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A Huge Summer Beauty Giveaway

Warm Weather Leather

fashionlush, warm weather leather, spring leather

I’ve never been one to typically “dress for the seasons”… I am more of the wear what I want/when I want kinda girl.

White after labor day, black in the summer, (sometimes) more is more, showing off my bra under my clothes, & yes– leather when it’s warm out. Rule SHMULES. I never understood the whole concept of “fashion rules” …

Crystal Powers 101

fashionlush, energy muse, crystal powers 101

HEY GUYS! Happy happy humpday <3.

I am so so so excited about today’s post because we’re talking all about one of my most favorite things in the world- CRYSTALS.

A few of you actually requested this post, which made me so HAPPY. Not only do I love when you guys suggest posts (keep ’em coming!!!), but I am very …

Ribbed Jumpsuit

fashionlush, ribbed jumpsuit, minimal stylefashionlush, ribbed jumpsuit, minimal style

I mean…. this ribbed jumpsuit though (heart eyes emoji, all the way)?!?! It’s grey, minimal, cozy, & perfect for this wave of dreary weather we’ve been have. Basically, it’s perfect in all the right ways, & that wrap around belt is pretty much everything.

Definitely doesn’t hurt that it feels like I’m running around pajamas, while still looking totally put …

This & That


» always wearing my BF button ups & RE/DONE shorts (the best!!) «

Oh hey ya’ll! How was the weekend? Anything major happen? New beauty product finds I need to know about? Fashion steals? Movies to see? Do tell my ladies (& gents? doubt it, but we’re gender neutral over here).

I had a work weekend, which although it’s kinda …

Flatform Friday



Everything comes full circle, & man oh man am I excited the flatform is BACK.

I am having total flashbacks to the junior high days when I collected just about every color of platform Jack Purcell’s. It was veryyyy Baby Spice at the time, & so cool. I really hope Converse catches on & just for fun- does a …