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Grey for Spring

WTF is Tamanu Oil + Why You Need To Try It

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Okay, okay, okayyyy… really excited about today’s post because what I am about to share is a SERIOUS skincare savior.

Rewind about a month ago, a friend of mine reached out to throw around a new business venture. Basically, a family member of hers went to (I believe) Fiji & came back with this native oil called Tamanu Oil. The …

The Elsa Jean

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The perfect pair of jeans is is comparable to Big Foot. You hear it exists, but have yet to see proof has never been found.

They’re always either too tight or too baggy, not ripped enough or too many rips, faded in the wrong place or not enough fade… the list goes on & on.

Lately I have been on …

This & That

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» new (darker) hair + a rad mohawk braid | outfit details: thrasher shirtlace trim skirt, pony hair cowboy boots (vintage- similar«

Soooo… this weekend went by like a blink, yes?

But hey, atleast it was daylights saving time, which if you’re a blogger- you know how exciting this is. An extra hour of natural …

Denim on Denim

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Denim on denim is always a go-to look of mine.

It’s casual, cute, & super easy to wear. Lately I am super into the whole kick flare denim style, but since I don’t yet have a pair (although I am majorly eyeing this frayed hem pair), I cuffed up my worn in Levi’s to get the look.

I have …