A Chic & Functional DIY Lipstick Holder

» August 28th, 2014 «

fashionlush, diy lipstick holder, home decor

True life: I am a lipstick hoarder. 

But then again… what girl isn’t? Have you ever heard a girl say “too many” & “lipsticks” in the same sentence? Yea, me neither.

Lipstick is way more than just makeup, it’s an accessory that can take your total look to a whole new level. It’s the icing on the cake, & let’s get real- sans icing, cake is just a big piece of ugly bread. No one wants to be ugly bread, so get those lips on gurl. (P.S. I am literally LOLing at that ridiculous analogy- but I think it gets the point across).

Basically, my lipstick collection is like a real life mood ring. If I am feeling down or it’s rainy out… naturally I will go with a dark crimson//navy//or even black (yes, black- seen here, very chic). If it’s sunny & bright and I am feeling lucky- I will probably grab a shade of neon orange//pastel pink// or cherry red.

fashionlush, diy lipstick holder, home decor

As you can clearly see now, lipstick is pretty much my holy grail. Which I think makes my large collection of shades totally reasonable. The mess that comes along with all those lippys, not so reasonable & definitely not good for my sanity (#OCD4LIFE).

Enter the lipstick organizer. A fab home decor accessory EVERY lipstick loving girl (meaning all girls) needs in their bathroom yesterday. You can either go out and buy one, which is fine by me- I love this one. OR, you can put on your crafty shoes & whip one up yourself.

I obviously prefer the latter, because the result was just way too fab… & the fact it perfectly matched my DIY marble perfume tray def. didn’t hurt either.

LMK what you guys think of the latest project & if you ever make anything from the site I’d LOVE to see it– Instagram me w/ #FashionlushDIY so I can peep your awesome work.

xx, E

P.S. Find all my top fave lippy picks here

fashionlush, diy lipstick holder, home decor


+ Marble contact paper

+ Acrylic tray

+ Copper pipes from the hardware store, bring a lippy for size reference & ask them to cut the pipe for you into 6 pieces. I had them do some longer ones for lipglosses/brushes/eyeliners.

+ Exacto Knife

+ E600 glue

fashionlush, diy lipstick holder, home decorfashionlush, diy lipstick holder, home decor


1. First, cut your marble contact paper to similar size of the inside of the tray. Does not have to be exact, & is actually better a lil’ bit bigger so you can get it very close to the edge in the next few steps.

2. Remove the backing & stick your marble to the bottom of your acrylic tray. Press down very well (especially at the edges), get out all air bubbles.

3. Take your exacto knife & very carefully slice off any excess marble on the sides as you just want the marble to cover the bottom of the tray.

4. Now, time for the pipes. First, place them out where you want them be. Use a ruler if you are a neat freak like me ;).

5. Using your E600 glue (aka the best glue ever), place a ring of glue around the bottom of your pipe piece one at a time. Place it back in it’s designated space & repeat on all remaining pipes.

6. Let dry overnight– it takes a whilllllle to dry fully & you definitely don’t want your fave lipstick to get stuck in the tube.

fashionlush, diy lipstick holder, cate mcnabb cosmetics

++ & lastly, a word about my fave new lipstick brand- Cate MeNabb Cosmetics. There lipsticks are AMAZING. They are highly pigmented, paraben-free, & actually moisturize better than capstick (see above). I am currently alternating b/w Clementine, Medusa, & Vamp. You must try, end of story. ++

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Fall Fashion Edit

» August 27th, 2014 «

fall fashion 2014 knits fall fashion 2014 fur fall fashion 2014 white fall fashion 2014 stripes fall fashion 2014 ankle boots

Is it just me, or did August seem like a realllllllly long month? Actually, I think this whole Summer has kinda dragged on longer than usual. Not that I am complaining, cause I really do like Summer, but after a couple months of hotter than hell days- I am more than ready for Fall to roll around. I may or may not have even started decorating for Halloween (Homegoods has some seriously good stuff right now!!).

IMO, Fall just seems to be a much more productive time. Summer is all about long days, sleeping in past twelve, leisurely sipping Rosé on the balcony while watching the sunset, weekend brews + BBQ’s, etc. etc. I can embrace all that goodness for sure, but I am never against an extra productivity boost… and that’s just not something summer brings out in peeps (myself included). Fall, on the other hand, gets me in that ‘get shit done’ state of mind. Which right now, is much needed.

Most of all, I am über anxious for the 2014 Fall fashion trends about to hit. From my research, I am expecting to see: lotsa layers, cozy knits, fur of all kinds, leather pants, rad booties, cool pastels (different, but I dig it), bright whites, back to basics, borrowed-from-the-boyfriend shirts, sexy lil’ stripes, & trenches in every color.

Excited? Yea, me too.

I highly suggest you start studying those runways & peeping F14 lookbooks, cause I’ve got high hopes this season is really gonna up the fashion game big time. In the meantime, scope some of my favorite trends + picks for the upcoming Fall season.

What Fall 2014 trend are you looking forward to the most? LMK!

xx, E







Black & White Date Night Style

» August 26th, 2014 «

fashionlush, black & white fashion, date night fashion

Sometimes, when getting dressed, I just have the urge to go balls to the walls. Throw on the fur shag coat, and the hat, oh yeah… that statement necklace would look fab too. What about some earrings? Next thing you know, I am looking like I walked right out of the worst dressed paged in a magazine being criticized by Joan Rivers.

Obviously that’s a train wreck I think that everyone should actively try to avoid, & I am doing just that by embracing the basics. This ripped up skinnies + basic tee + sleek flats/oxfords has been a go-to these days. It’s simple, chic, & perfect last minute date night style.

My best advice when it comes to style comes straight from the mouth of the great Coco Chanel- “When accessorizing, take off the last thing you put on.” It’s a simple concept, but actually works flawlessly every time. Trust.

xx, E

fashionlush, black and white fashion, turquoise jewelry

++ Get the Look: white ripped knee skinnies || black mesh top- similar || black leather bucket bag- similar || black Ray-Ban sunnies || black & white oxford- similar || sterling silver bracelets, vintage- similar found here & here || collar necklace, vintage- similar || turquoise rings, vintage- similar here & here ++

fashionlush, black & white fashion, date night fashion

++ umm hiiiii best gelato ever (via Chocolat):: pitaya & fresh mint! ++

fashionlush, black & white oxfords, date night fashion

++ living in these epic shoes! ++

fashionlush, black & white fashion, date night fashion

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This & That

» August 25th, 2014 «

fashionlush, chai tea latte, coffee porn

[ Heaven in a cup: chai tea, ginger, soy milk, & cinnamon aka 'Golden Fairy Dust'. ]

Ahhh… I gotta say. There is nothing like being home. Traveling was great, but the comfort of your abode/your city/your language has been quite refreshing.

My first week back has been hectic, to say the least (my desk is so full it’s almost a joke)… but I am proud to say I have brought home some of that mellow/chill/stress-free vibes from the other side of the pond.

It was one of the major things I noticed while in Europe, people just appreciate the lil’ things so much more. Sure, they work hard/get the job done like the rest of us, but they also put a lot of importance on staying sane & happy. They have longer lunch breaks, open up shop later, & from peeking in the windows of offices- have rad & relaxed creative spaces.

It totally makes sense though, right? If someone is not ripping out their hair from the daily stresses of life & work, if they aren’t exhausted from a long night of meeting deadlines- they are bound to just do the job better & more efficiently.

So, let’s all take this week to channel that energy. Don’t stay up to late or freak yourself out over some assignment at work– instead take a break, have a cappuccino, meditate, go to that yoga class you’ve been wanting to try out, start a good book (this one is my latest- so good!), or draw in a sketchbook. Basically, do whatever helps get zen and find your center. Let’s see how it works ;).

xx, E

fashionlush, shoe organization, closet organization

++ spent the weekend involved some shoe organization… this is just one shelf, I swear they aren’t all black!! ++

fashionlush, vintage jewelry, collar necklaces

++ Just a casual package of vintage collar necklaces from my Dad, NBD. ++

fashionlush, joule clothing, floral print fashion

++ Stepping out my black box & testing out a floral print dress for a day at the horse races ++

++ I’ve become addicted to YouTubing all of the GoPro staff picks, try it- there are so many epic ones! This one though, top fave. Straight up mind blowing!!! ++

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Meet TV Host & Fashion Journalist, Louise Roe

» August 22nd, 2014 «

fashionlush, louise roe, celebrity

When I was travelling in Europe, TV options were limited- but there was always MTV. Majority of the time they were playing reruns of The Geordie Shore (basically a raunchier version of the Jersey Shore… if that’s even possible), but every once in a while they would put that class act programming on hold for a lil’ show called “Plain Jane“.

Premise: the host, Louise Roe (this babe right here), helps Plain Janes everywhere gain confidence to go on a date with their secret crush. It was addicting, to say the least. Even Zack couldn’t peel his eyes from it (LOL- sorry babe!).

My fave part of the show was when Louise Roe would give the girls makeovers. Her fashion sense is on point, so my ears would always perk up when she started spilling her pro styling secrets. You probably recognize this uber babe from The City (starring as Olivia Palermo’s job replacement at Elle.com), E!’s Fashion Police correspondent (she also covered the Royal Wedding live for E!), &/or NBC reality competition show- Fashion Star (host).

You can see her resume is pretty squared away, but on top of all that she also just wrapped up a book, is a fashion journalist for many top publications, & blogs over at LouiseRoe.com. She’s what they like to call a triple threat, & if there is one thing I love, it’s an entrepreneurial fox who kicks ass & takes names.

So, without further adieu, I am pleased to introduce you to (& pick the brain of), Louise Roe.

Enjoy. xx, E

fashionlush, louise roe, fashion tips

▸▸ Hi girl, so excited to have you on the blog! Let’s start off w/ a lil’ intro. Who is Louise Roe? Tell us a bit about yourself.
Louise Roe: Thank you – me too! I’m a fashion-obsessed TV host, originally from London. I’ve been living in LA 5 years now, and I love it here. I host a bunch of red carpets for Access Hollywood (Emmys is up next), a makeover show in MTV called Plain Jane, and last year I presented Fashion Star on NBC. So I get to play dress up as a career and that’s pretty awesome.

▸▸ How did you get your start in your career?
LR: I started out writing for magazines in London. I worked at Elle as an intern, InStyle and then ran the news desk at Vogue.com. At that point bloggers barely existed, they were a new, interesting creature!

▸▸ What motivates you in life and/or the world of fashion?
LR: In life, I’m motivated by my family and close friends, by travel, by great books, and by cocktails on the beach at sunset! In fashion, I’m motivated by what I see on the runways, incredible heels, art exhibits and constantly discovering new bloggers.

fashionlush, louise roe, fashion tipsfashionlush, louise roe, fashion tips

▸▸ What projects are you currently working on?
LR: I just finished my first book. I wrote 75 thousand words and handed it in on Friday. I’m so proud and exhausted all at the same time. It’s a style guide, out in Spring.

▸▸ Anything you’ve learned on set that you can share?
LR:The days are longer than you can ever imagine, so make sure there’s music and coffee. Keep smiling and have a laugh. What we do is important sure, but it’s crucial to keep a sense of humor about any screw-ups or things that go wrong.

▸▸ What’s your favorite fashion/ style tip?
LR: Tweak every trend so it feels like ‘you’. Outfits should make you feel confident and awesome, not like you’re trying to change image from who you really are.

fashionlush, louise roe, fashion tips

▸▸ Gotta say, your bod is rockin’— any healthy tips for girls with a hectic lifestyle?
LR: Haha thanks! I take an avocado on every flight, in fact I eat one every day. They go with everything and keep my skin hydrated and nourished.

▸▸ Best kept hair and/or beauty secret?
LR: Dry shampoo! The best secret weapon ever for that voluminous, matte vibe. I love the Tresemme dry shampoo and buy it by the crate.

▸▸ If we emptied your purse right now, what would we find?
LR: A Smythson planner (I’m old school and write my schedule out by hand), a Samsung S4, Benefit’s Erase Paste concealer, Jouer’s lip gloss, a little Vince sweater because I always get cold, and The Scarlet Letter.

fashionlush, louise roe, navy fashion

▸▸ All time fave shopping spots (online or otherwise)??
LR: I love a bargain at Nasty Gal and Missguided! Asos is awesome, so is Reiss and if I’m splashing out, Intermix.

▸▸ First thing you notice in an outfit?
LR: Shoes.

▸▸ What do you skimp on fashion wise? What do you splurge on?
LR: I splurge on shoes, and I’ll skimp on a top or skirt – that does not have to be designer at all. Well, neither do my shoes, but if I’m gonna splurge, it’s on my feet!

▸▸ Fave beauty &/or fashion trend of 2014?
LR: Messy high ponytails with a really neat, center-part. And Bermuda shorts. Love.

▸▸ The one thing every lady should own, whether fashion or beauty wise?
LR: A tailored white blazer.

fashionlush, louise roe, fashion tips

▸▸ Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
LR: My Grandpa always said ‘never expect anything’.

▸▸ Your top 5 fashion pieces you are lushing over right now? 
LR: 1. Anything by Mara Hoffman
2. A pair of rose gold Birkenstocks
3. An Edie Parker clutch
4. Kara Ross multi-colored earrings
5. A Max Mara coat with tonal panels– cream, camel & rust. Dying for that coat!

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