The Last Look of Winter

Fashionlush Get the Look

Ya know what…

I am a little bit bummed that this is probably the last pair of jeans, the last pair of closed toes, & the last sweater that you will see me wearing on the blog for a long while.

Scratch that, I take back the closed toes part. I wear boots all year round (I sort of despise sandals!).

It’s all pretty bittersweet. Don’t get me wrong, I like a beach day as much of the next girl– but the sweltering heat can just get to be a little much sometimes. After a 10 minute drive, getting out of the car w/ the back of my shirt drenched in sweat is not a good look.

TMI? Probably, but black leather seats + a SD summer is not a good combo. Not to mention, shedding the winter coat is always a real pain in the ass (really dreading that whole situation!).

Okay okay– enough of my grumpy attitude. I’ll get used to it, just expect lots of flowy everything. Mumu’s are kind of my jam when it comes to hot summer days.

Oh yea, & mini top knots are for sure here to stay for life.

xx, E

Fashionlush Lookbook

// Get the Look //
+ Patchwork skinnies, similar.
+ Black soft shag cardigan found here.
+ Black bucket bag, similar.
+ Black buckle wedges, similar.
+ Body chain, similar.

Fashionlush Body Chain

Fashionlush Mini Top Knot

Fashionlush Mini Top Knot

Fashionlush Patchwork Denim

Home Decor DIY: A Pretty Lil’ Picture Frame

Fashionlush DIY Quartz Picture Frame

Online shopping isn’t only my no.1 fave past time, but it is also a big source of DIY inspo.

Maybe it’s my creative mindset, but when I look at various products that I lush over w/ seriously steep price-tags, I think to myself- hmm… how can I make that myself for a fraction of the price? Most of the time, it’s pretty simple stupid. Way to simple to even justify buying over DIYing.

I am not going to name any names or throw any one under the bus, but a couple weeks back I stumbled upon an amethyst picture frame that rocked my world, & then I saw the price tag. Just under $600 dollars. Not kidding. A picture frame… for $600 dollars.

Well… I have a place where I buy raw crystals online for a great price & I have an old picture frame. The next step seemed pretty obvious.

DIY > Buy, unless it’s a hand made product- in which I say, support your local crafter ;)!!

xx, E

Fashionlush DIY Quartz Picture Frame

// Supplies //

++ Raw crystal points found here- they have tons of options so get creative & use your favorite crystal! Put your own twist on it.
++ A picture frame.
++ A hot glue gun, or a strong hold glue.

Fashionlush DIY Quartz Picture Frame

++ Glue your crystals onto your frame. No need to be careful & perfect: stagger or overlap your crystals for a chunky look. Be sure to use plenty of glue as well- you don’t want your crystals falling off! ++

Fashionlush DIY Quartz Picture Frame

++ I love love love it!!! Great addition to my crystal collection. ++

This & That + a Lil’ Negativity Rant

this & that oversized paperclips

++ Target $1 section score :: oversized pastel paperclips. ++

So… I was just introduced to a lovely little site called “Get Off my Internets”. Have you heard of it?

GOMI, as it’s more commonly referred to by it’s readers, is an open forum for people to start in-depth threads talking shit about a variety of big name bloggers. It makes me cringe.

My favorite comments on the site are always the ones that go something like this:: “she is the biggest conceited BITCH to walk the planet. She’s not even pretty & she is so obsessed with herself. Plus, she is DUMB!”.

Oh, that’s interesting, so you’ve never met her/ seen her in person/ talked to a friend of hers/ & don’t even know her last name- but you 100% know she is a cold-hearted bitch who loves her reflection & has a low IQ? Nice.

I get the whole freedom of speech thing- but is it really necessary for people to waste all the negative energy?

Ehhh, I’ll pass. I would much rather spend my time hanging out with my loved ones/ giving compliments to strangers (trust me, it’s refreshing!!)/ & enjoying the ‘this & that’ moments of life that make me happy.


xx, E

this & that natural soda

++ Currently loving Joia’s natural ginger sodas (esp. the one w/ apricot & allspice!!).  ++

This & That Jewelry on Display

++ vintage ashtrays for storing my fave bangles & rings!! ++

This & That ginger Haribo candy

++ the best candy to ever live. ++

This & That Navajo Print Fabric

++ rad navajo inspired fabrics for an upcoming RAD DIY! ++

Hey Mickey, You’re So Fine!!

fashionlush Mickey Mouse Fashion

& a lil’ Mickey Mouse fashion Friday!!

This vintage tee is a true gem, & I even went the extra mile to channel my inner Mouseketeer by rocking the infamous Miley buns.

Kinda diggin’ it– if I do say so myself ;).

Happy weekend my lovely little lushes!!

xx, E

Fashionlush Mickey Mouse

// Get the Looky-Loo //

++ Mickey tee, similar found here (borrowed from the boys).

++ My favorite black leggings found here.

++ Black & white flannel, similar found here.

++ Pointed black oxfords found here.

++ Black lace bralette found here.

++ Raen Optics Nera sunnies found here.

Fashionlush Finger Candy

Fashionlush Miley Buns

Fashionlush Mickey Mouse

Fashionlush Pointed Toe Flats


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