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Hair Growth Diet: Food That Helps Hair Grow

ALRIGHT- it's no secret I have extensions. Which may or may not make this post image kinda click bait?? Using a bomb ass photo of my extensions to talk to you about which food makes your hair grow. BUT HEAR ME OUT before you pass judgements. I got extensions for the…

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DIY Chain Gang Denim Jacket

WHEW- crisis averted. Just spent the last 12 hours without wi-fi & it was seriously a bleak time in my life. I know, drama drama, but for reals- I had an IT here at 7am trying to fix it & he ended up leaving me without internet. I stumped the IT…

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The Edit | Paint the Town Red

TGIF, for realz though. This move took a TOLL on me. I am the kinda girl who likes to get shit done, so I kinda powered through it all in a three day period (hence the social media radio silence)... & I am beyond exhausted. Move out day I walked…

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