Wishing You All A Very Happy Thanksgiving

» November 27th, 2014 «

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Happy Thanksgiving my lushes!! I hope you all are having a wonderful day filled with candied yams (ahhh, can’t wait), food comas, dog shows (does anyone else watch this on T-Day?), & of course… the peeps you love the most!

As for me, this year we switched things up & are doing Thanksgiving in Vegas! It’s definitely different, but so far I’m really enjoying the fact we don’t have to cook… & that I’ve kinda been killing it at Blackjack (although I probably just jinxed myself).

I also am working on some really rad Fashionlush projects while here, so stayyyy tuned & follow me on Instagram to peep my Vegas adventures!

xx, E

Fashionlush Holiday Pop Up Shop, Now Open!

» November 26th, 2014 «

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Ready to love me for making your holiday gift shopping 100x easier?

The Fashionlush Holiday Shop is officially up & running.

Instead of bookmarking 500 different gift guide collages, I made it easy for you to put it all in one place.

In the gift shop you will find my featured gift picks, gifts for every type of person in your life (bloggers/ home decor enthusiasts/ guys/ gals/ hostesses/ etc.), & some great holiday resources/recipes/tips to make the season totally stress-free.

I will be continuously adding new items, so be sure to keep checking back!!

Cheers to gifting made easy!

xx, E

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Off Duty: Leather & Chambray

» November 25th, 2014 «

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Fashion bloggers everywhere really give off this whole illusion that they just roll out of bed, sleepily pick out an outfit, & all the sudden looked like they walked straight off the pages of Nylon or Vogue.

Well, I hate to burst your blogger bubble, but it’s much more planned than that. Pre-blogging career, all of my outfits were planned around events. Now, it’s the other way around. I plan an outfit I want to blog about, & then make a plan so I am not all dressed up w/ nowhere to go.

Which is why I have decided to start this off duty” series on the blog (see the first one here). With this new blog series, the looks I post will never be planned out. These are all spur of the moment #OOTD’s & weren’t chosen with the intent of shooting them for the blog. If the opportunity to snap some impromptu pics arises, this is where I’ll be sharing it.a

As for this off duty look, we were on our way to the garden center at Home Depot (glamorous, right?). While driving we spotted the white wall + the rad cacti & decided to shoot some quick pics to show off my all time fave combo: leather and chambray. The sun was going down, we were in a rush to get the depot, & the camera battery died so we reverted to the iPhone.

Like I said, totally unplanned. Hope you guys enjoy the new series & keep checking back for more off duty looks.

xx, E

fashionlush, leather leggings, chambray shirtdress

++ Get the Look: chambray shirtdress || vegan leather leggings || black shoes, sadly these ones are sold out, but this pair is also pretty major || crocodile crossbody, sold out- similar style here (love the structure) || Ray-Ban Aviators || silver hand-piece || mesh pouch necklace, heirloom (I use it to hold my energy crystals!).

fashionlush, pony hair shoes, leather leggings

fashionlush, leather leggings, chambray shirtdress

fashionlush, pony hair shoes, leather leggings

» My Leather and Chambray Selects: «

This & That

» November 24th, 2014 «

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I am not the type that waits for January 1st to make all my resolutions, I make ‘em when I feel there needs to be a change, & that time is now. Negativity is lumbering & I’ve been feeling way too much of it lately.

I saw the above quote on Insta & it just hit home with me, so I decided to start researching the Law of Attraction & here is what I found on good old Wikipedia:

“The law of attraction is the name given to the belief that “like attracts like” and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results. This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from “pure energy”, and the belief that like energy attracts like energy.”

Energy is the most powerful law of the universe, so naturally, all of this makes total sense to me. I am definitely going to continue studying this concept & actually have this book waiting to be purchased in my Amazon shopping cart (looks so interesting!).

Anyone else a big believer in the Law of Attraction? If so, LMK how it has worked for you & any tips you’ve got on saying buh-bye to the negative bullshit for good!

x, E

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» This Numi Flowering Tea Set I just got is seriously SO cool. It comes w/ these little flower balls that you just drop in hot water & they expand into the prettiest flowers/yummiest tea (the Oolong is my fave). The whole set up comes in the cutest packaging, making it a great gift idea for the tea drinker in your life! «

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» I totally had a Avril Lavigne circa 2002 moment with this look. Zack took me to the skatepark with him while he filmed & I obviously had to dress the part. On the way home I played “Sk8er Boi & Complicated” full blast, on repeat (LOL!) «

What I Wore: Rebel 8 T-Shirt // One Teaspoon Awesome Baggies // Rails Flannel // Adidas Superstar 2 Sneaks

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» First step in my positivity journey: harnessing my chi w/ essential oils. In the morning I start off w/ a few drops of lemon to bring some energy into my studio, & at a night I swap it out for lavender to help promote relaxation. If you wanna get started in the world of essential oils (which you absolutely should!!!) I highly suggest this essential oil diffuser & this essential oils starter kit «

fashionlush, awesome baggies, sambazon acai

» I honestly don’t know what I will do with myself when Sambazon discontinues there holiday pumpkin spice Acai bowl. If there is a Sambazon near you, I highly suggest you run & get one ASAP before they’re gone! «

Rich Girl / Poor Girl: The Self-Tie Sexy Black Jumpsuit

» November 22nd, 2014 «

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» Rich Girl version found here ($298) // Poor Girl version found here ( $32.90) «

I know some companies get a bit agitated when other big name companies make their pieces at lower prices, & I totally get where they are coming from, but I am a huge believer in that whole concept “imitation is the highest form of flattery”.

Plus, I’ve got a job to do (don’t shoot the messenger!!!). I started this RG/PG series to bring all of you less expensive options for some highly coveted pricey pieces. It’s not like I go searching high & low for these pieces, more often than not, just fall in my lap & I feel compelled to share. Cause let’s get real, how many of us can just nonchalantly drop some pretty pennies on the latest lushworthy piece (i.e. this self-tie sexy black jumpsuit)?

I will say this though, if you want the original piece, go for it! I am a huge fan of the Rich Girl brand I am posting about (who shall remain nameless) & I even own a few of their amazing pieces. You won’t be disappointed! The not-to-be-named company KNOWS a woman’s body like the back of their hand & all their pieces are impeccably made and will probably last a whole lot longer than my Poor Girl find.

Happy Saturday! xx, E

P.S. While browsing Forever 21 I also found this lil’ dress which looks a lot like this hot number for a fraction of the price. I just bought it in white & black, can’t wait to rock it with knee high socks, combat boots, & a chunky sweater over top! 

P.P.S If you’re into rompers lately (like me) you can find more of my fave romper picks HERE.

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