This & That: Weekend in the Woods

» October 20th, 2014 «

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We live in such a crazy fast-paced world in which everyone is obsessed with the idea of being connected. Connect with your Instagram followers by posting a picture of what you’re doing, connect with your long lost high school friends via a status update on Facebook, connect with your boss by email, the list goes on & on & on.

The funny thing is, all this “connecting” you think you’re doing is actually so incredibly disconnecting.

Let’s me set the scene: you’re at an adorable cafe w/ a group of friends. You order yourself a cup of tea & and a warm scone (very cafe-ish, right?). While waiting for your food, you & your friends are laughing and having a jolly good time. Then the server brings everyones food… & out come the cameras.

Each of you snap at least 25 photos of your meals, then you’ve got to decide which picture is your final choice [ cause scones have a good side too ], now it’s time to edit/pick filters/Squareready it/add overlays/etc, & lastly you need a caption that is clever but still cut [ AKA the.hardest.thing.ever ].

By the time you’re finally done & have your picture posted on Instagram, you’re scone is hard as a rock, your tea is lukewarm, & half the people you’re with have to get back to the office.

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[ just a few lil' Idyllwild lovelies ]

So, do you see what I mean? You just missed out on a good hour with your friends all because you needed to snap a photo of a scone you never even got around to eating.

I am sure this whole song & dance sounds familiar, because the truth is, everyone is guilty of it at some point or another, myself included [ x 1000 ].

Which is why I have started to actively make it a point to disconnect… in order to connect. This past weekend was the perfect example. I went to Idyllwild w/ my family for my Mom’s birthday & I almost completely disconnected the entire time (I say almost because I did take a few necessary photos & respond to a few necessary emails)…

…& I gotta say, it was seriously SO amazing. Towards the end, I even started to intentionally let the phone die. I got to relax my technology-burnt eyes, spend QT w/ the fam, whoop ass in Scrabble (per usual) & tackle quite a few things on my Fall bucket list.

I really suggest you guys try it, you will be surprised how freeing it is. Start small by just leaving your phone at home every once in a while & then work your way up to 100% technology free days (at least 1x a month!).

Would you guys be down to give it a go? LMK if you do, I would love to hear how stoked you are after! ;) xx, E

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[ Sadly TJ's is done w/ these yummies for the season, but I highly recommend double checking if your store still has them in stock! If not, the regular dk. chocolate/sea salt caramels are also pretty insane! ]

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[ Handmade jelly souvenirs from the mountains, containing two of my all time faves: champs & rose. ]

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[ weekend Polaroids <3 ]

5 Lil’ Fall Lushes, All Under $40

» October 18th, 2014 «

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Is it just me or does everyone & their Mom have a birthday in October? It’s by far my busiest B-day month & of course… everyone needs a good prezzie.

Which means I’ve been spending a lot of free time (aka 2am when I am finally done working) online shopping, & I have been stumbling across some pretty epic Fall goodies.

The best part is, all these little goodies are under $40, so you don’t have to feel guilty buying yourself a lil’ something something while you’re supposed to be shopping for a friend… as long as you find something for them as well. #priorities.

Fall Lushes:::

1. Favorite look of fall right now is an Oversized chunky turtleneck sweater paired with distressed denim & a simple pair of white plimsoles. This one here is seriously perfection. It’s slouch, the perfect shade of grey, & is only $24.80, plus (!!!) you can get 30% off w/ the coupon code TAKE30 /// ends 10/19.

2. ‘Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite’ By Paul Arden is seriously a really rad book. Everyone that comes over to my house always picks it up, flips through it, & wants it for themselves. It’s easily the most loved of all my coffee table books, & pshhh… it was only $15. Buy 2 and put one in your “gift closet”, it may come in handy when you need a last minute white elephant gift during the holiday season.

3. Plum & Bow Cat Vanity Mirror in gold, just what my vanity was missing. It really has nothing to do with Fall, but it’s so cute… and sometimes that’s reason enough.

4. These platform mules are screammmming my name. I am really really into mules right now & pretty stoked I found this pair. They are so chic & definitely don’t look like they are only $38!!!! I know, steal of a deal, right? Not to mention you can also use the same deal above:  30% off w/ the coupon code TAKE30 /// ends 10/19. GTG. Buying. Now.

5. Fingerless gloves are a Fall staple for me. I have a thing for long sleeve shirts/sweaters that have thumbnails, but that’s pretty hard to find (if you know of any- LMK!), so fingerless gloves do the job instead. Not only do I love the look of fingerless gloves w/ an oversized sweater, but it’s also functional! They keep your hands nice & toasty, but also let you use your fingers so that you can keep up with your Instagram/emails/texts. Thes babes are only $13 & you can get 25% off your total order w/ the coupon code TREAT /// ends today!

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Fashionlush via Copenhagen, The Movie

» October 17th, 2014 «

Chillllllls. All over. Right now.

I just can’t even deal with how good this video turned out & I am so excited that I finally get to share it with you guys! I know it’s a bit belated since our trip to CPH was about two months ago, but you know what they say… all good things take time ;).

We (& by “we”, I mean Zack), planned this video out way before we even left. We knew from the start that we wanted to incorporate Super 8 film into the edit as it’d be a rad/out of the box way to capture all the beauty of the European architecture. Problem is, Super 8 takes foreverrrrr to get developed & patience is not my strong suit.

It wasn’t easy & there were definitely moments I almost said let’s just leave those parts out (I really was dying to get it on the blog!), but I am glad I was able to stick it out, cause this end result is out of control. Don’t ya think?

Most of all, I am just happy that I get to have my love affair with Copenhagen caught on film to remember forever <3.

I hope you guys love the viddy as much as I do & if you ever get the chance to go to Copenhagen… you must go!! It’s the most amazing place everrrr.

xx, E

P.S. Major props to my uber talented BF for this epic creation!!!

P.P.S. You can find more pictures from our trip + all my CPH recommendations here.


Designer DIY: ‘Sweetie’ Candy Necklace Inspired by Chanel

» October 16th, 2014 «

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According to NYFW…. club kid style is making a serious comeback. When I first saw Miley’s “dirty hippie” DIY pieces strut down the runway w/ Jeremy Scott, I was unclear, but once my eyes adjusted… I kind of started to dig it.

I’ve never been the raver type, so seeing this look on the runway & rocking it in real time are two completely different stories. I couldn’t really envision this style on us “normal folk” until I saw a snapshot of Miss Chiara Ferragni (from The Blonde Salad- drr!) sporting the Chanel ‘Sweetie’ necklace on the streets of NYFW.

It had those kitschy raver revival vibes but was worn in a much more relatable & cool way w/ denim shorts, cool sneaks, & a plain white tee. Sorry Miley– you’re just a bit too out there for the masses & I don’t think air fresheners as earrings is ever gonna be a thing (p.s. that was sooo mean girls of me! LOL).

In all reality though, I wasn’t sold until I spotted Alexa Chung, one of my top style icons, also wearing the same candy necklace. That’s when I knew I had to give this trend a lil’ F.Lush test drive.

Can you guess where this is going?! Duh duh duh……

fashionlush, do it yourself, chanel candy necklace

I DIY-ed it for ya! Shockerrrrr.

Let’s get real real though, anyone who goes out and buys a Chanel faux candy necklace is kinda batshit. I mean…. how long is this whole look really going to last anyways? It will most likely be out of style before you even get around to paying it off.

Save your money for something more classic & timeless (like that Celine bag you’ve been eyeing maybs?!) & just make this bad boy instead.

I would really really love to hear what you think about the club kid comeback?! I am the only one who is actually thinking it’s kinda bad ass (if done proper)??

x, E

P.S. If you do a DIY from the site be sure to tag me on Instagram w/ the hashtag #FASHIONLUSHDIY so I can peep it & if you have any designer DIY requests, hit me up & LMK!

fashionlush, do it yourself, chanel candy necklace

» wood rondelle beads
» connector charms
» pastel acrylic paints // paint brushes
» stretch magic
» crimp beads // jump rings
» jewelry pliers

fashionlush, do it yourself, chanel candy necklacefashionlush, do it yourself, chanel candy necklacefashionlush, do it yourself, chanel candy necklacefashionlush, do it yourself, chanel candy necklace

Stripes & Spots

» October 15th, 2014 «

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Yup yup yup, mama got a new pair of kicks!!

Seriously guys, please just tell me you agree that the Matisse Nugent boots are out of control amazing?! I meannnn. WOW.

The pointy toe, the sexy wedge, the pony fur, the ombre effect… it’s straight up shoe porn at it’s finest & I am now the proud proud proud (can ya tell?) owner of these beauties.

I have a major thing for leopard & stripes, so naturally that was the first way I had to style ‘em, but trust me when I say you will be seeing them again. I already have 10+ outfits planned out in my head (& written down in my phone, cause I’m an OCD notetaker) incorporating these new booties… aka my feet’s second skin.

LMK your thoughts / how you’d wear them! 

xx, E

P.S. how cute is my Halloween balloon? It’s currently doing a great job as a scarecrow in my garden… keeping away the Jalapeno eating bunnies :).

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» What I’m Wearing: Striped tunic tee, similar || black super ripped skinny jeans, similar || Matisse Nugent boots || Ray Ban circle sunnies || black bucket bag, similar/cuter style here || silver handpiece [sold out], similar || silver cuff bracelet [vintage], similar «

fashionlush, matisse nugent boots, leopard pony hair shoesfashionlush, matisse nugent boots, mini top knot fashionlush, matisse nugent boots, stripes and leopardfashionlush, matisse nugent boots, ombre hairfashionlush, matisse nugent boots, shoe gif

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