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Flatform Friday

DIY Monogram Moccasins

fashionlush, Minnetonka, shoe diy, monogramfashionlush, Minnetonka, shoe diy, monogram

OH happy day! It’s Fridayyyy.

I am super pumped for this weekend, although I plan to spend majority of it indoors. I’ve been on the edge of healthy & getting sick for the past couple days so my plan consists of napping, tea, a Lifetime movie marathon (my guilty pleasure), & playing catch up at the computer. BUT, before I …

Hoodies & Heels

fashionlush, hoodies & heels, all black outfits

Okay, so ever since I laid my eyes on this cult favorite Vetements hoodie I have been hoarding sweatshirts.

Whenever I like something, I tend to go a bit overboard & buy it in every color/type/fabric/etc. So yes, I am on a major hoodie kick. Timing wasn’t great with the start of Spring, but luckily we’re having some nice chilly …

Festival Essentials to Help You Make it Through the Weekend

fashionlush, festival fashion, festival essentials

Okay, so as you know, I have zero experiences in the world of festivals & I absolutely have no desire to learn (sorry festival lovers, but it’s just not for me…).

BUT… I still want to be relevant & hang with the cool kids, so I blog about it like I know something. Haha, but really, I know you guys …