DIY Napkin Rings for Your Thanksgiving Tablescape

» November 21st, 2014 «

fashionlush, thanksgiving tablescape, diy napkin rings

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. Unlike Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/all the other gift giving holidays, Thanksgiving isn’t about giving presents but rather enjoying your loved ones presence (like what I did there?) & giving thanks for all of your many blessings.

It’s just all sorts of warm & fuzziness going on around the T-day table, & I love it.

I also love how it’s big on tradition, & a long time tradition in my crazy fam has always been napkin rings (along with yams + marshmallows of course, worlds best combo!!). Pretty random, I know, but my Grandmother was a napkin ring collector & often gave my sister and I the job of picking out everyones special napkin ring… which we took with great pride.

fashionlush, thanksgiving tablescape, diy napkin rings

So, when Forever 21 asked me to whip up a Thanksgiving themed DIY for their blog, this seemed like a no brainer. Naturally, I enlisted my sisters help, & we have officially decided to carry on this napkin ring tradition w/ a twist– each year we make DIY napkin rings for the table setting! Fun, right?

Since this our first year, we wanted to keep it really festive decorating ours with sparkly pinecones, burlap twine, & pretty lil’ Autumn leaves. They were so so so easy to make & look better than any store bought ones I’ve seen (just sayin’). Plus, they’re handmade, & who doesn’t love that?!

What’s YOUR guys family tradition for Turkey Day? Would love to hear it!!

xx, E

fashionlush, thanksgiving tablescape, diy napkin rings

++ For all the DIY deets, be sure to check out the full post on the Forever 21 blog!! ++

fashionlush, thanksgiving tablescape, diy napkin rings

++ obsessssed w/ these cutie pinecones!! ++

fashionlush, thanksgiving tablescape, diy napkin rings

++ don’t they just make for the prettiest Thanksgiving tablescape?! ++

The Long Romp

» November 20th, 2014 «

fashionlush, long romper, black and white outfits

No… not that kind of romp guys (get your heads out of the gutter!!!). Actually though, now that I am starting to write this post, I am thinking it would’ve have been more fitting to have called it “The Long Romp Home”. 

Looking back, the whole incident was pretty LOL (esp. for those rubberneckers, aka the 15 year old boys laughing at me), but at the time I was far from amused.

It all starts with the penny loafers seen in this post. I have become a glutton for any/all pointy toe flats & actually found these hot babes in a thrift store for $6. Total #thriftscore, right?

Yea, I certainly thought so, until I wore them…

fashionlush, long romper, pointy flats

This particular day my sister & I decided to walk to go grab some Acai bowls (my addiction) & snap some pictures of my new long romper. Halfway through our attempt to get some light exercise/fresh air, the soles just decided to open up their pretty lil’ mouths & say hello. I like to call it “the case of the talking shoes”. If it’s happened to you, you know what a pain in the ass this is.

For the rest of the walk there I was tripping/falling/and yelling back to my talking shoes. I figured once we got to the shopping center, I’d just grab some super glue at the market & be A-okay for the time being… but of course, they were sold out (cause apparently super glue is in high demand these days?!).

Looking like a fool, I still somehow managed to get my Acai fix, snap some pictures of the outfit, get laughed at by some little punks, & shuffle my ass all the way home.

… & that my friends, is a BTS look at my blog life, cause things like this always happen to me just when I need them NOT to. I guess that’s what I get though, being a flats hoarder & thinking I came up big time only spending $6, just to shell out another $30 just to get them fixed. Shoe karma is a bitch, but atleast the romper kept it’s act together!!

I love love love rompers for Winter & this pants-style one in my fave color is rocking my world!! Romps are just easy, & when it comes to fashion/getting dressed, who has time to fuss? Just throw it on with a long sleeved crop, some fun jewelry, & a cute pair of loafers (that aren’t gonna fall apart) & you’re good to go.

Are you guys down with the long romper? Or maybe you have an embarrassing #FashionFail to share? I’d love to hear it… so I don’t feel like such a solo hot mess!

xx, E

fashionlush, long romper, black and white outfits

» Get the Look: Long black romper, mine is sold out but I DIE over this similar one & I also love a short romper paired with sheer black tights || l/s shadow striped white crop top || pointy penny loafers, similar (cause obviously I’m not gonna suggest you buy my talking ones, plus these are patent & I love patent!!) || Ray-Ban retro sunnies || black backpack, sold out, similar style here || gold ear cuff + chain || triangle midi ring, similar «

Sorry for all the similar items, I guess I am not posting fast enough before they sell out! I promise, I only pick “similar” items I would buy & wear myself.

fashionlush, long romper, black and white outfitsfashionlush, long romper, black and white outfits

» More Romps I ♡: «

The Fashionlush Book Club

» November 19th, 2014 «

fashionlush, book club, black and white home decor

Book club is back!!! I know, it’s been forever since I’ve shared my literary lushes (sorry guys!), but it takes time to curate a collection as good as the one I’m sharing today.

Winter & reading just kinda go hand in hand for me. There is nothing quite as nice as a cozy blanket, scented candles, a cup of tea (or a hot toddy, if you’re feeling frisky), & falling down the rabbit hole straight into a great book.

So, I’ve rounded up my current “rabbit hole” picks, of all different types (although I must say, I’m a huge sucker for those on-the-edge of your seat thrill reads!!).

& since every book club ends with questions, here are mine:

+ What’s your fave book of all time?

+ What are you currently reading?

+ Do you prefer old school books you can actually hold or are you more of the Kindle/iPad type?

If you do decide to read any of the below, I’d love to know! Snap a pic of you reading & tag me on Instagram w/ the #FashionlushBookClub!

x, E

fashionlush, book club, books to read 2014



» Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little: If you liked Gone Girl, this one will be right up your alley. It’s a great mystery & def. had be on the edge of my set.

» Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn: Another “if you liked Gone Girl” situation (sorry, Gone Girl is my no.1 fave of all time), written by the same author, you’ll be sure to love this one.

» The Cuckoos Calling by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowlings): When I found out this was a crime novel by the one who wrote Harry Potter, I had to read it. Ended up loving it, obviously, & can’t wait to read the second of the series: The Silkworm (just bought it!).

» The Good Girl by Mary Kubica: TBH, I haven’t started this one yet, but I am pretty excited due to all the ranting & raving I heard.



» Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness: Ahhh! This book was NEXT LEVEL amazing. It’s captivating story of a young lady (Susannah Cahalan) who one day goes mad, literally. Join her, & many doctors, on their struggle to figure out what went wrong.

» Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss & Gain: This memoir by Portia De Rossi is touching, raw, & incredibly honest. She talks in detail about her life threatening weight struggles, her rise to fame on Ally McBeal, the pressures of trying to make it in Hollywood, meeting the love of her life (Ellen!!), & how she has became the health & happy woman she is today.

» Now I See You: Nicole C. Kear was just a regular college student, until she was told by her eye doctor she was going blind & within the next 10-15 years it would be lights out. She hides it from her loved ones & takes life by the balls, until she has kids & realizes she has to come clean about her diagnosis. You won’t be able this one down!

» I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Calling all Bachelor fans, you will soon come to love one of Bachelors all time biggest villains, Courtney Robertson, in this hilarious & dead honest tell all novel.



» The Stiletto Network: Inside the Women’s Power Circles That are Changing the Face of Business:  Need of a lil’ inspo ladies? This is the book for you. See how some of the most powerful & succesful women of the world join forces to help each other succeed, wind down, & take over the world one sexy stiletto at a time.

» The Glitter Plan: The story of how Pamela Skaist-Levy & Gela Nash-Taylor turned $200 into a global brand, more commonly known as Juicy Couture. There one rule to success, “whatever they did, they had to be obsessed with it”. It’s a quick read with some priceless tips on how to run a succesful business & stay inspired.

» Shark Tales by Barbara Corcoran: I have yet to read this (sitting in my iBook library), but I’m a huge fan of Shark Tank & billionaire Barbara’s no nonsense commentary on the show, so I am sure this one is gonna be a good read.

» The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane Von Furstenberg: I recently became hooked on House of DVF [ so good!! ], so I ordered the book to accompany the show & so far I’m loving it! It’s a peek into how DVF grew up, became a princess, created the iconic wrap dress, & turned her company into a household name.



» The Skinny Confidential: A Babe’s Sexy, Sassy Health and Lifestyle guide: Written by Lauryn Evarts [ my sister from another mister ], this book is the ultimate resource on how to live a health & balanced life, without sucking up all your free time. Read my full review here, you’re gonna love!

» Gluten is my Bitch: Rants, Recipes, & Ridiculousness for the Gluten Free: Just a hilarious novel for us Gluten Free peeps. All about the #GlutenFreeProbs we deal with on the reg, plus some really good recipes!

» White Girl Problems by Babe Walker I am OBSESSED w/ Babe Walker (I like to think she is my secret alter ego– shhh), & this book had me LOL-ing from page 1 to the very end. Not to mention, the fashion sketches throughout are so sick!

» Psychos by Babe Walker: When you’re done with WGP, no need to cry, cause Psychos is just as good and just as hilarious. She neeeeeds to come out with a third one, cause I’m having some major BW withdrawals!!!



» Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty: The raddest book known to man, end of story.

» The Polaroid Book: Polaroids are just kinda my thing, so this Taschen book is a permanent fixture on my sidetable

» Damn Good Advice (for people with talent) by George Lois: My coffee table is all B&W, so this picture book fits in perfectly & is filled with some bad ass advice. It’s a coffee table book people are actually picking up to read.

» Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite by Paul Arden: Same as a above, they are written by different people but have the same vibes. When my friends come over, they are always Instagramming the pages out of these fabulous lil’ books & asking me to send them links to buy.

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» Shop the Library: «

Fashionlush x F21: Rocking Fur from Day to Night

» November 18th, 2014 «

fashionlush, faux fur, day to night, ootd

I worked on these looks w/ Forever 21 & today they posted it on their Instagram account, so naturally I began scrolling through the comments (only human) & of course there were the haters… but what stood out to me more was all the people saying, “yeah, right… who is ACTUALLY wearing that?!”. 

Um, well it’s clearly not a mannequin, so my guess would be… the real life person in the picture (aka yours truley!) is actually wearing that.

I get it guys, fur can intimidating. It’s fluffy, it’s huge, & it def. makes a statement, but it’s also not something to be so scared of. If I can wear fur, smack dab in sunny SoCal, so can you.


So now that we’re over your big fur fear (right?), let’s talk about wearing fur during the day.

Breathe guys, I know it’s a lot of fur therapy here, but bear with me. I am not telling you wear it with a ball gown & stilettos to lunch with your BFF (no, just don’t), I am just saying you shouldn’t rule it out. Contrary to popular belief and those ridiculous “rules of fashion” fur can & should be dressed down. Just look at MK&A, they are the most fashionable people on this planet (IMO) & they do it on the reg.

& now, I’ll show you how I wear fur day OR night. Read on my future fur lovers.

xx, E

fashionlush, faux fur, day to night, ootd

» Tip No.1 for dressing down fur: minimal make-up & a casual hair style. «

fashionlush, faux fur, day to night, ootd

» Tip No.2: fresh white sneaks, the best way to dress down ANY look. «

fashionlush, faux fur, day to night, ootd

» Tip No.3: a cool graphic tee, rocker inspired if you’re feeling edgy. «

» Shop the Day Look: «

fashionlush, faux fur, day to night, ootd

» Tip No.1 for Dressing Up Fur: a sleek hair style + fun ear candy. «

fashionlush, faux fur, day to night, ootd

» Tip No.2: A sexy LBT (lil’ black top) + leather skinnies. «

fashionlush, faux fur, day to night, ootd

» Tip No.3: Black pointy-toed stilettos, always. «

» Shop the Night Look: «

This & That

» November 17th, 2014 «

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Sundays are my day & when it’s a Sunday, just count me out of life.

Don’t call, don’t email, don’t bug (or do, but don’t expect a response). It’s the one day of the week I designate just for me to do whatever the eff I very well please.

» Sleep in late, duh. 

» Champagne brunch, an essential.

» Take a power nap, cause brunch can be exhausting. 

» Mani & pedi + a spray tan, whyyy not?

» In N’ Out protein style for dinner, #notsorry.

» Go to bed early w/ a good book (currently reading: The Woman I Wanted to Be by DVF) + a cup of ginger tea, heaven.

Is spending a day cutting myself off from all responsibility selfish? To some, maybe, but honestly… I just allow my self to not give a single you-know-what while floating on my perfect Sunday cloud.

It’s the reset/restart/refresh/play hooky day & if spent well, you can pretty much guarantee a kick ass & productive Monday. Trust me, it’s never failed me yet.

Enough about me and my ongoing love affair with Sunday’s (cause I could keep going…), what’s YOUR guys fave day? We’ve all got one… so please do share.

xx, E

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Fresh flowers in the home is a must.

 The Bouqs (cutest name) grows all of their beautiful flowers on the side of an active volcano (!!!) & the whole operation is 100% sustainable and eco-friendly. How cool is that? Not to mention, they get delivered straight to your door fresher than fresh (not a single wilt).

Do as I do & send the link to your S.O. w/ the suggestion that they bookmark it for the future. They’ll get the hint & you’ll get your pretty flowers in no time (works like a charm).

» p.s. they have an epic promo right now: free shipping + arrangements for $34 with the coupon code WINTER15. I’ll def. be cashing in on this deal w/ the “Lush Us” arrangement tomorrow. «

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» The black & white collection has just been added to my Depop shop, & if you don’t know what Depop is yet, read about it here. You’re gonna love! «

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» Gelato selfies! «

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» Meet the newest member of eyelash extension tribe!! Big thanks to the lash masters at Blink Boutique for this beauty game changer. If you’re teetering on the idea of getting lash extensions, just do it. You’ll be saying “I woke up like this” & actually meaning it. «

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