5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Vacation (+ free packing & itinerary printables!)


I am NOT the best traveler.

It’s no surprise here, anxiety is my constant companion… & if there is one thing that brings it out full swing, it’s travel. I know- seems pretty counter-intuitive, considering vacay typically means relaxation for most, but man oh man do I get the pre-vacation jitters BIG TIME.

Once I am there, vacay mode will kick in, but the anxiety leading up to the whole thing is next level for me

People always ask me what makes me anxious leading up to a rad trip, & the better question is… what DOESN’T make me anxious. I am nervous to leave my dogs with the dog sitter, nervous my house will burn down while I am gone, nervous I will get sick on vacay, nervous Zack will get sick on vacay, nervous about the plane, nervous, nervous, & more nervous. Basically, think of the worst case scenario, & that’s what’s playing on repeat in my head.

SO- what do I do to ease the anxiety? I prepare… but at a really normal time. I don’t pack months in advance or 2 hours before. Ideally, I want to pack the day I book my ticket- BUT that causes anxiety & so does rush packing. I like to start prepping a week in advance for the logistical stuff & then two days in advance for the packing stuff. My process is streamlined AF.

When you suffer from anxiety, streamlined is the only way to go & since I’ve got my routine down to an art (or is it a science? IDK), I figured I’d share with you guys a few of my go-to tips.

5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Vacation

1. Get Your Office/Desk/Work in Check

I work from home, so this part is important because my work comes with me wherever I go… but you don’t want work to get too much in the way of having fun. So, I prepare for working remotely before the trip.

 I sit at my desk, in complete silence, for ONE hour the day before a trip. I first like to pay my bills to make sure I don’t have to deal with that nonsense while away. Then I email anyone who needs to know I am out of town/tie up any loose ends, then I set my away message on my email. I set my away message a day early to give me some quiet time to prepare.

Also- during this time in my office, I charge ALL my devices that I will be bringing with me.

2. Pre-Trip Contact List

Next, I make my pre-trip calls. I call all of banks & credit card companies to give them my travel dates cause nothing worse than you’re card getting denied while abroad. Seriously- this happened to us in Greece and it was the biggest pain in my ass EVER.

Also, call your cell phone company & make sure they know you are travelling so they can help set up your data & all that jazz. I always go max with the data, & still max it out, so don’t hesitate getting MORE. It is really expensive when you go over, so if you don’t want to come home to some serious cell phone bills, get that data figured out.

3. Square Things Away at Home

You gotta make sure it doesn’t appear your away for a long time (deter any burglars!), so I suggest getting some automated lights going if time permits- you can buy light timers on Amazon. If you have a neighbor you trust or a family member close by, maybe ask them to keep an eye on things & bring your mail inside. Packages piling up outside your door is basically asking robbers to come inside for a cup of tea.

Set up a hide-a-key somewhere, just in case of an emergency, & let your person know where it is. If you have a landlord, let them know you will be away as well.

If you have pets, do some work in finding a trusted pet sitter & make sure they can take your fur babies. Our pet sitter sends us a video everyday we are away recapping the dogs day which is SO AMAZING & calms our nerves tremendously.

4. Clean, Clean, & Clean some more!

The day before I leave, I pretty much alternate between packing and cleaning. There is nothing better than coming home to a clean house, & literally nothing worse than coming home to a messy one.

I clean out the fridge, empty all the trash, vacuum the floors, & wash my sheets. FRESH SHEETS after a trip is everything. Not much else to say here, but if you don’t have time to clean, hire someone to do it. It makes all the difference.

5. The Packing List:

However you do it, you GOT TO HAVE A PACKING LIST. You can peep mine below & download it for yourself here. The packing list is the best way to make sure you don’t forget anything, which I feel is one of my BIGGEST travel stressors. I am so scared of forgetting something so I check my damn list once, twice, & three times.

You can make your own in a spreadsheet if that is easier for you, but I really thought of just about everything on the printable so that should have you covered- obviously you gotta be weather specific, so I left a few blank spaces for that as well!

The Fashionlush Travel Planning Printables

I have used travel spreadsheets religiously for years, & today I am sharing them with the world (aka, you guys). They are CUTE, cause cute things make everything easier, but also- v. functional for keeping you organized before a trip. LAMINATE them so you can use them again & snag your self some FINE TIP whiteboard markers (fine tip is very important).

One is for packing, & one is for planning. The packing one is a checklist format & the planning one helps get all your travel details in one place, along with any notes on things you want to do while you’re there! Vacay planner comes with me on the trip.

Now, I’m Signing Off… till I’m Back from Jamaica…

I NEVER FULLY DITCH THE BLOG ON VACAY, but this time… I’m doing it. I need a break, a holiday, & some fun in the SUN.

I will be active on Instagram (username: @fashionlush), so you can follow my travels there & on the stories! Also, be sure to check out my top 20 must have in flight travel essentials along w/ my go-to tips for taking the BEST photos on vacation.

Will miss you guys, but I’ll be back soon w/ some killlller Jamaica content for ya! x, E


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