WTF is Derma Rolling + Why I’m Obsessed


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It’s no secret, when it comes to health/skincare, I like to get a lil’ weird.

Like that time I became obsessed with swishing oil around in my mouth every AM (still am), or how about when I decided to drink Bentonite clay (need to start this up again), oh & you can’t forget about when I got my face shaved (#gamechanger).

It’s always something that get’s people saying either “WTF is that, why didn’t you tell me sooner?” OR “WTF is wrong with you, you’re bat shit. BYE!”.

Derma Rolling (a.k.a. micro-needling) is definitely a WTF “procedure” & I know you probably think I’ve totally lost it for actually insisting you put needles to your face, but just hear me out before you click away.

fashionlush, skincare, derma rolling 101

» What is Derma Rolling:

This skin roller is a plastic tool with a roller head that is covered in teeny tiny titanium needles. People often compare the results to that of an IPL treatments. I have tried IPL in the past, so I can definitely confirm this one. I’d actually say it’s even better than IPL cause it can be done at home (as long as you follow all precautions) AND it’s not going to break the bank.

» What does it do?

This is the the fun part. The little needles penetrate the outer layer of your skin, which does three really cool things:

1. It tricks your skin into thinking it’s experience trauma (I promise you, it’s really not!) & that faux trauma alerts collagen to rush to the surface & start repairing. Since there is nothing to repair, it just grows new collagen that helps diminish wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, & various other skin irregularities.

2. It also helps the absorption of any/all products you may use due to all the new passages in your skin being created. Think of it like aerating a lawn, you punch a bunch of holes in the lawn so water can flow more freely. Post-Derma Rolling is the best time apply your favorite go-to product (I will give you some of my personal recommendations in a minute).

3. It also gently exfoliates & increases blood flow, which are crucial to cleaning out your pores & bringing life back to your skin.

fashionlush, skincare, derma rolling 101

» How to pick the right Derma Roller:

Derma Rollers have gained quite a bit of popularity as of late, so if you search Google you are 100% going to be overwhelmed with choices. My main tips to you are to avoid unbranded ones cause that’s just sketch, make sure the titanium is high grade, & to not for the cheapest one.

Remember people, you’re putting needles to YOUR FACE. This is not the time you try to pinch pennies. Stick to $30 – $55 range, but also read the reviews just to make sure people haven’t had any major issues!!!

» Choose a Needle Size:

All needle sizes serve different purposes, so identify what your end skin goal is & then follow the below size guide.

+ 0.2-0.3mm: At this length, the needles are too tiny to help with any anti-aging/scarring issues. These needle length’s main function is to help your skin better absorb product. The upside to this length is that you can use it up to 2x a day if you want & it causes 0 pain. It can also be used for people experience hair loss as it will help to absorb any regrowth products 100

+ 0.5mm: This length is a common one for the face, but is still on the lighter side. It will produce some collagen which will help with hyper pigmentation, light scars, & some wrinkles. The main is slight & you should use it 2-4x a week to see results.

+ 1.0mm: This is the length I have opted for as it is the maximum length to be used on the face & yields the best results. They say it can be a bit painful & some people use a topical anesthetic, but I didn’t need it AT ALL. IDK if I have a high pain tolerance or what, but honestly all I felt was a minor bit of discomfort & some spots made my eyes water slightly… that was it. I suggest using it once every 2 weeks.

+ 1.5mm+: Then there is the 1.5-ers & up which I would only use on the body for stretch marks. Needles to long could cause serious damage to your delicate facial skin.

» Which one I use:

I opted for the Puruskin Derma Roller Kit. It was $30.00, the price is pretty average & it had 5 stars on Amazon w/ TONS of great reviews. I know I know, reviews can often be fake, but it’s easy to spot the real ones & there were tons. It has VERY high grade titanium needles & comes with two roller heads (one for face, one for body). Also, they have a legit money back guarantee, which is always a good sign, you can use it 10x & if you don’t like it you get a full refund. It also comes with a free EBook download which covers all the Derma Rolling basics.

fashionlush, skincare, derma rolling 101

» The Derma Rolling Process:

The most IMPORTANT thing about Derma Rolling is you follow the directions precisely. I am going to say it again, needles to your face. You gotta do this right.

1. Make sure you always start with a very clean face. Wash your face with a good cleanser & then soak a cotton pad in Alcohol & rub it all over your face (avoid the eyes). Make sure you’re skin is nice & disinfected so no nasty germs get in your skin.

2. In the same regard, you NEED to disinfect the Derma Roller head with Alcohol (91%). A spray bottle makes this job easier & don’t be scared to over spray. The more disinfecting, the better.

3. If you’re scared of pain/have a low tolerance, this would be the time to apply topical anesthetic. It’s gotta sit for a while to work, so… tickity tock.

4. Time to roll! You can either roll in small sections (an inch at a time) or larger sections (the whole cheek- my preference)- either way you need to use the same technique: Pull your skin a bit taut & begin rolling up & down, left to right, & diagonal. Think about an asterisks, the star like symbol on the number 8 on your computers keyboard, that’s what you’re going for. Each direction your rolling, you want roll over that direction 7-10x. Try to keep the pressure the same & be sure to get every.single.centimeter of your skins surface.

5. The worst is over! Now, give the Derma Roller a good Alcohol bath again & put it away in its protective case.

6. Lastly, apply your BEST serum. I use OZ Naturals Organic Vitamin C serum w/ vegan Hyaluronic acid. This serum is my go-to & works better than ever when applied after a good Derma Roll sesh. It brightens the skin, prevents aging, & neutralizes free radicals. Also, it was chosen as Allure’s Best in Beauty: Vitamin C serum, so you know it’s good.

fashionlush, skincare, derma rolling 101

» Misc. Need to Knows:

+ If you used a topical anesthetic, rinse your face prior to applying the serum.

+ You will experience redness, so feel free to use an ice pack if it’s too much to bear.

+ Wear lots of sunscreen, which shouldn’t be a problem since you do that anyways (right?!).

+ Do not, under ANY circumstance, share your Derma Roller. Do I really need to say it again- needles to skin. Don’t even let someone feel it on their arm.

fashionlush, skincare, derma rolling 101

» Derma Rolling Q&A:

Q: I have fillers, can I roll? Yes! Shouldn’t be a problem.

Q: How long will it take to see results? Typically collagen needs 4-6 weeks to regrow, although day after your skin will be feeling reallll good… the way it feels after a really good facial.

Q: If it makes holes, won’t germs be an issue post-roll? No, they close up QUICK.

Q: What if I break out after? Then it’s doing it’s job! Breaking out often means your skin is purging toxins… & it’s completely normal after Derma Rolling. No worries, it will go away in time. Just don’t give up rolling.

Q: What if I have really bad acne, is it safe to roll: It’s better to wait till things are cleared up & in the stages of healing.

WHEW! So, did I sway you to put needles to your face or do you still think I am a lunatic? LMK & if you have any questions I will do my best to answer them for ya :).

xx, E

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  • Norma

    Do you still do the face shaving and if so how do you incorporate derma rolling this into your routine along with the shaving?

    • Erica Stolman

      The face shaving (derma planing) is great, but it’s a bit expensive to do in the salon so I haven’t done it in a while! If you derma planed once a month, I would just skip the derma rolling that week!

  • I would definitely check this out. I am a little concerned about it all but think I could slowly walk myself through it lol. I could use a little facial love. I need to prevent the wrinkles and get a better glow!
    xoxo Laura

    • Erica Stolman

      This will definitely help! Don’t be scared- it’s really not painful :)

  • I bought 2 dermarollers 0.75mm and 1.0mm 3 months ago but waiting for my acne to clear up so I can start. I can’t wait!

    • Erica Stolman

      You’re gonna love it :)

  • Oh my goodness Erica I have fallen in love with your blog from across the pond, I’m from a little county in the middle of the UK!I write a lifestyle blog which is only a year old and certainly has aspirations to be like yours when it grows up!! This particular post interested me the most actually. I’d love to try out a Dermaroller. I’m 45 years old and people often tell me I look younger, which is great, but I’m after something that will help with wrinkles and doesn’t involve injecting some substance into my face. Problem is I think I may be a bit scared doing it myself. Did you go to a salon first of all or were you straight in there with the DIY method at home?

    • Erica Stolman

      Hey Steph! Thanks for the kind words :)

      I didn’t go to a salon at all- did it myself & it was super easy!! Seems scary, but really isn’t at all!

      You should try it– as long as you follow the directions you shouldn’t have any issues.

      xx, E

  • Zoe

    My mum received one as a gift and hasn’t touched it yet – think I am going to have to nab it!! xx

    • Erica Stolman

      you def. should!!! Just make sure she doesn’t use it after :)

  • Ann

    I am really interested in this derma roller. I have never seen this before but it is really nice! Thank you for the review and the detailed information! I would love to try it! :)

    • Erica Stolman

      Thanks! Give it a try, it really works great!

  • Lori givan

    Just found this blog and I love it!! Great job! Just curious, regarding the link in this article about the clay drinking… man that sounds weird to event say/type… can you mix it in with your daily smoothie, protein shake etc, or is it best to just mix with water and drink on it’s own? And I’m super excited to try derma rolling too!

    • I haven’t seen anyone put it in a smoothie- but I think if you made the water concoction first & added it to a smoothie it’d have the same effect!! x

  • Monday1113

    Oooo!!! This looks interesting. I’ll definitely consider it, looking to get rid of some body scars from picking scabs as a child!!! Would definitely have to be in the right mindset to do it tho, lol. XD

    • yes, you def. need to be in a good mindset!! I am a major picker, & this definitely helped with scarring!

  • Zay Benjamen

    Great article! Thanks for sharing such comprehensive information with the world! I’ve been doing my research on derma rolling for a while now and i’m finally going to make the jump. I was a bit skeptical at first but after reading your article and the information on Im ready to start my micro needling journey! Thank you again for taking the time to write up this information!

  • Snake Princess

    Thanks for the information, I been using the product for a month now and this just help me a lot to know more about derma rolling.

  • I’m gonna derma roll the shit out of my skin

  • Good read

  • edra

    Amazon doesnt sell it anymore, where can i buy this now?