Amazon Prime Day (aka the black friday sale of Summer!)

Prime Day is back!!! It's no secret... Amazon is my drug. The reviews, the endless items, the 2-day Prime shipping--- the whole experience is just addicting. If you are an avid Amazon shopper & don't have Prime, you gotta get on that like yesterday. Especially cause Prime Day is kind…

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Blogging 101 | How to Land Brand Partnerships (Like a Boss)

Yesterday I shared on Instagram that I will going on Insta live w/ my bff, miss Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential, to discuss all things blogging. I asked for you guys to start submitting your questions, & the main one I got was... "how do you start working with…

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6 Hair Extension Myths Busted

Oh hey hey hey ladies- How was your fourth? Kinda weird it was on a Tuesday, but it was nice having a mellow pool day & I am more than happy not to be dealing with that typical post 4th hangover! Today I want to talk about something new you may…

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A Little Last Minute 4th of July Outfit Inspo

Kinda can't believe it's already July 4th weekend in just a hot minute. Kinda can't believe we are halfway through Summer. Kinda wish things would just slow the eff down. I have had my fair share of July 4th hoo-rahs, so I know how important the perfect 4th of July…

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