Happy Easter You Lil’ Bunnies!!

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Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Easter Sunday!!!

Have a glass of champs & some candy for me ;).

xx, E

Link Lushing

1 // Currently I am making my way down this list of these fab fashion books. 4 down, 7 to go!

2 // Travelling is bound to leave your clothes wrinkled, & sometime you just won’t be able to find an iron. Here are some ways to be wrinkle free sans clothing iron.

3 // If only I celebrated Easter… these DIY pineapple eggs would be the cutest insta.

4 // Cause Oil Pulling isn’t the only rad Ayurvedic healing practice that will rock your world.

5 // Ivania Carpio from Love Aesthetics (my fave blog) was featured on Refinery 29, & they wanna know (so do I)– could you life your life in all one color? Tell tell.

6 // Already planning the viewing party for Christopher Wiegand’s new documentary, The American Blogger. Can’t wait.

7 // Ready to laugh your ass off? I have literally watched The Dancing Nana shake her groove thing 10x this week. Each time just as good as the last. I can only hope I am that cool at 89. Love her.

8 // Calling all bloggers:: you must read this article on how The Secrets of Succesful People can Translate to Blogging. Great tips to get on your blogging A game.

Happy Friday lovers.

xx, E

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Restructuring my Wardrobe

simple is the new black, fashionlush, structured fashion

With everyone still in Coachella mode, this may be a hard concept to grasp. Floral prints, flowy dresses, boho everything… I am getting over it.

My life & home is very structured/simplistic, & that’s the direction my closet is going too.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not tossing all of my hippy-chic faves, but I did get rid of quite a few (you can shop all my giveaways here- more pieces coming soon!). I have come to the realization that I need to stop trying so hard to love color just cause everyone else does, & accept the fact that I look best in neutrals.

It’s all about what works on you, but as I get older… my style is becoming more refined & I am digging it.

These days I am working on channeling my inner Karl Lagerfeld, MK&A, & Ivania Carpio– starting w/ the below pieces. Lushing big time.

xx, E

tailored, structured, fashion

1 // Pretty Kitty Shades:: the more affordable version of the oh-so-coveted Valley Wolves.

2 // BB Dakota Aslan Vest Dress:: Just ordered this lil’ number & have been dreaming about it on my doorstop nightly. C’est chic.

3 // Brixton Messer Hat:: Throw it on w/ anything & everything.

4 // Faux Croc Trapeze Bag:: Crossbody, black, croc. Obsessed.

5 // New Look Tailored Blazer:: Peach- for when I feel I need a teeny, subtle touch of color.

6 // Jeffrey Campbell Wesley Oxfords:: That rounded point is killing it.

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Gettin’ Crafty in the Garden

diy, garden marker, unicorn

When I first laid eyes on my brand new pretty garden (read more about that story here), before we even painted it/ filled it with soil/ planted my babies, I began brainstorming what kind of DIY plant markers I could craft up.

I was digging deep, really trying hard to channel my inner Martha Stewart. I couldn’t think of anything. The creative juices were just not flowing on this one. Then, like most of my good ideas, it came to be right before I was about to doze off (P.S. iPhone voice-notes are great for moments like these). I remembered that a couple months back I had purchased about 50 mini terracotta pots. I ended up using a handful for a DIY event, but per usual– I overbought & had tons of leftovers.

They couldn’t have been more perfect for this project. Throw in some glitter & BOOM, you’ve got cutest garden markers to ever live. Right?! xx, E

diy, crafty, garden

The Supplies::

+ mini terracotta pots

+ chunky gold glitter

+ glue, my preference is Mod Podge.

+ a paintbrush.

diy, craft, garden

++ Start off by painting the rim of your mini pots w/ glue & dip them in your glitter. Let dry. ++

diy, garden marker, fashionlush

++ Next, spray paint your sticks gold (toothpicks work great for this!). Then cut your little banners out of white poster board ++

diy, garden marker, fashionlush

++ write the names of your veggies/herbs/fruit. I am no artist, but if you can draw better than me- get weird. Glue the banners to the sticks. ++

diy, gold glitter, garden marker

++ Ta-dah. ++

diy, unicorn, garden

++ I had these gold unicorns laying around from another project, so I placed them around the garden to give my plants some magical vibes. ++

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