Girls Day in Los Angeles

( Chic accessories, and of course... champagne! ) This past weekend (sorry for the delayed post), my girlfriend & I headed up to Los Angeles for a photo-shoot. She was kind enough to ask me to style the shoot, and I of course obliged. We had a great time catching up on the…

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FLXX Takes Portland

This past weekend I took a last minute, but much needed, weekend tryst to Portland to see my big sister. Upon my arrival, we realized it has been a whole year since we have seen each other and tears almost ensued (after I nearly knocked her over with a hug), never have we ever…

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Better Late Than Never…

(( A good book, tunes from my phone, and my Raen Flowers by Alex Knost shades )) This week has been beyond jam packed at work, which resulted in the fact that I forgot to upload some photos from the weekend. If only I could get some more hours in the day, wouldn't that be nice?…

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DIY ✄ Studded iPhone Case

( The finished product: Studded iPhone Case ) In a previous post I mentioned how much I was lushing over studs & spikes as of late. It all started when I got an eye of my girlfriends studded iPhone case & I knew I had to make one for myself! Sure, I could buy it, but what's the fun in…

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