These 2018 Blogging & Influencer Trends Need to Be On Your Radar


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Okay- so feedback on yesterday’s post: informative, but so.much.anxiety.

I am sorry guys!!! I know, this whole net neutrality thing is stressful AF but if it makes you feel better- I got an email this morning that over 30 senators are now on board to reverse the FCC’s decision. That is great news, so the best thing you can do is send this petition to everyone you know to sign. The more signatures, the more pressure on the Senate, the closer we get to internet freedom.

Feeling better now? Ditto.

Now… time to talk about happier internet things. BLOG TRENDS OF 2018. The blog/influencer industry is growing on the daily, so whether you are an established blogger or new on the scene, trend forecasting blog trends is major key. In the past I have been stuck in my own ways/weary to evolve when it came to changes in the blog world (took me a while to get on Instagram haha!!), so trust me when I say- it will only hold you back!

So, to get you geared up & ready to kill the blog game in 2018, I am sharing some of what I think are the top blog trends you gotta get on your radar.

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2018 Blogging & Influencer Trends

i. blogging on the gram

People love to save time, & Instagram is a world full of content on the go. In 2018, more influencers will be taking their content straight to Instagram. This means artsy photos with a single emoji are on their way out, while captions with VALUABLE info are on their way in. Think bullet point captions & slideshows for visuals.

ii. video is *still* on the rise

shocker! JK. Video is still gaining popularity & I guess we should all get on board. Honestly, video is not my strong suit. I don’t feel the creativity, I always am way too critical about either how the video turned out/what I said/or how one eyebrow is way darker than the other. BUT- I am trying & doing it in my own way. Travel vlogs, DIY tutorials, & a few skincare tutorials here & there. 

iii. also, master the stories

Instagram has quickly taken over the world of “stories” (sorry Snapchat) & if you’re not on stories, the time is yesterday. Also, posting your day is fun & all, but start creating content for your stories too. 2018 is all about that valuable content, stories & all. Plus, rumor has it that engaging videos can boost the *bullshit* algorithm.

iv. get picky with your sponsored content

readers are getting increasingly annoyed with sponsored content. blogging is a career for many, so we do need to get paid to keep producing content, but in 2018 focus big time on staying ON BRAND. It’s just too damn obvious when a blogger is repping a brand that is not a good fit. I know it’s hard to turn down a paycheck, but it will be harder in the future to get a paycheck at all if you lose credibility with your readers. 

Also, balance out the sponsored posts. #ad after #ad after #ad gets annoying, & also, people will lose trust in you & your motives. Brands may have to wait for you to schedule in the content calendar, but they’ll deal. 

v. micro-influencers are *still* on the rise too

I have talked about micro-influencers before in a recent podcast (Podcast by Scout, episode 19) & it’s definitely worth a listen if you’re a micro-blogger as I am talking all about how micro-blogger’s are in a damn good position right now.

To sum it up: brands are getting smarter & realizing a smaller audience will have a higher conversion. They are realizing that it’s a better strategy for their budget to go with 10 micro-influencers vs. one huge ass blogger. 

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