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I honestly don’t think we’ve ever discussed my age on here, because frankly it’s pretty irrelevant & also- a lady isn’t supposed to tell her age (breaking that rule, clearly), but …

French Riviera Feels

fashionlush, breton stripe, french riviera stylefashionlush, breton stripe, french riviera style

Majorly channeling the chic beachy vibes of the South of France with this look (but also a little bit of Bert from Mary Poppins in the chalk scene thanks to the straw hat– ya know?).

Summer is super mellow in San Diego- lots of ripped cut-offs, graphic t-shirts, baseball hats, ya know… not very fancy. Of course, I love …

Top 20 Must Have In Flight Travel Essentials

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Travelling is my trigger, it makes me a nervous wreck. The plane, the being away from home, the thought of leaving my little angel Bitzy girl, my family, my friends… the whole thing makes me a fucking wreck. Of course under all of that there is excitement to go on a trip, but nerves definitely take center stage leading up …

Summer Blazer

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Layers are my favorite, but when Summer rolls around… especially with global warming (I swear, each year it is warmer by atleast 5 degrees!), layers are uncomfortable AF. No more shaggy sweaters, long cardigans, leather jackets, etc. etc.

I have always been the layering type as it adds a little MK&A boho vibe to a look, so when Summer rolls …