The Holy Grail of All DIY Face Masks


DIY Face Mask, fashionlush, skincare

I could have sworn I have shared this face mask with you guys before, but after scouring the blog dating all the way back to day one & realized that I have really been unintentionally hiding the easiest/best skincare secret of all time.

Totally my bad. I think because it’s just so damn simple, I kinda forgot- but we’re here now & I am so excited to fill you guys in on the best damn DIY face mask of all time.

It’s just two ingredients, super easy to make (will take you 30 seconds), & is a miracle worker at unclogging pores, exfoliating the skin, & will leave your skin GLOWING like no other.

First ingredient is the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay powder. It’s a bentonite clay, so it draws out impurities & toxins from your skin (you can actually feel this happening when you use the mask- which is v. cool!!!). It also helps to regenerate damaged skin tissue, shrink your pores, and even out your skin tone. The bottle says “world’s best facial”, & that claim is 100% right. It really is damn amazing.

DIY Face Mask, fashionlush, skincare

The mask comes to you in powder form, so you’ve got to add a liquid to get it going. Some people opt for plain old water, but if you REALLY want to up the ante- swap out h20 for some (raw & organic) ACV.

Why apple cider vinegar? Lemme tell ya:

» ACV contains alpha hydroxy acids which will slough off dead skin cells, gently exfoliate your skin, & help reduce age spots/discoloration/fine lines.

» When ACV is made, it forms Malic acid. Malic acid is what makes ACV antibacterial, anti-fungal, & anti-viral- perfect for fighting acne causing bacteria. It also draws out toxins.

» It helps balance your skins pH- keeping it from getting too dry or too oily. A balanced pH means a balanced production of sebum (aka the nasty stuff you find in zits).

Okay– so that’s why, now for the how!

DIY Face Mask

»  Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay 

» BRAGG’s organic apple cider vinegar (has to be organic- no apple juice concentrates!)

» mask bowl & brush

1. combine equal parts Aztec Secret & apple cider vinegar (one tbsp of each is great for one person!) in a small bowl.

2. mix until fully combined. The consistency should be similar to a mousse- not to thick, not too runny.

To use: apply to your face using the brush & let it sit for 10-20 minutes or until the mask is completely dry. If you have sensitive skin, start with 10 minutes & work up from there! You will feel your skin pulsing, maybe some itching, & when you take it off- your face will be red. Don’t fret- it’s all normal & one the redness fades, you will be blown away. Swear. 

DIY Face Mask, fashionlush, skincare

Dont’ Wanna DIY? Here are some great clay masks you can buy!

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