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The Ultimate Copenhagen Itinerary


So, some of you guys may or may not know, but this past trip to Copenhagen was actually my third year in a row!

Copenhagen is a little off the grid, so people are always wondering why we are so obsessed with the place (enough to keep coming back every year). Well, once you read this itinerary, I think you …

Tips for Dodging the Post Vacay-Blues


The post vacay blues are real & take it from me… they can be ROUGH.

Last year I got it bad when we were back from Summer vacation & I will never forget the serious slump I was in. I cried when Zack had to go back to work (actually, I cried when he had to go take a shower. …

This & That | Back to Reality

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» wrist souvenirs from Greece! They have the bestttt jewelry!! «

I hate to say “back to reality” as if my last two weeks weren’t real, but honestly… I am still not 100% sure if it actually was real.

We got home at around 2am after 17 hours of (sleepless) flying & all I remember is waking up in my …

Quick Vacay Update, With Love from Copenhagen!


Hey hey hey my ladies! Coming to you live from Copenhagen.

I feel like I have dropped off the face of the planet not posting on the blog, but not gonna lie… it feels good to take a breather from the computer! Also, not gonna lie, I am missing the blog/you guys.

We have been on the go go go …

Out of Office


& I am officially on vacay! EEK. We leave tomorrow, so tonight I am putting up the auto-responder & getting all the last details together (& by last details, I mean packing… yea, I always put that off till the very end!).

Anyways, I will be honest, writing this, I am a nervous wreck. You guys know this… I talk …