashionlush, diy distressed t-shirt, balmain t-shirt

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