The Art of the #Hashtag

When it comes to blogging, we all know, Instagram is key to getting eyes in your direction & a big reason for that is HASHTAGS. Hashtagging, my blogger friends, is really an art & today I am sharing how I go about using hashtags PLUS all of my top favorite hashtags…

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F*ck Off, Mercury (boy, bye)

OK- so we talked about what it actually means for Mercury to be in Retrograde... but now that we're right at the end of a very HELLISH three weeks of this nonsense, I figured I should just rant it out. Little did I know, when I wrote my Mercury Retrograde…

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#BrunchSoHard | Top Spots in San Diego

Brunching is my absolute favorite past time. My weekends are typically planned around brunch, we are always trying new places, & I like to study menus the night before so I know what to order when I get there. YA- I'm a little psycho when it comes to brunch, but at this…

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Gift Guide for the Mom’s

Now that you met my Mom (would LOVE to hear your feed back on our video segment!!!), time to chat about your Mom! Have you gotten her a gift yet?? I actually hope not, because this little gift guide is about to make her seriously feel the love & appreciation she…

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