Meet TV Host & Fashion Journalist, Louise Roe

» August 22nd, 2014 «

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When I was travelling in Europe, TV options were limited- but there was always MTV. Majority of the time they were playing reruns of The Geordie Shore (basically a raunchier version of the Jersey Shore… if that’s even possible), but every once in a while they would put that class act programming on hold for a lil’ show called “Plain Jane“.

Premise: the host, Louise Roe (this babe right here), helps Plain Janes everywhere gain confidence to go on a date with their secret crush. It was addicting, to say the least. Even Zack couldn’t peel his eyes from it (LOL- sorry babe!).

My fave part of the show was when Louise Roe would give the girls makeovers. Her fashion sense is on point, so my ears would always perk up when she started spilling her pro styling secrets. You probably recognize this uber babe from The City (starring as Olivia Palermo’s job replacement at, E!’s Fashion Police correspondent (she also covered the Royal Wedding live for E!), &/or NBC reality competition show- Fashion Star (host).

You can see her resume is pretty squared away, but on top of all that she also just wrapped up a book, is a fashion journalist for many top publications, & blogs over at She’s what they like to call a triple threat, & if there is one thing I love, it’s an entrepreneurial fox who kicks ass & takes names.

So, without further adieu, I am pleased to introduce you to (& pick the brain of), Louise Roe.

Enjoy. xx, E

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▸▸ Hi girl, so excited to have you on the blog! Let’s start off w/ a lil’ intro. Who is Louise Roe? Tell us a bit about yourself.
Louise Roe: Thank you – me too! I’m a fashion-obsessed TV host, originally from London. I’ve been living in LA 5 years now, and I love it here. I host a bunch of red carpets for Access Hollywood (Emmys is up next), a makeover show in MTV called Plain Jane, and last year I presented Fashion Star on NBC. So I get to play dress up as a career and that’s pretty awesome.

▸▸ How did you get your start in your career?
LR: I started out writing for magazines in London. I worked at Elle as an intern, InStyle and then ran the news desk at At that point bloggers barely existed, they were a new, interesting creature!

▸▸ What motivates you in life and/or the world of fashion?
LR: In life, I’m motivated by my family and close friends, by travel, by great books, and by cocktails on the beach at sunset! In fashion, I’m motivated by what I see on the runways, incredible heels, art exhibits and constantly discovering new bloggers.

fashionlush, louise roe, fashion tipsfashionlush, louise roe, fashion tips

▸▸ What projects are you currently working on?
LR: I just finished my first book. I wrote 75 thousand words and handed it in on Friday. I’m so proud and exhausted all at the same time. It’s a style guide, out in Spring.

▸▸ Anything you’ve learned on set that you can share?
LR:The days are longer than you can ever imagine, so make sure there’s music and coffee. Keep smiling and have a laugh. What we do is important sure, but it’s crucial to keep a sense of humor about any screw-ups or things that go wrong.

▸▸ What’s your favorite fashion/ style tip?
LR: Tweak every trend so it feels like ‘you’. Outfits should make you feel confident and awesome, not like you’re trying to change image from who you really are.

fashionlush, louise roe, fashion tips

▸▸ Gotta say, your bod is rockin’— any healthy tips for girls with a hectic lifestyle?
LR: Haha thanks! I take an avocado on every flight, in fact I eat one every day. They go with everything and keep my skin hydrated and nourished.

▸▸ Best kept hair and/or beauty secret?
LR: Dry shampoo! The best secret weapon ever for that voluminous, matte vibe. I love the Tresemme dry shampoo and buy it by the crate.

▸▸ If we emptied your purse right now, what would we find?
LR: A Smythson planner (I’m old school and write my schedule out by hand), a Samsung S4, Benefit’s Erase Paste concealer, Jouer’s lip gloss, a little Vince sweater because I always get cold, and The Scarlet Letter.

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▸▸ All time fave shopping spots (online or otherwise)??
LR: I love a bargain at Nasty Gal and Missguided! Asos is awesome, so is Reiss and if I’m splashing out, Intermix.

▸▸ First thing you notice in an outfit?
LR: Shoes.

▸▸ What do you skimp on fashion wise? What do you splurge on?
LR: I splurge on shoes, and I’ll skimp on a top or skirt – that does not have to be designer at all. Well, neither do my shoes, but if I’m gonna splurge, it’s on my feet!

▸▸ Fave beauty &/or fashion trend of 2014?
LR: Messy high ponytails with a really neat, center-part. And Bermuda shorts. Love.

▸▸ The one thing every lady should own, whether fashion or beauty wise?
LR: A tailored white blazer.

fashionlush, louise roe, fashion tips

▸▸ Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
LR: My Grandpa always said ‘never expect anything’.

▸▸ Your top 5 fashion pieces you are lushing over right now? 
LR: 1. Anything by Mara Hoffman
2. A pair of rose gold Birkenstocks
3. An Edie Parker clutch
4. Kara Ross multi-colored earrings
5. A Max Mara coat with tonal panels– cream, camel & rust. Dying for that coat!

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Thrift Store Redux: Patio Furniture Edition

» August 21st, 2014 «

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If you know me, you know that I am a big fan of thrifting. The thrill of the hunt just really gets my adrenaline pumping. If I walk past a thrift store, I literally can’t NOT go in. It’s compulsive, but in my head I feel if I don’t look, I am most likely missing out on an epic vintage Chanel purse at a ridiculously good price or that antique daybed I saw on Pinterest and can’t get out of my head.

More often than not, like 99.9% of the time, that doesn’t happen. My lil’ under the sea treasure chest fairytale is typically total fail. That’s where creativity comes into play.

fashionlush, patio furniture, home decor diy ++ Pro Tip: spray painting wicker can be a bitch… so enlist a helper (added bonus: you’re cute shirtless BF- not sorry!) ++

People always ask me: How do you have the patience for thrifting? How do you always find such good stuff- I just see old clothes?! Well… what I’d tell you is to open your eyes. With thrift shopping it’s not so black and white- you’ve gotta look past that worn in flannel & imagine it with a hot black mini/tied around the waist/with some funky shoes.

Honestly, that’s the only way you’re gonna get anywhere w/ thrifting… unless you for some miraculous reason you find an ACNE dress priced at $7 ( ➸ yea, that happened! ). If that’s the case, go buy a lotto ticket & do a happy dance because you just got realllll lucky.

fashionlush, patio furniture, home decor DIY

These chairs are the perf example. We were actually walking home after a champs brunch when I saw them outside of a thrift store. I mean, they were brown wicker chairs. Nothing special, but I was in major need of some seating in my yard & a teeny bit’ tipsy… so what I saw was some serious potential & a future patio furniture DIY project.

The wicker had a navajo type pattern in it, which is what first drew me in- all you really need is a great canvas & you’re good to go. These chairs were just that, a starting off point. I bought them, picked them up later that day, & got to work stat.

LMK what you guys think of my new yard set up & if you’re feeling crafty– be sure to check out more of my home decor DIY projects!

xx, E

fashionlush, patio furniture, home decor DIY

++ this table is definitely Bitzy, Zack, & I’s new chill spot. We love BBQ-ing up a yummy meal & eating out here, or simply playing a game of chess while enjoying a glass of Rosé(I swear– we are such grandparents!!) ++

P.S. Almost forgot!!! Do you guys like the new full width layout/site changes? I am all about minimalism these days & the less of a cluster f*ck the better… so I am digging it big time but would love hear your thoughts. If you miss the sidebar, don’t worry- you can still find it when you click on a post!

The Sneaker Edit

» August 20th, 2014 «

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I mentioned that I predicted a sneaker shopping spree would be in my near future in this post, & I was right. I can’t stop online window shopping for sneakers ever since getting home from Europe.

I am not a runner (swear to you- I am allergic to it, I literally break out in hives), so I’ve never had a reason to buy running shoes, until now. While in Copenhagen, due to a bad case of blisters from my oxfords, I broke the sneaks seal with an epic pair of black Adidas shell toes. Now… I can’t get enough of this hot lil’ Euro sneaker fashion trend.

The girls there know style. The way they pair a high fashion outfit with a grungy (yes, they are often very worn in) pair of trainers is next level chic.

Expect to see a lot of this look on the blog… & enjoy my top sneaker picks below. 

xx, E

1. Adidas Originals Samba Sneakers || 2. Reebok Classic Running Sneaker || 3. Miu Miu Metal Cap Toe Skate Sneaker || 4. Black Adidas Shell toes || 5. New Balance Heritage Sneaker in Mint || 6. Converse Low Top White Sneakers

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» August 19th, 2014 «

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Let’s get real– this post right here has me feeling really nostalgic, & TBH, a teeny tiny bit depressed.

I am home now, & as much as I am so so so so happy to see my family/snuggle Bitzy/sleep in my bed/ & take a longggg hot shower, I am already missing being on vacay big time.

My main concern is that I am really fearful of getting stagnant/back in my normal routine. Traveling, as cliché as it may be, really opened my eyes & got the creative juices flowin’. I was on the move seeing new things on the daily, & I guess I just don’t wanna lose that “wanderlust” feeling I had while abroad.

That said, I am pledging to do more/see more/move more and yup… travel more. Even if it’s just day trip, I am feeling like it’s time to turn over a new leaf. A whole new me- right?

Just call me Dora… the Explora. K?

fashionlush, festivalen, panama hat

Our main reason to come to Malmö was for the Ultrabowl Skate Contest Zack was filming, but we also were stoked because during this time of the year the “Malmöfestivalen” comes to town– a famous weeklong music/art festival as well as a carnival that brings in up to 1.4 million people. It’s bright, colorful, themed, & seriously the coolest thing I’ve been to in a while.

Because of the the contest, we basically had one full day to sightsee. At this point though, I was getting tired of all the walking, so I was totes okay with ditching the list & just let the wind (literally, it was so windy) carry us through the town. We had great Swedish coffee, meandered through the quaint side streets, heard some good live music, & obviously scoped out the entire fair situation.

It may have been short & jam packed into a single day, but I was stoked because I feel like I got a good vibe of the city and a good chunk of time to check things out rain free (which was rare majority of our time in Malmö).

All in all, the trip was a major success & I am counting down the days till I get my butt back there next year!! Stay tuned, cause I do have one more #FLTravel surprise coming soon ;).

xx, E

fashionlush, festivalen, fair ootd

++ Get the Look: high-waisted destroyed denim shorts- similar || black crop top tank || Members Only leather jacket || printed chiffon floor duster- similar || black strappy sandals- similar || straw panama hat- similar || black and gold backpack ++

fashionlush, festivalen, solde kaffe

++ Solde Kaffebar: home of one of the world-champion latte artists & some damn good espresso! ++

fashionlush, festivalen, floor dusterfashionlush, festivalen, panama hat

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This & That: #FLTravels Photo Diary

» August 18th, 2014 «


So… here we are in the CPH airport about to board our plane ride home. 10 days really did fly by, & although I am a nervous wreck about getting on this plane, I am so so so ready to be in my own bed, take a shower in my own shower, and snuggle the shit out of Bitzy.

Speaking of Bitzy, I don’t even think she could ever understand just how much I missed her. It was like pulling a mouthful of teeth everyday that she wasn’t with me. Zack is going to have to restrain me when I see here cause I am honestly scared I am going to squeeze her too hard.

If you follow me on Insta, I am sure some of these snaps have made it to the #FLTravels feed, but if not– here they are for ya. Just a few of the many many many highlights from my trip. Oh, & stay tuned for tomorrows post cause I will be chit chatting all about our last couple days in Malmö.

xx, E

fashionlush, copenhagen fashion ALIS clothing++ super stoked on all the goodies we got when visiting ALIS!! Much thanks– this brand kills it. <3 ++

fashionlush, blogger OOTD, Christiana Denmark++ Tuborgs in Christiana (aka ‘Wonderland’ aka ‘The Green Light District’). Google it. ++

fashionlush, food porn, gelato++ duhhhh.. gelato obsessed. ++

fashionlush, malmo sweden, design form center++ Must see:: the Form Design Center in Malmö. All handmade goods by some super talented students (that jacket is made of paper!!!) ++

fashionlush, ultrabowl Malmo, skate malmo, STPLN++ Watching the juniors heat at the Ultrabowl. The lil’ ones were killing it out there! ++

fashionlush, man behind the camera, Zack Dowdy++ big thanks to this guy for taking such epic pictures, knowing directions w/o needing a map, & putting up with my crazy ass for 10 days straight (& somehow still loves me!). ++

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