DIY Dark Circle Erasing Eye Mask


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I swear, I am pretty sure I came out of womb with undereye circles. Looking back at old photos of myself, it’s pretty odd to see a cute little curly haired toddler with undereye circles that rival the most exhausted of adults.

Trust me, these massive circles were a topic of conversation in my house, all of the time. My parents took me to all the necessary doctors to make sure all was good w/ their raccoon eyed three year old, & it pretty much boiled down to genetics.

Great, so I can’t just pop a Benadryl/eat some steak/take a nap to get rid of them? NOPE- cause genetic circles are stubborn little assholes.

When I say I have tried it all, I am not kidding- I’ve really tried it ALL. Creams, serums, brightening soaps, lasers, & fillers. YES, I got fillers under my eyes. This actually worked really well, for a hot minute & it’s way too pricey to do again with such short term results.

Leave it to my DAD to clue me in on one of the best NATURAL undereye tips I’ve ever gotten. He is always on the hunt to help me find a cure for my circles (sweet, right?), but this one really peaked my interest because it was only two ingredients- parsley & water. YES!! I am such a freak about what touches my skin & am currently in the process of replacing all my skincare & make-up with organic/natural products, so this recipe was right up my alley.

I can’t tell you I am circle free for life, because again— genetics, but they are noticeably lighter (even Zack mentioned it!!). If you have mild circles, this will for sure blast them away in just a couple weeks (lucky dog). I am approaching my third week of this Parsley routine, which is when I really started to notice a difference so if you give it a try, be sure to keep it going 2/3x a day for a month (or more!).

If you guys try it out- LMK how it works for you! I love to hear #fashionlushDIY success stories. Also, if you like these beauty posts let me know in the comments below & I will def. do more! Feel free to request natural skincare DIY’s as well for your skin issues!

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x, E

fashionlush, diy dark circle mask, natural skincare diy

Why Parsley Works Wonders:

» Parsley is full of Chlorophyll, which is a great source of Vitamin K. Vitamin K decreases blood flow when applied directly to the skin under the eyes, which is great for genetic circles since a lot of that darkness is caused by stagnant blood under thin skin (ew).

» It also has a TON of vitamin C which will help to brighten up the skin itself & majorly reduce puffiness.

fashionlush, diy dark circle mask, natural skincare diyfashionlush, diy dark circle mask, natural skincare diy

DIY Dark Circle Mask

» parsley: preferably organic!

» warm water: HIGHLY recommended to use either filtered water or alkaline water on your skin. Tap water is the enemy, but we will get to that in another post.

1. chop up a handful or two of parsley.

2. muddle (like a cocktail) your parsley.

3. Pour in warm water & muddle some more.

4. Dip as many cotton pads as you can into the bowl so that they are all saturated, & place in the fridge. Use 2x a week, atleast, & when you run out of Parsley soaked cotton pads- repeat!

fashionlush, diy dark circle mask, natural skincare diyfashionlush, diy dark circle mask, natural skincare diy

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  • I love the beauty posts. Keep em coming!

  • Trying this ASAP! I am currently loving coffee eye masks {literally coffee grounds and coconut oil} at the moment but loving the chlorophyll aspect of this. Def keep the beauty posts going. I’m all about anti-aging so whatever you got plz share! xS

    • Those masks are insane! I will keep the beauty coming ;) x

  • WHAT?! I’m definitely trying this out, yay for your dad for discovering this! I was also one of those kids with rings under their eyes and have all but given up on anything actually helping the situation. I’m so excited to try this!

    • You will love! My Dad is always sooo up on the beauty trends ;-P

  • peonies passionfruit

    What a simple and effective way to treat under eye circles, definitely keep the beauty posts coming and thanks for sharing this recipe, I’ll be sure to try it out!

    Eme |

  • Jeannine Sanchez

    I love this DIY!! The video tutorial was so awesome!!

  • Michelle

    How long do you recommend keeping the cotton pads on your eyes?